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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Honestly forgot we were getting all of this next year dddd.
    The next while is gonna be a crazy ride for Marvel.
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  2. Maybe we should have a rate of the individual characters as opposed to the films
  3. Declare Chris Evans the best of everything and everyone and be done with it. Do it for Dodger.

  4. That's what I suggested last page dd, but then it turned into a films re-rate discussion. *shrugs*
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  5. I loved that rate. It's too soon to do another movie rate.
  6. A character rate would be interesting. As long as you included the mains from the Netflix shows (and not the ABC ones).
  7. It might be better for them to be optional.
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  8. I agree. I feel like most have seen Daredevil and Jessica Jones S1 on here… I’ll be honest, I just want to rate Matt Murdock and Elektra… I feel like the ABC shows should definitely be optional though.
  9. [​IMG]
    Ming Na Wen always kicking ass as Melinda May though…

    plus Agent Carter

    Surely they’d rather higher than HawkEye.
  10. If we do rate the Netflix characters, Karen deserves a higher score than most of the MCU characters.
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  11. I haven't watched the Netflix shows ddd.
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  12. Adding Agent Carter throws a spanner in the works for hottest MCU man with Dominic Cooper.
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  13. Okay but he's in Captain America 1 so he was already there.
  14. True. But he shows his body more in Agent Carter.
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  15. Daredevil Season 1-3, Jessica Jones Season 1, Luke Cage Season 1 (it dips after episode 8) and then call it a day. The rest can be ignored.
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  16. rdp


    Include all tv spin-offs so I can give my 10 to Medusa despite never actually intending to watch the show

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  17. Pfff I had repressed the special effects looking like something from the late seasons of Charmed
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  18. Icon! Marvel has some questionable superpowers but I just can never see this being not being ridiculous. I’m glad they never made it in to the MCU.
  19. So, Loki.

    It was fucking brilliant. Best first episode of the 3 shows so far. It's setting up some big things. The Wilson/Hiddleston pairing is amazing.
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