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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. But how do you know he used that account after the AMA or that it was 100% him? People do these AMA and have a company set up the account for them and never use them again?

    Also these posts are years old and can be easily found, do you not think a gossip site or trade would have jumped on this after he has cast or in the two years that it took for the movie to come out, if the thought it was true? Look at how much coverage the Scarlet thing has gotten, these sites are like flies on shite when it comes to stories like this, as long as they can prove it. I just dont think it is true, people would have been all over this weeks if not months ago if it was.

    Also still can't get over the Twitter account making the accusation saying it "appears to be" rather then it is, like who even says it appears to be when accusing someone?. Does that not ring alarm bells that the twitter account is a professional bullshitter trying to protect themselves if they get sued?
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  2. We have alternate universes coming up now, recasting might be so so easy.

    More seriously, these comments are insane, I really did not expect the p*dophile thing? If he didn't explicitly compare it to gay people he might have had some wiggle room (in a 'I just want them to get help' way) but I have no idea how he could bounce back from this unless they just straight up ignore it.

    The Disney people don't do background checks for this?? They must've known.

    I will say, if it wasn't him, the legal response would have been the only response. Especially for comments this character breaking. It's likely him...
  3. Okay, now you’re just reaching to say it’s NOT true. He has other posts outside the AMA where he refers to himself by name and talks about Kim’s Convenience. In one the posts about p*dophilia, he mentions he’s a Canadian actor. That post was before the AMA. He used his own account for it, not one set up for him by a company.

    Also, just because the media didn’t cover it first doesn’t make it untrue. It took years for the internet to get ahold of C*mila’s tumblr history.

    If it wasn’t him, he should be denying it because of someone accused me of typing the phrase “avoid child p*rnography - it may look innocent but…” in ANY context, I would be clearing my name as soon as possible.
  4. Sorry to keep posting but I feel like I have to be the other options here,, But its likely that it is not him though? Why are some so quick to believe some rando twitter account who wont make a direct accusation?

    Some people wanting rid of him to appease China and make sure an Avengers movie can make money last week, to now beleving a random twitter account using 5 year old reddit account he used and did not set up himself.
  5. He


    Disney with all their money should vet their people much better. This is all so disappointing and gross if true.
  6. He did deny it ? Also that is literally how these AMA's work. Do you think the directors who have done them keep their accounts afterwards, no. They are still open and on reddit but they didn't set them up orhave log in details. He actually did an AMA a few weeks ago on reddit for Shang Chi in a Marvel reddit in a different Shang Chi named account for the movie. Would Marvel have not looked in to see if he had old accounts then and got that one deleted if they thought it was him using it?

    Also again if it is him, Im sure entertainment trades like Deadline or Variety will look into it now and confirm if it is him or not. If they can't prove it is him they'll either write a vague story using loads of " " or just ignore it completely. That twitter account using appears is still the big give away that even they are not sure if it was him and don't want to be sued for libel. If anyone else knows why you would use appears rather then is, please let me know. There are too many discrepancies for me to believe it was him, unless some magazine or trade finds out more either way.
    Who is the tumblr thing btw?
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  7. It is literally him. His KC AMA was done AFTER a string of posts where he made vile comments. The pedophile one is from 2015. He confirms he’s a Canadian actor who played the role of a pedophile on a TV show…which he did on Blood & Water.
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  8. Seriously. It’s no excuse for the likes of RPDR so it’s even less of an excuse for one of the biggest companies on the planet. This has really bummed me out to be honest, especially after being so head over heels for the film after watching it the other day.
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  9. His stupid ramble about paedophilia sounds like every straight man who plays the contrarian ""intellectual"" who are just so smart they see the world in a way no one else can... despite being thick as a plant and their point having many logical fallacies.

    That said, with the world burning etc I find it hard to muster much outrage from the results of trawling celebs old internet accounts. Like, let's all get outraged about politicians who are fucked up instead. A hot actor being dumb and ignorant doesn't really shock me to my core.
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  10. It’s a wrap, the Barbs will decide what do with him now.

    (opinions of Nicki aside, snipes like this will always feel anti-black to me! He was young, I know, but ehhhh)
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  11. These tweets are bad but also was the faith they were located in so…yeah. If he is willing to show a changed man and take accountability that’s about all one can ask
  12. fffff Shang Chi was the best Marvel film since Black Panther (and I enjoyed the films in between too) and it was nice to see another Asian male lead in a big mainstream film that wasn't Henry Goulding so this really sucks... his "twitter is toxic, fuck cancel culture" responses do not help either...
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  13. If James Gunn can get a pass, I’m sure Liu would get one too? I don’t care to read the tweets but I hope he’s a changed man from what he was a few years ago.

    It’s rare that anyone in Hollyweird is without skeletons in their closet.

    (Off to listen to Hollywood by Madonna)
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  14. It's sad that after all this it'll still be Brie Larson who gets the most abuse online.
  15. That is sadly true.

    Simu's posts were really, really bad though. And by shouting back to a tweet from 2019, he seems to just be doubling down on the "I already told you if you dig far enough back, you'll find stuff from when I was young" angle. That's not an apology and it certainly doesn't address the awful stuff he wrote.
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  16. I'd say Zendaya is up there too especially when we see edits like this nearly every few months too, since she was cast
  17. What the fucking fuck? I've never seen that before but that is just gross.
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  18. OK i watched it on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Haven't seen Black Widow yet but ah well.
    Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu can do a lot of nasty things with me!
  19. This is fucked up.

    Zendaya is stunning, There is absolutely no reason other than racism to be photoshop replacing her but I bet they'd defend this with "Well we just wanted to see what'd it look like if MJ looked comic book accurate"... Gurl, be gone.
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