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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Then the film would have zero action. I mean, I know there's already plenty of Natasha fighting scenes, but a Black Widow movie about how she deals with the snap and depression and eats sandwiches while she cries by herself? It's a no for me. A Clint as Ronin during those five years would work wonderfully, though.
  2. I’m sure there were still bad guys around after the snap. So a depressed woman eating sandwiches saving the day doesn’t sound bad to me!
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  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I made a thing. It's not as funny as I think it is.
    George Ezra getting that soundtrack coin.
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  4. I wouldn’t hate filling the five year gap. She essentially became the leader of the (albeit very small) Avengers during that time. Her and Okoye could have had some fun adventures during that time.
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  5. Yeah I’m pretty sure Nat was doing a lot of superhero work over those 5 years. She was very close with Steve at this point though so it might be hard to keep him out of the equation.
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  6. That graphic akaksbfh
  7. This would probably be the best way to drum up interest in a prequel.
  8. I hope he adds loads of little blue people drowning in a month’s time.
  9. I bet you he’s quietly seething somewhere as his Avatar films are getting constantly pushed back
  10. I hope to god this overtakes Avatar. How in the world that overrated mess is the highest grossing film of all time is completely beyond me.
  11. I quite like Avatar as a movie, but the accusation that it was completely culturally irrelevant is... absolutely accurate.
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  12. We know exactly that Ronin was doing, and got his entire arc essentially off-screen in Endgame. Boohoo , family was killed (like everyone else in the world), he became a murderous Batman. I don't need to see him targeting 'Mexico' or 'Japan' or any other random 'other' countries, to be honest. It worked in broad strokes from Endgame but there is no more nuance to draw from the story.

    BW has tonnes of options. Still wish she hadn't died. Hawkeye dying would have been perfect. What redemption does he deserve? Does he deserve redemption because he...has a family?

    It's been talked about a lot since the release but Ultron introducing this idea that Nat felt 'less than' due to not being able to have children..was...well it was. She's been deemed expendable in order to power and progress the guys stories because she was untethered. A woman undefined by famiy/children decided she shoud be the one to go...

    I dunno. I was fine with it on screen at the time but feels like such a deflating moment in retrospect. Natasha having to interact with Clint's family at the end, knowing what she knew, would have been really compelling to me.
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  13. Also I kinda think that they just shouldn’t really be killing off... any of the female characters frankly given how few they are compared to the men. It’s a shame that in the last two Avengers movies, 2/3 of the major deaths were women. This is disproportionate to the amount of women in these movies.
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  14. He


    I guess if they wanted to bring her back, they could bring an earlier version of herself. But it would be again replicating the Gamora storyline, and it would be cheap to the character (once again).

    I actually don't know how they could make a compelling story: either you have an origins story for a character who won't be developed further because she died; or you do an origins for a different version of the character which is a bit too "what if" in concept and cheapens the value of the story.

    Or maybe we could get an indie Under The Skin type of film with Scarlet performing from the soul stone. Art.
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  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    They're bringing out a Rescue (Iron Pepper) action figure so that's another addition to my desk at work sorted.
  16. It kind of annoys me that a young woman who is too cowardly to smile for any magazine photoshoot she's ever done was hired to play Captain Marvel (who I assume is a wisecracking pilot). I've never seen her smile in promo pics or posters for the movie either. It's so weird.
  17. Weirder then your own comment???
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  18. He


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  19. Oh so like your avatar then?
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