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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. No one wanna mention the kii of how ms. Debra Jo Rupp (the mom from That 70s Show sitcom) is gonna play the nosy-older-neighbor sitcom character? ddd. I screamed when I saw her.
  2. The way I'm getting Disney+ just to watch this show... Wanda's power.
  3. I’m so intrigued by this show.
  4. Yeah I’m going to need them to hurry up and give us a date. It looks fantastic.
  5. I'd love to cuddle up with this between Christmas and New Year's.
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  6. I believe the tea is this comes out in December, comparing to their current slate of announced releases/dates.
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  7. Oh my god the actress who plays Jennifer Barkley in Parks and Rec is in this.

    That trailer was everything.
  8. I'm thinking this too. The fact it was in the Disney sizzle trailer and now this. It's most likely coming out around the holidays. I see them pushing Black Widow into February and Winter Soldier coming out a month later. We will get a better idea during Disney's Investor Day meeting October 7th.


    Falcon And The Winter Soldier is confirmed for 2021.
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  9. Is Wanda bending reality to create a black and white TV sitcom world where Vision can still be alive and live out a "perfect" family situation with her? Because that's heartbreaking.
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  10. Pretty much. The show will probably be exploring her fragile state of mind and outside influences that might be manipulating her.
    The babies will most likely come out of this at the end. Not sure about Vision.
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  11. Yes, the show will navigate through various sitcoms. You can check my spoilers from two months ago.
    - The plot involves Wanda creating a dome around a small town, controlling the whole population, where she changes reality to make everything look perfect. Each time there is a glitch in the reality, Wanda changes decades (that's how the sitcom thing works), and everytime something bad happens the character of Kathryn Hahn is somehow involve.
    - Kathryn Hahn is in fact the big bad of the show, playing a powerful witch (not Agatha Harkness according to this guy).
    - The show ends with the revelation of the Kathryn Hahn character and Wanda in full Scarlet Witch mode, having a big battle a la "Dragon Ball Z".
    - He wasn't sure if Doctor Strange appears in the end and didn't remember anything about Evan Peters character or if Aaron Taylor-Johnson appears.
    - We will see Wanda's twins age to at least their teens.
    - The 00's sitcom parody is Malcolm in the Middle.
    - There will be flashbacks to Wanda's childhood, when she started showing her powers (something that would be contradictory...)
  12. X-Men reveal.
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  13. Tbh any superpowered person in the Marvel universe could be retconned into "got to develop X power when exposed to Y because they were mutant in the first place" so I wouldn't mind it for someone who actually is a mutant!

    Also, @Macanudo
    Were Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver first introduced as having their powers since they were kids in Agents of SHIELD? Or do I remember something entirely different from the series? I remember them being observed in a lab as kids while Wanda had some toys floating around with her powers.

    edit: Nope, this is what I was thinking about:

    Somehow remembered they were shown as kids. Anyway!
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  15. I can't help wondering what we can deduce about the numbers for Mulan's premium Disney+ release, based on this decision.
  16. I understand the move and it's for the best but I am so eager to see "Eternals".
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  17. I called it, pretty much the whole MCU lineup moved a year. The only outlier is WandaVision. I'm now hoping that with such a huge gap between WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2, we get a second season.
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  18. I think WandaVision was meant to be a one off and specifically leads up to events of Doctor Strange, so a second season wouldn't work unless it was after the movie.
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  19. Well I'm hoping they can edit it in such a way were a season 2 can happen. I do love that the MCU is now interconnected with TV and movies but it can also run into problems like this. I have a sneaking suspicion that a scene or two of Falcon and Winter Soldier connects into Black Widow so the show won't come out until around the movie.
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