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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. My trial ends 11-11-2019 so I'm going to cancel...
  2. It's my last day of using Disney+.
    I watched Infinity War over the weekend. Captain America with his beard continues to do things to me.
    I'm now watching Captain Marvel again, with my matching Captain Marvel socks.

    I am trying to convince my friends to subscribe with me to cut costs
  3. I'm quite surprised they've not properly announced Captain Marvel 2 yet.
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  4. I’m guessing it will be one of the first Phase 5 films
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  5. It sounds like Black Panther 2, Guardians 3 and Captain Marvel 2 are being saved for Phase 5. Both were confirmed at SDCC as being in development but not on the Phase 4 slate as it seems they're really focusing on the Disney+ launch and the shows tying in.
  6. Deleted/alternative scenes from Endgame

    Battle of Vorimir

    Tony meeting an older Morgan Stark
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  7. It was obviously a little messy/unfinished but that Vormir scene could have been really good if tightened up a little.

    Even in her one deleted action scene she's not using the batons that were all over her promo shots.
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  8. way better than the actual scene?
  9. It is. It actually gives her sacrifice purpose instead of “lolz gonna just fridge myself” but it takes away from Thanos attacking HQ at the end of the film
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  10. Yeah, I think her sacrifice works a lot better and is less misogynistic (the subtext with the original being that she dies because she hasn't had children like Clint), if Widow was already mortally wounded.
  11. He


    That Black Widow scene is so much better. It just needed a little polishing. But it just works well because it’s not a copy paste from the Gamora one.
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  12. The almost comical fight to commit suicide in Vormir was the low point of Endgame and it really wasted Natalia. That alternate scene works better for me even if it needed a little polish and a slightly more dynamic battle and I wish it was her canon death.
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  13. O

    Disney+ did not come to play.
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  14. Holy shit!! the What If? stuff look AMAZING!!
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  15. They really are making these series matter. They also have a cover of The Vision and the Scarlet Witch comic showing while talking about the WandaVision miniseries. Going to put it behind a spoiler cut in case it’s considered a spoiler by anyone... Though it makes sense why it was previously called...
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  16. This thread!

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  17. Love that Pizza Dog is in the Hawkeye concept art.

    Still not convinced the MCU Hawkeye will fit into the world of the Fraction/Aja series which the series will be based on. The down on his luck loser/worst Avenger doesn't really fit with the ultra competent family man we've been presented in the films.

    Also Renner is increasingly being exposed as a piece of shit so I wouldn't be mad if Disney recast him too.
  18. First official Black Widow poster:

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  19. Wasn’t this the SDCC poster that they gave away? Is it now being used in theatres? This is an odd choice for them.
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  20. Hmmm... Hopefully it’ll be replaced with something better?
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