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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I am fucking SCREAMING.

    Interviewer: What do you think about Captain America?

    Gwyneth: [​IMG]
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  2. Gwyneth only caring about her pay check and the 5 lines she has to learn for every film post Iron Man 3 is iconic
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  3. BTG


    And she still stole the show in Endgame.

    Yas make me consciously uncouple from my wig a bitsy.
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  4. He


    My love for Captain Marvel has grown so much. The movie has such high replay value (3 times this week, kii). I think they struck a really nice balance with it, and it doesn't feel like a chore at any point like most origins stories can be. The secondary characters really complement Carol and feel necessary to her journey. I still love when they're searching in her mind for Lawson's identity, great cinematography.

    I'm quite intrigued to see how Marvel will handle her, because she seems quite invulnerable when she's on. I guess they have a vast galaxy of threats that can threaten her.

    I also watched Wonder Woman yesterday, and it really didn't hold up that well. I like the character and the movie is nicer than most DC offerings, but it still has the usual pitfalls (it's so grey, senseless plotlines, messy third act), and the acting isn't very good either. I do have higher hopes for the next one, though.
  5. The middle third of Captain Marvel was great. I found all the space stuff with Jude Law a bit naff.
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  6. I had the opposite experience when re-watching Captain Marvel this weekend. The first half of the movie is a chore to get through and when she got her full powers they made her so powerful it made my eyes roll a bitsy. Also some of the jokes and one liners didn't land. Goose was still the highlight though and I will say that Brie has grown on me since that first trailer where she seemed a bit bland. I really hope the sequel will be an improvement.
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  7. I’m chuckling away at how front loaded Endgame was and how quickly it’s dying at the cinemas
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    But it's Marvel's most successful outing? Apparently only 60 million behind Avatar, worldwide.
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  9. I know that, I’m just laughing at how it most of it’s gross came from the first few weeks and now it’s struggling to do $10 million after a month and a bit
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  10. I’m sure most film makers wouldn’t be complaining if their film did something similar haha
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  11. What a strange take !! Yes I’m sure everyone at Marvel is absolutely devastated with it’s performance. !
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  12. Let’s not forget Avatar had a rerelease. They could easily chuck out an “extended” edition with an extra 10 minutes to get it over the finish line if they were so inclined.
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  13. I get what @Aidan ’s saying though. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I thought it brilliantly tied everything together, honored the legacy that brought the studio/actors/characters to this point. I loved that it subverted my ideas of how the plot would go by killing off (present) Thanos so quickly and then jumping forward.

    ...but at the same time, the movie was insanely long and it just kinda feels’s already been put for ages even though its barely been 1 month+
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  14. I can't wait to see 'Endgame' at home. It was such an event. Instead of the usual 4 people in the audience at my local cinema during an opening night, almost half of the seats were filled. (My local cinema is the best place to go see blockbusters without annoying and loud people in an overfilled audience.)

    Seeing a movie once at the movies is enough for me. I wouldn't spend more money on it, until the home release. I treasure those 'first times' in the cinema.
  15. Being the second highest grossing movie ever is dying?
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  16. This is 100% exactly the same trajectory as every other blockboster in the last fifteen or twenty years. Avatar is pretty much the only exception I can think off from that time frame of a movie that developed longer legs. And that was only because every grandma wanted to try out the 3D gimmick.
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  17. To be fair it's not abnormal for summer movies to die off quickly because of how jam packed the season is with blockbusters. Cinemas have had to make way for other properties and one of the biggest ones has been Aladdin which belongs to Disney too
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  18. Also, isn't it obvious that most people would try and watch it as quick as possible as to avoid spoilers?

    The only cinema in my island has six screening rooms and four of them were devoted to Endgame when I went to watch it the week after it premiered. And this is Spain, where people go to the cinema a handful of times a year.

    So yeah, nothing weird about it.
    It should make those 60m in due time if Disney pushes for the film to stay on.
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  19. It’s done fine and will do a bit better in the coming months. I doubt it’s « dying »...
  20. I’m laughing at the idea that Endgame is ‘dying’.

    I mean... $2.7 billion.
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