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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Given the fact that Black Panther himself was completely overshadowed by phenomenal women who had a lot of agency of their own, I'm pretty sure Storm would never be 'just the bride'.

    But, I agree, I like Storm the best as an important member of the X-Men as a team or as a team leader.
  2. BTG


    I can well imagine Storm being the first key mutant we are introduced to, but surely Kitty/Jubilee, or even Iceman are better audience introduction points in the main movie series.
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  3. Do people actually care about Kitty or Jubilee that much? Are they even that well known?
    I’d be more interested in see Eogue actually fulfilling her potential, than see b/c list x-men pushes to the front. Obviously I’m happy for there to be as many characters represented as possible but not at the expense of better/ more we’ll know characters.
    I’m fine with Wolverine being a part of the next franchise but they don’t need to make him the main character like Fox have.
  4. CYCLOPS needs her moment in the sun

    Im bored of Jean/Wolverine
  5. Wolverine can rot. Oh wait.
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  6. BTG


    Jubilee slander?



    In terms of recognition, while she's never had her moment in the sun in recent years, Jubilee will always be A-List because of the 90s cartoon. Rogue definitely needs to have justice done for her character, but I don't think she should be the audience "way in" because if you do that, you lose her history with the Brotherhood - and her redemption.
  7. That's what I was thinking. Storm is the first mentioned and seen but then the first film is from Jubilee's or Kitty's eyes or whoever deemed acceptable for the lead.

    I just really don’t need Cyclops, Jean or Wolverine. Make Professor X toast/gone and I wouldn’t complain either. Before anyone jumps on me... yes, it’s called the X-Men but we’ve sat through too many films with those four(yes, Cyclops counts even if he only said a handful of sentences in all the films he showed up in).
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  8. BTG


    Something I’m interested to see how they handle is Magneto’s age. His origins and interactions with Xavier are so important to his character, but it certainly ties him to a fixed point in history.

    RE: the team, I wouldn't be that surprised if Jean was replaced by Emma.
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  9. Jubilee is a 90s icon and we stan our fireworks queen.
    I'd be fine with them replacing Professor X and Magneto with Jean Grey and Emma Frost.
  10. That's what I would want. Give me a head of the school that's either!
  11. Just reboot with Generation X. Crusty white men had their time. Monet. Jubilee. Emma Frost. Hot Irish daddy Banshee. Mmmm
  12. Just bring me a daddy Gambit and I'll be happy.

    Speaking of Rogue, I wonder if eventually she'll absorb Carol's powers.
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  13. I think this would be an interesting story to tell when Brie's contract is up.
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  14. When Brie’s contract expieres, it will happen, it’s a must moment in Comic Book history
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  15. He


    They could develop this rivalry still, with Carol around. They would have to re structure their history, though, since she already got her Binary form.

    Maybe even a Disney+ show.
  16. She wouldn’t necessarily have to take her powers completely though, right?
    Like she could be in a coma during an avengers film or something and then wake up at the start of Captain Marvel 3/4
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  17. I don’t think I have the strength to watch the Loki, and Falcon and The Winter Soldier show. But wig at Scarlet Witch being a key character in the Dr Strange sequel
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  18. Of the first announced shows, I think the only one that will have major ties to future MCU movies would be Wanda/Vision. Maybe Loki with his possible time/reality manipulation with the Tessaract. The rest would be fodder.

    I think this could be more of a reality. With how Feige is trying to diversify the MCU more I can see the final X-Men team being more female driven and multicultural.
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  19. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and Nebula already preview her iconic role. Yas. Get it.
    It's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be (never saw it).
    Now I'm gonna watch Infinity War and Captain Marvel (3rd time) and then my trial runs out. Gotta convince my friends to buy it too.
  20. He


    My iOS says the trial is valid for two months. Have you checked it on your phone?
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