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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Does anyone readvthe comics? I’ve been wanting to get into them but I’m not really sure where or when to start. Like do you start from the very first issue or the very first comic or? I know theres and iPhone app but I kinda want to have them physically in some form. Is there any reissues or like some kinda of compilation thing, I could buy or subscribe to?
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  2. Yeah, they barely scratched the surface with Wanda's powers. It's also weird she hasn't used her mind-altering powers anymore (ever since Age of Ultron). I would love to see her spontaneously combust things, make people trip, machines defunction,... . Maybe it's something that will be explored in WandaVision or perhaps Doctor Strange 2?

    I think the originals are good start, but I'm rather old-fashioned. You can get them quite cheap, collected in the black-and-white Marvel Essential series. There are 9 volumes going from #1 (1963) to #206 (1981). I like the early storyline with Cap's Kooky Quartet (Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye).
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  3. He


    To me it seems they rebooted her powers (and her accent, kii), and made them more generic.
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  4. Oh that’s quite an interesting idea actually for Wanda to appear in Doctor Strange 2. I doubt it would happen though.

    I get the feeling that we won’t see Wanda, Falcon, Winter Soldier or Loki in any of the films again.
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    Yeah Wanda would be actually a great a addition to Strange. But I’m not holding my breath.
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  6. I definitely think they’ll all show up in the future movies in some way. Apart from Loki.
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  7. I want to see Wanda in
    a future Cap movie with Falcon and Bucky
  8. rdp


    It's complicated but if you're looking for something similiar to the MCU in the comics, I wouldn't recommend the classic ones but actually the comics from the Ultimate Universe. That was an alternate timeline created in the early 00's with the intention to "modernize" the classic characters and there's a series called Ultimates (written by Mark Millar) that was pretty much the basis for the MCU's Avengers: the similar line-up, the SHIELD connections and it even had SLJ as Nick Fury way before SLJ played him in the movies. There's also the Ultimate Spider-Man series that features a modern teenage Peter Parker not much unlike Tom Holland's version.
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  9. Are there any which have been released in book form, more like a graphic novel?
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Most Marvel comics get released as collected volumes a few months after publication. It's usually 4-6 issues per book, more if it's a sprawling saga or crossover. They also release classic stories in this format all the time.

    Depending on which characters you want to focus on, I recommend starting with a single storyline and going from there.

    Whilst I'll always prefer (((real))) comics in my hand I bought myself a good tablet a few months ago and use the Comixology app on there. They have regular sales where you can buy collected volumes for as little as £2. I got a lot of classic X-Men stuff that way, stuff I would never find the time to read otherwise. Printed comics also come with a digital copy code which can be redeemed and read in the app.

    Right now on Comixology there's an "Avengers Start Here" sale with collected volumes for a third of the usual price.
  11. Busiek's entire Avengers run is fantastic and a great starting point. The first arc even has every Avenger ever featured. It's Avengers volume 3.

    Wanda's probability powers would be too weird for most people but I'd love her to get more magical. Doctor Strange could teach her. But then he needs lessons himself.
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  12. I have very little interest in Doctor Strange 2 (even though I liked him in the Avengers films). But Wanda being in it would make it so much more exciting.

    I watched Infinity War again and honestly that film just does not let up. It’s supremely well-paced. The opening with Thanos taking the Space stone. The arrival of Bruce and attack in New York. Wanda and Vision being saved by Steve, Natasha and Sam. Thanos kidnapping Gamora. The fight on Titan. The fight in Wakanda. The ending. Phew.

    Literally the only thing I’d have liked less of is the Thor sub-plot, But it helped build up to and make his Wakanda entrance a lot more exciting.
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  13. Not quite. The estimates put it around $4 million below Star Wars' 2nd weekend, with a slightly bigger drop than anticipated. But that might change tomorrow when the actual numbers come in.

    I don't think it'll catch Force Awakens domestically, but it's going to smash Avatar's worldwide record (probably in the next 3 weeks).

  14. Jake Gyllenhall more or less confirmed spiderman trailer today
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

  16. This the first time i've seen a spoiler warning in front of a trailer
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    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I just want it to be better than Homecoming.

    If the multiverse is true and Mysterio isn't lying, it's probably something to do with Sony wanting to yank the characters out of the MCU so they can do their own thing.
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  19. That's a much better trailer than the last one...

    This version of Spidey has been played so kiddy so far, I hope this is the film where he comes in to his own. I like Nick Fury's line about going to space, so damn true. The meek and timid act is wearing thin.
  20. I’m not sure if I’m here for a Multiverse but we’ll see.

    The trailer looks good, I’m happy to see Maria and I liked hearing Peter say ‘Captain Marvel’ - that’s the first time she’s been referred to as that right?
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