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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    I’m so impressed by this, before release I would predicted somehwere between Black Panther and Homecoming.

    I hope it has legs, I’m sure the Endgame trailer will give it a second wind either way.
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  2. Let's see how it ends in the long run. It will definitely benefit of Avengers: End Game, just like Black Panther did with Infinity War.
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  3. The biggest revelation for me in Captain Marvel was finding out where the good sis Des’ree’s next paycheck is coming from now the Beyoncé money is drying up.

  4. Talent stays winning, and paid.
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  5. In preparation for seeing the movie tonight i've spent the last hour shitting on greasy sexist white nerds on Youtube!

  6. He


    Thank you for your labor.
  7. I really liked the movie, Ferken is AWESOME haha!

    I think it makes sense that Marvel is so strong because the entire core energy that was supposed to fuel a spaceship went inside her, its like she sucked it all up. So yeah, to me it makes sense that she is that strong. I mean, if you go by that logic, Hulk is also too powerful, he can smash everything and yet he still struggles with enemies. Carol certainly wasn't too powerful from the get go, its only near the end that she realized what she can do with all the energy so she destroyed the enemies. I think the end showed exactly that, how she embraced herself, but that doesn't mean she will never get hurt or beat the enemies just like that.

    Oh and I LOVED Ultron movie, I found the villain very interesting and Spader just emphasized that even more with his voice.
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  9. Wish I hadn’t watched that trailer. Feels like it gives away a lot.
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  10. Do I want to watch this? Will it reveal just a bit too much, like the Captain Marvel-trailer did?
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    Great trailer, I love that it doesn't show anything about the story, yet somehow manages to get me even more hyped
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  12. So that's a no then. I hope I can avoid this before I see the movie - I feel like the first trailer was perfect.
  13. There’s like a minute of new footage in it at least
  14. I don't know, to me it didn't reveal too much, we just see who is trying to fix things. Its a great hype trailer, I can't wait for this!
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    Ugh, I want to watch but at the same time I don't because if it shows all the important stuff, I'm going to be pissed.

    Also, wow at the hate for Brie online. Those like-dislike ratios in YouTube. Keeping the men bothered, I see.

  16. Okoye and Carol on the front has me screaming.
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  17. It doesn’t give any major plot points away. First half of the trailer is old footage from previous films interjected with clips of the new film saying they’ll do whatever it takes to fix it. You don’t see Thanos in the trailer either

    Also here’s the poster
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  18. Also Okoye being beside Carol on the poster
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  19. Okay,I’m convulsing.
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  20. I haven't watched Captain Marvel yet (will do this weekend hopefully).

    Does the new endgame trailer spoil anything from it?
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