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I always forget Dark Phoenix and New Mutants exist. Anya Taylor Joy being in a forgotten Xmen film is wild.
I think the only reason I remember Dark Phoenix is because I've rarely seen a big budget franchise movie that's so blatantly half arsed across the board.

Everyone - actors, scriptwriters, director, visual effects team, even the costume designer - everyone is phoning it in.
Hahaha this title is incredible

EDIT: they deleted the tweet. It said was the Agatha show titled Agatha The Lying Witch With Great Wardrobe
Everyone is doing too much regarding the Agatha “titles” for the past year. They all feel like episode names and even if they are titles, it’s not that deep. Breathe!
I'm pretty sure it's part of a joke (or episode titles). People are being so serious about it, it seems like they are missing out on how campy it all is.


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This reveal giving

Was it worth it?

They’ve been making some wild misses lately on stuff that should be easy slam dunks for them. I’ll watch Agatha because I still have a lot of good will from Wandavision but excitement is at a net zero.
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Praying that Disney/Marvel's choice to disengage with TV content except for a select few shows has me fingers crossed that means quality control on these are a bit higher than... some past disney+ efforts.