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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. That complicates things highly for the future too.

    Would they feature him in a future Avengers movie for example if it‘s possible it wouldn‘t get a Chinese release date.
  2. Pretty sure the person who said he made those comments has now said he actually misinterpreted him although they are hardly lies...
    Any a lot of movies have not gotten Chinese release dates. BW had one in May but they moved the movie due to COVID and then they lost that date. Space Jam 2, Suicide Squad 2, Snake Eyes, Jungle Cruise didn't get China release dates. Even the new Bond movie, although it passed the censorship test there, still has not been given an exact date and it comes out in less then month. I dont think its a Marvel or Disney problem anyway, its a China ramping up the censorship on all of Hollywood problem

    Eh well it would be pretty dumb and borderline racist if they didn't. They can't just pander to China forever, when even if they do, a release date isn't guaranteed. China seems to want Chinese movies / government propaganda movies to get the top release dates and they're happy enough to ban anything else. Trying to appease them to get a release date, is not the way to go.
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  3. Yep. It's put his whole career in a precarious place to be honest. Whether the studios like to admit it or not, China is a major player and if they refuse to take any of his movies, it'll make it very difficult for him to book any more big budget movies. Could his MCU stint be effectively over just as it has begun?

    I'd like to think that Feige is seeing the reaction and will just stick the middle finger up to China, but in reality, there's too much potential money in the game to do that.

    It's a terrible situation.

    The Chinese government will look for any opportunity to not take a foreign film in it seems. They really just want to shut them all out. The Simu situation is sad, because the comments in question were about his own parents' personal experience, it's not like he was sharing controversial opinions.
  4. His career will be fine, you’re all just overreacting. The Eternals isn’t getting released in China either due to something Chloe said
  5. Well I suppose that will depend what he wants out of his career.

    But Disney is not going to put him in an Avengers movie if it means it’ll not get a China release.

    I’d imagine there’s a lot of conversations happening behind the scenes with them trying to smooth things over.
  6. I very much doubt that considering the end of the movie
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  7. But they thought they were getting a China release when the movie came out.

    Endgame made over $600 million in China alone. That’s unlikely to happen again but we’re still talking about a huge chunk of cash to be writing off the global box office numbers if a China release is off the table. And the mouse house is notoriously shrewd when it comes to business over people, so I absolutely believe they’d leave Simu out to secure that extra box office.
  8. Hawkeye looks great, perhaps a bit pedestrian but it'll fit in perfectly in the great scheme of things.

    Can't wait for all these upcoming Young Avengers to eventually team up.
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  9. I don't think one country will determine if they leave a character out. Plus do you not think there will be a knock on effect if they did leave him out? Boycotts from other countries? The backlash they would get if they did? You seem to be fixated on China when in reality I think more studios are just getting stop bothering with them as they continue to increase censorship. If they go by your way next they'll try to dictate no black characters or no "sissy men" etc.
  10. Your fixation on China is weird. Shang Chi was a box office success and people love Shang Chi as a character and are going to be clamouring to see more of him. He’s going to be in an Avengers movie regardless if China approves the movie or not.
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  11. Disney basically does have this rule though ddd
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  12. Oh for fuck sake. I was giving my opinion on a story and what I personally think the implications might be. I may be completely and utterly wrong. It's just my opinion. It's not a "weird fixation". It's a specific and relevant response to a current news story. Jesus christ.

    There's a perfectly logical and valid financial argument as to why this could spell trouble for him in the MCU, given he's being shunned by the 2nd biggest movie market in the world. I absolutely hope things work out. I like him very much.
  13. They let James Corden in Into The Woods.
  14. Don't you bring his name into this thread. We don't know him here.
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  15. Shang Chi might just be my favourite Marvel film since... Black Panther? The fight scenes were top notch and Awkwafina was a scream. I feel like they got the balance of suspense, drama, and comedy just right, which is where Black Widow fell a tad short for me. This has made me so excited for the rest of the Phase 4 film slate.
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  16. These arguements are valid.

    China is one of the biggest cinema markets and I am sure Disney hoped for big cash from Mulan and Shang Chi and both were banned.

    I am sure there are conversations happening. I am not saying it is right.

    I also think they should forget about China.
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  17. Imagine he somehow got a role in an MCU film… I want to puke just thiinking about it.
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  18. I mean, honestly it's only a matter of time at this point. I can't even fathom what dirt he has on people to keep getting work. I can mostly avoid him everywhere else, so I'd be absolutely fucking livid if he goes anywhere near the MCU.
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  19. China clamping down/rejecting films wholesale when mega corporations like Disney have essentially catered to them in recent years, investing billions in films and the IPs that will ideally make them money in perpetuity once the films stop being made (a la other Marvel properties in China)… that’s a big deal and just interesting for anybody interested in global film news/culture. It’s literally where billions is being poured…for it to be fruitless even for behemoths like Disney…oof.
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  20. Yeah, a decreased return of investment is obviously going to sting for Disney. They can probably take one or two hits in terms of banned movies, but Shang-Chi was almost catered for the Chinese market.

    Less revenue means less money going into the smaller projects above all. The television shows for Disney+ is probably the first thing to take a hit.
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