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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Oh I definitely do remember reading that actually. I guess the snap got her then!
  2. Finally an announcement for Captain Marvel 2. Fucking finally.

    Ready for my wig to be binary form photon blasted away.
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  3. I think so too! I’m guessing SWORD will be making an appearance in the sequel as well
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  4. I'm ready.
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  5. This is a nice poster.

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  6. I am glad that a cinematic release for New Mutants is going ahead after all of the speculation that it wasn't.
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  7. Agree. With the art direction we’ve seen they seem to “get it”. Further confirmation is the new poster, straight out of their earlier comics.
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  8. Insiders seem to be confirming that Dr. Strange 2 will feature Brother Voodoo, Clea and Ms. America. Also that Captain Marvel 2 will be the culmination of Secret Invasion. I’m excited!! (I’m glad Feige is keeping his word on more LGBTQ characters.)
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  9. WandaVision looks so good!
  10. And Falcon and Winter Soldier!! Looks like it’s going to be the same tone as Captain America: Winter Soldier. Love it!
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  11. Definitely. The gay just jumped out of me after seeing Wanda again. It looks like it will be quite a ride!
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  12. Whew it’s really happening
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  13. What the fuck is going on with WandaVision. It looks so....strange?

    I gasped.
  14. WandaVision looks superb.
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  15. WandaVision looks like the complete mindfuck I hoped it would be.
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  16. According to the powers that be, it's supposed to be a mind fuck?

    I suppose it'll end up something like This is what was happening in Vision's mind while Wanda was killing him! or something dd
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  17. Wanda is basically creating her own version of reality in the show

    Kinda like the House of M comic
  18. I feel like WandaVision will be incredibly divisive.

    I can't wait to see it, I hope they incorporate the suburban horror of the Vision comic series with a little bit Spike Jonze surrealism as Wanda starts to lose it.
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