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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. But we'd get more iconic moments of her having no idea what is happening. The last clip of her refusing to believe she was in Spiderman is my happy place.

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  2. Translation: She'd love more of that Disney/Marvel money, but doesn't want to do a lot of work to earn it.
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  3. I....think she did a good job in the MCU movies she was in, at least in Endgame and Iron Man 3 when she was allowed to do more than walk around with a tablet and act like a lovesick puppy.
  4. Yeah i've never been annoyed with her presence but I definitely think that character can be done with now.
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  5. Gwyneth is iconic teebs.
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  6. That's so GOOP.
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  7. I mean I can’t say I blame her. I compare it more to Natalie Portman’s situation. She too was done with Marvel until they offered her something worth her time. If they offered Gwenyth a major role or a film where she’d have a major role Im sure she’d do it. Now will that happen? Hell no. I could see use for her in Amor Wars, but it likely wouldn’t be enough to be worth it for her.
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  8. Gwyneth as Rescue in Armor Wars would be great to be honest.
  9. Based on what she said, it might actually be too much for her.
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  10. Get your 29.99 ready for that Premier Access purchase!

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  11. I’d happily pay for Black Widow.
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  12. Yeah I’ll pay to be honest, my sister and I will just split it.
  13. It also makes sense to just bite the bullet and do it. Europe’s currently at the start of a third wave so cinemas are likely to still be shut by the time Black Widow’s release date comes around and cinemas here aren’t meant to open until May 17th at the earliest if everything goes to plan. They can’t keep on delaying this film forever
  14. I’d happily pay for Black Widow. I am not shocked by this though. They could not push it again without running out of footage/rearranging footage from the movie for the trailers.
  15. He


    Poor Natasha.

    How much is Disney losing per movie not going to theaters? Must be crazy amounts. I guess they're saving some promotion coin, but that's it.
  16. It will be in theaters though? They will never go back to full capacity so giving people the option to watch online or watch in the theater in the best option
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    Question still stands, since they won't be full capacity and not at all open in other territories.
  18. Disney won’t care because they’ll be getting full profit from people paying on Disney+ instead of having to split it with the cinemas.
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    But do a lot of people really buy the movie? Actually have they released any numbers on those?
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