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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Pushed to July too ugh
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  2. Of course they'll care. The uptake at that price point won't come anywhere close to making up the difference.
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  3. I did wonder if this would end up happening. As people have said, they can't just keep delaying it. They probably won't make as much as they would in non-pandemic times, but I'm guessing they'll be counting on physical home release sales eventually?
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    Yeah, this is my feeling too.
  5. Poor Natasha! But they should’ve given her a film years ago, so at least it’s still coming out.
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  6. I dont know if Shang Chi in September is a good idea? They might move it to Feb 2022. The original 2020 line up went Black Widow-Eternals so maybe they can afford to move Shang Chi around, I hope it gets the proper amount of promo etc

    At least Pixar is giving Luca to Disney + for free like Soul
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  7. Anything released in the next year or so will be taking some sort of financial hit, versus what it would have made in "normal" times. Disney have a well-established property that will attract an audience wherever it's showing, can claw back at least some of the lost revenue by offering the premium rental option on their own service, and are best placed to absorb any losses.

    The position is different for No Time To Die (as an example) because the studio has no streaming platform and no other service can offer a package that makes financial sense for both parties.
  8. Are cinemas in China open as usual? Heavy promo over there could salvage a decent worldwide box office.
  9. Mulan flopped pretty badly in China and there's no question of Disney+ being available there any time soon, so I'd imagine they'll throw a fair bit of money at it.
  10. Of course, I’m aware of the current situation. Yes, they have Disney+, but it’ll just be interesting to see how many people actually fork out for that. I definitely think they’ll be putting their faith in home releases and box sets.
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  11. I highly doubt people buy the movie on premiere access, otherwise, Disney would have released numbers.
    Here in Spain cinemas are full open (the third wave already ended and vaccination is getting much better every day) so I will see it there. With the AC, popcorn and enjoy the full experience. The last time I went to the cinema was back in August to watch New Mutants...
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  12. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Does this imply Eternals is off the schedule or are we still expected to get that this year? Shang Chi getting pushed to September (or even beyond) makes sense as they need to start doing promo for it at some point. I’m not sure casual MCU viewers even know either one is coming out.
  13. As of now it still has its November release date but I honestly can’t see that happening and expect it to be push back to February 2022.
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  14. Cinema numbers are starting to really Increase in the US and other countries now, I was hoping Black Widow would be moved to July as it seems like a perfect time. People who watch at home Vs people who watch in the cinema seem like largely separate markets so I feel like it will do well in both.

    The drawn out release has diminished hype somewhat but I feel as though it could do a sneak attack and end up being great.
  15. Re-watching the first Cap movie and forgot how good Dominic Cooper was in it. He really nailed the character of Howard. I wish he got to do a bit more in the MCU but I guess he's limited in the time period he appeared in.
    Not seen Agent Carter yet but will need to give it a go, I know he pops up but I don't know how big his role is?

    I would LOVE for them to do a Howling Commandos themed series or movie where he can come back. Hell maybe bring Chris is he wants to and show what Cap does when he goes back.
  16. Hate going to the cinema in America. Tickets are like $19, popcorn smell is overwhelming, phones lit up and kids chatting. I'd rather pay the $30 to own the film and just enjoy it from home.
  17. It’s such a shame that their second female lead movie is having to get this treatment. I suppose at least it’s a final farewell to a character so it won’t affect anything going forward too much.
  18. Watching End Game after a year in lockdown hits differently. There's something about that first hour where the characters are picking up the peices of what's left that feels eerily similar to how it might feel processing being let out and about eventually. Particularly the moments where all the characters are spread out and separated and then slowly return to team, weiry with trepidation.
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  19. I watched it tonight (just finished) and had that exact same thought! Specifically the part with Cap at the therapy group and everyone just being so defeated about all the loss they’ve endured. It really hit differently this time.
  20. The cast addition we didn't see coming.
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