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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Wait, I really loved this. Astonishing visuals, great soundtrack, charming cast. Definitely top tier MCU and I can’t wait to watch it again.
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  2. I mean black widow did have the Disney+ release so can we really compare them box office wise?
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  3. Not really. It just shows that Black Widow could have had a really decent opening weekend and Shang Chi shouldn’t have a massive second week drop because a 4K version of it isn’t accessible on the internet. That’s really the only comparison you can make
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  4. Such a shame because in any other circumstances Black Widow would have made a lot more money.

    Hopefully Shang Chi continues to surpass its box office expectations and do really well.
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  5. I just got back from the cinema and I loved and enjoyed the movie very much! Super entertaining, the pacing was well managed and Simu Liu was great (and hot!). I liked the whole universe they created, but I agree that the third act was the weakest thing in this. Awkwafina's bits were great too. Happy too that tickets were sold out for all the showings.
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  6. Yeah I feel like Black Widow and Shang Chi could have been close to or even gross more than a billion at the box office if it wasn’t for the current climate
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  7. Yeah my intention with comparing was to show that the hunger is definitely there for MCU movies, despite the flaccid box office conditions.

    Black Widow is a much more established and loved character, so if anything, Shang Chi's amazing numbers add to the argument that Black Widow would have done bigger business had it not had a day and date release. Nobody in their right mind would say that Shang Chi would outperform Black Widow coming into these movies, so I'd imagine this helps Scarlet's case immensely.

    Including the Premier Access money ($125 million), Black Widow has brought in $500 million. So it'll be interesting to see where Shang Chi ends up. I'd imagine a lot of that will depend on China. Black Widow was never released there.

    I'm just happy that it didn't bomb. When the industry was projecting a $30-40 million opening weekend, I was nervous. I would have been gutted for Simu if that had happened.
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  8. Just got back from watching Shang-Chi. It was spectacular. I think combined with the fact it was my first really big movie viewing in a cinema after 18 months, I was just so blown away. Also, the fight scenes were all choreographed so beautifully. Stunning.
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  9. I love Marcus’s videos so much! And he’s hot as hell
  10. Is Simu Liu the hottest man alive?

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  11. Agatha Harkness is one step closer to an EGOT.
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  12. I am still conflicted about whether I'd like to see more of Agatha as outside of the persona she had adopted she was not serving the camp extravaganza we loved... She wasn't even a particularly expressive villain, she just seemed burdened. But if they could bring those aspects of hers we loved again, I'd be 100% here for more even for a mini series focused on her for example (and of course any other appearances). An even more developed version of the theme tune would be very welcome either way! Make it a whole musical number! A classic.
  13. Too much Jeremy Renner, not enough Haliee Steinfield.
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  14. Oh it’s festive I’m living
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  15. I wonder how much the person in marketing got paid that came up with the Christmas bow/bow + arrow reference in the trailer nn.
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  16. The trailer is medium. But it does look fun?! Totally forgot Vera Farmiga is in this!
  17. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Black Widow out on Blu-ray already in the UK. I am livid because for the first time since I think Avengers Assemble, there's no slipcase with the standard edition, just the plastic case. There's one with the 4K edition, but I'm not paying £25 for it... Collection OCD in turmoil!
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  18. Shang Chi most likely won’t be getting a Chinese release either as comments Simu made in 2017 have resurfaced and are making the rounds in their media in the last week.
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