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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. From what I've read the Black Widow film could act as a resolution to Natasha's story while introducing Yelena or a new legacy version of the character so there could be future implications with a 'new' Black Widow.
  2. Yeah I'm struggling to see a way for Black Widow to succeed. I'm not excited for it at all.

    It's going to have to do something pretty spectacular for it to not be the same Russian-girl-trained-to-be-a-spy movie we've already seen loads of (Red Sparrow, Salt etc).

    I'm not feeling very optimistic.
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  3. He


    I kind of trust they planned a good way for the Widow movie to work? Unless it's just some contractual obligation, I doubt it though.

    Maybe she can get her own Logan, in a way.
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  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    My friend's got a huge Marvel Legends collection and I was helping him update his display the other day. I was surprised that new movie stuff was so thin on the ground, the "Endgame wave" he had bought was mostly unrelated comic book characters plus Ebony Maw and Ronin, and the only way to get Nebula in the new suit is to swap the head on a Black Widow figure. Marvel doing the absolute least and getting that $$$!
  5. Putting this in spoilers because I’m not sure if we’re still doing that or not.
    As long as it isn’t some bollocks about her reliving her past while her life flashes before her eyes or while she’s stuck in the stone.
    I’d be happy if it just flashes out the character a bit more.
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  6. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    It is sort of a weird move. Hopefully it fleshes out a new character or storyline that they’ll pick up as a sort of introduction to the new phase.

    The rumors about Black Knight are interesting simply because he’s so random. Between him and the rumors about Namor and Adam Warlock I wonder if phase 4 or 5’s theme will be a “heroes that tread the line between hero and villain” sort of affair. Could be an interesting move to juxtapose the boy scout attitude of Captain America, et al.

    I hope the next few phases shy away from being so Earth focused. They had a chance to world build a lot in previous movies but they always found their way back to Earth. It makes sense with the whole “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” thing and it probably helped keep this huge story grounded and insular, but I would like them to expand some more considering all the story telling potential.
  7. Now that they have the X-Men, I want to see them bring the Shi'ar in at some point.
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  8. Iron Lad / Kang <3

    Hopefully Captain Marvel 2 shows us what keeps her so busy out of Earth.
  9. The Empire Spoiler special podcast (which is a great listen) touched on an interesting point. Dr Strange no longer has the time stone in his films since Thanos destroyed it in 2019
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  10. The Russos have basically said they didn't know anything about the Black Widow movie while writing and shooting Endgame. I just hope someone else is keeping track to make it a worthwhile outing for the character...
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  11. He


    Yikes. Can you imagine? “Oh but we killed her” “but we’re making a solo film!!”

    I doubt they didn’t know, specially if Scarlet is a producer. But we’ll see what they come up with.
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  12. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    If it’s too soon to fast track a Dr. Doom villain arc, Kang is my next choice. I think he would be a good change after the more brawler aspect of Thanos.
  13. With the Multiverse basically confirmed i bet we’ll see mutants popping up in the next slew of films. I would love the X-Men to be introduced in the main line MCU but the more I think about it, is there really a need to retell their origin? It’s been portrayed twice now. The genesis of mutants will probably be told in the ETERNALS film and now i’m convincing myself Storm will turn up in Black Panther 2.

    My fan-fic mind has Rogue turning up in Captain Marvel 2 with Colossus in the Dr Strange or Antman sequel (Maybe even Black Widow)? SunFire could cameo in the Shang-Shi movie? It’ll be cool if Professor X debuted with the original X-Men and started inviting these characters in the first X-Men film.

    Of course they could introduce each X-Man via a solo movie which i’m sure Wolverine is sure to get.
  14. I don’t see them doing Wolverine for a long time.
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  15. Oh, they knew it existed, but they didn't know anything about the plot and said nobody tried to stop them when they decided to kill off Natasha.
  16. Kang War is i c o n i c
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  17. They can still set the Widow film in those five years that happened between the snap and endgame.
    That way they could invite some characters to do cameos here and there.

    As for the X-Men, unless they show that Professor X was keeping them hidden from all the drama going around the world, I don’t know how they can show them just like that?

    But Storm appearing in Black Panther 2 seems smart. They were married!
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  18. I feel like Budapest is obviously going to be a part of Black Widow?
  19. I like the theory that the radiation from the three snaps is what causes the mutation and creates the x-gene.
  20. BTG


    I’ve said it before but I have zero issue with the mutant problem being an undercurrent that is just now exploding into the public eye when Professor X outs himself and his students.
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