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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. BTG


    TreeJo serving a decent wig? I'm sold.

    Also, delete straight, white, male fanboys. I just had the displeasure of reading a comment that "David Harbour stole the show." In a trailer with Scarlet, Rachel and Florence? Not bloody likely.
  2. It reminds me of the building in Spy with Melissa McCarthy where she accidentally kills the guy who takes dick pics of himself.
  3. It looked good but the final scene looks straight out of the opening of Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle and you can't mess with perfection.
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  4. Her sister and the apartment is giving me Villanelle vibes from Killing Eve.
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  5. I thought it was Katya.
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  6. I’m so ready for Marvel to deliver their best content
  7. I hope she has a full american accent now and not that awful fake polish accent.
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  8. I feel like this sitcom concept they have going could be one way to do that. I just want a mor interesting costume for her and an attempt at doing the headpiece she has in the comics.
  9. I just hate that we have to suffer through Falcon and the Winter Solider and fucking Loki before we get this
  10. Bumping this cause I'm still PLUCK'T
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  11. Yes, we will have to sit through Falcon and the Winter Soldier but there’s no release dates other than Spring 2021 for both WandaVision and Loki. It could come before, as most sites discussing the two series have WV before Loki. As an added note, WandaVision is also filming first...
  12. Well I’m guessing Loki will come first since Wandavision is going to lead into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
  13. Fair enough but WandaVision filming first is a good sign it will come before and not after. Isn’t Loki also bringing up Doctor Strange realms with all his time traveling too?
  14. They could film and just sit on it. The show is suppose to lead up to the Dr. Strange sequel, so it will make sense for it to lead up right before that to build up hype? Maybe there will be lots of post production because of special effects.
  15. Eh. Based on my experience with TV production. These things are planned for a reason. It’s filming and I’m betting it’s coming first. Loki will need loads of FX too. It just seems to be so much farther ahead in production than Loki is. Loki is still in the casting phase while WandaVision has been filming.

    Also, I just don’t want to have to sit through Loki and still have to wait for Wanda to get the spotlight she deserves.
  16. I would personally like to thank the Marvel Gods because OHMYGOD:

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  17. Is this for real? DAMN! He’s more ripped than Chris Evans and Hemsworth during their transformation. I’m drooling!
  18. Looks like Loki is being re-cast?! Somebody demanded too much money for a TV series...
  19. Can’t see anything about it on Deadline/Variety/THR so calling bs just now
  20. If this is the case... Just can the series. Without Tom Hiddleston it wouldn’t have much of a draw?
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