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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. BTG


    Can they just get a move on and cast Brandy as Storm?
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  2. She has the right features but would be considered too old to play her in Hollywood standards. Kiki Layne has been campaigning hard to play her but her look could be considered too “girl next door”. Maybe she could pull it off.
  3. I feel like it depends on how they choose to introduce Storm. If they choose to introduce her via a Black Panther film, Brandy would be the right age to play alongside Chadwick Boseman.
  4. I'll be forever salty that Grace Jones and Angela Bassett never got a chance to play her.
  5. I finished watching Civil War yesterday and damn I knew that Cap did not kill Tony at that moment but I know he's dead after Endgame so yay.
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  6. I know it'll never happen, but Alexandra Shipp was done dirty in the X-Men films and I'd love to see her as Storm again.
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  7. How was she done dirty?
  8. When has Storm ever had justice on the big screen? She's been done dirty the entire time. By the writing, direction and acting. Alexandra Shipp was not a perfect casting for the role.
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  9. She had no chance from the very beginning...

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  10. Exactly. the X-Men films have primarily been Wolverine and the X-Men (with an assist from Professor X and Magneto). I understood his popularity but I hate how the films transferred to the animated show “Wolverine and the X-men” to the same titled comic book series: “Wolverine and the X-men”. I would love to have a moratorium on him. He’s not the only compelling character in the books
  11. Though it was out of a petty Marvel / Fox dispute, there was a bit of a moratorium on him beginning with his death a few years ago in the comics. The vacuum was pointlessly filled with “Old Man Logan” but the best thing to come out of that was X-23 finally becoming Wolverine in her own right (complete with amazing sidekick Honey Badger). Laura should have remained Wolverine even after Logan inevitably came back to life and that’s a FACT.

    In any case - Wolverine isn’t quite as pushed as he once was. Thank god.
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  12. First Class, Deadpool, Apocalypse, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix had barely or no Wolverine at all though. Even in Days Of Future Past he felt more like the 'eyes of the audience' or a facilitator. The focus of the story and the emotions were on Professor X, Mystique and Magneto. He didn't even had a memorable action scene.

    Still, he had X-Men, X2, The Last Stand, Origins, The Wolverine and Logan to be developed as a character.

    If Disney decides to use 1 character as an entry point, it'll probably be Storm this time, no?
  13. Now only if Hollywood will have the courage to cast a dark skin actress as Storm...
  14. I’d be happy if they left Wolverine/Weapon X off the table for the first handful of X-Men related films. It’s overdone and overrated. Same goes for Professor X and the entire Magneto troubled relationship which has been played into the ground. It’d be more interesting if they found a way to do things from a different angle than what Fox did with all of it.

    Give me a Storm that’s been ripped from the comics. Same goes for Rogue.
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  15. Give me a Jubilee that isn't a cameo at worst and a glorified cameo at best.
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  16. I love Storm but the best “way in” character for an audience is Kitty Pryde. Or I’d accept Jubilee too.
  17. Surely with Wakanda already established in the MCU, the perfect entry point would be via Storm?
  18. I mean... tenuously? As a comics fan the way Storm was suddenly connected (and then married) to T’Challa and Wakanda was... a choice. And didn’t last. She was never from that part of Marvel’s Africa, and her important relationships were with very different figures. I dunno - it’s when Storm dropped off the radar in the comics.

    I see the link but I want Storm the mutant leader of the X-Men, not Storm the (temporary) Black Panther associate.
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  19. This. Not that I ever read much of the comics during that time period but it was odd having Storm being retconned into being Black Panther’s “side piece”. She was worshiped as a weather goddess to become a lady in waiting? Sort of an exaggeration but Bah!
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