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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. The Marvel Legends thing on Disney+ is a waste of time. It’s just 5 mins of clips from MCU films showing off Wanda’s best moments. Though it did make it look like she was the one who killed Thanos so that’s canon in my head now.
  2. Good to know.
    Just gotta wait till Friday for 2 episodes!!!!!
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  3. Deadpool 3 will be R rated and part of the MCU

  4. Another new WandaVision clip!
  5. "Well done us."

    I stan.
  6. I'm sorta bummed WandaVision will be 20-30 min episodes. But I guess that fits with the sitcom format?
  7. Regarding episode length, don’t think it’s really a spoiler but will put it under one just incase:

    Once the series begins to break away from that creative construct, as the close of Episode 3 most strongly suggests, running times “start to vary more, yes,” Feige assures TVLine.
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  8. What's the deal with there being nine episodes now? Have they just re-edited it into more shorter episodes or..?
  9. Episode time and run length was never confirmed until now I believe.
  10. He


    I think it was speculated it went from 6 to 9 episodes so there wouldn’t be any gaps into Falcon and Winter Soldier.
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  11. All TV shows should aim for 30 minute episodes.
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  12. It really depends on the show, many aim for 45/50 minutes an episode.

    As much as I'm looking forward to WandaVision, I'm worried its format will be a little difficult to grasp for the first few episodes, are we jumping straight into a random 50s sitcom episode with no questions asked as to how or why they got there and why we're watching it?
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  13. I assume that's definitely what's going to happen. But you can see from the trailer that even in the black and white sitcom episode things are already going to be off and weird.

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  14. There’s also this clip where Wanda says “Vision residence” where Vision and the everything else in in black and white whereas Wanda is in colour. So who knows how it’s going to start off but it’s sure going to be exciting
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  15. I want to watch this because it looks weird but I wonder how well versed in Marvel lore you have to be. I haven't watched an MCU film since Captain America Civil War and I tried to watch a recap and it was so convoluted and impenetrable. Something about stones? Someone stole the stones?

    I hope this will be able to stand on its own.
  16. I recommend watching the two Marvel Legends episodes which are about Wanda and Vision. They’re only about 5 mins long each but it summarises what each character has went through since they first appeared in the MCU.
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  17. Oh thank you so much! I will do that.
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  18. You've not seen Infinity War or Endgame?


    I would think that those two movies are pretty integral to the story considering a huge part of them revolve around Vision and Wanda. The whole point of this series is them dealing with the consequences of it all.
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  19. Yeah, I doubt one will need any deeper understanding of events than what last happened with Wanda and Vision. Looking back at all the movies, I don't think there was much that you would have missed if you started watching at any point... Endgame is probably the only one that you can better connect with having watched Infinity War first (and that's only because it lacks any substantial content on its own, oop).
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  20. He


    The Marvel Legends recaps have everything you need. Smart move making them.
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