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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Are they too far along to just cut her out and forget all about her?
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  2. Isn't she the main character?
  3. She's still unvaccinated?
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  4. Nakia is right there.
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  5. Fire and replace / rewrite. At this point, it’s genuinely not worth the hassle.
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  6. Idk how they allowed themselves in this mess when it was clear where she stood. Even beyond this I’m not sure how she could’ve led a film. I’d hope they recast but they’ll probably just delay again.
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  7. See when you do clownery...
  8. Phase 4 is so cursed. Ready for Phase 5.
  9. The injury and production shutdown always smelled fishy to me. So I won’t be surprised about a new Black Panther left turn. Marvel is having some real badluck in the movie division.
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  10. Screaming at her supporters. I’m hoping they just kill her off and recast.

  11. Yep, which was Marvel's 1st mistake.
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  12. I haven't watched the Eternals yet, but after everything I've read, having a series out as a prequel after the film is odd given the complaints (the solution to which would have probably been having a series out first). Probably has to do with money/what the actors agreed to first? Maybe it will turn into a Justice League saga, with the series incorporated in an episodic retelling of the film?
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  13. For Black Panther, if Disney decides to take action, I hope they just recast Shuri, because I really wanna see her take up the mantle after her brother's death.
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  14. I’m sad Eternals wasn’t a Disney Plus show. It’s the perfect way to introduce a character each episode and fill in the story without rushing anything. I’m sure, with the success of WandaVision and Loki, they could have thrown an insane budget at it.
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  15. Lupita N’yongo is right there! It might not be comic accurate but I’d love to see her character take the lead.
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  16. The sorta silver lining in this is that some actors (Salma Hayek) say they have signed multi-picture/project deals with Marvel. Hopefully the characters we’re invested in will show up again in a show or movie.

    The problem with Eternals (I think) is that it was always envisioned as a movie. Something grand that would be an introduction to the MCU. Unfortunately the Eternals simply aren’t compelling enough characters to the universe when there are more viable ones. A show would have given more space for character development and traction.
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  17. This is my all time favourite cartoon but I don't know how I feel about this. Leave it alone. Why not just do a whole new show rather than pick up on a nearly 30 year old one?
  18. I just feel like even if they they’ll nail everything, they will drop the ball with the actual animation. We’ll be stuck with either bad 3D (like What If) or Harmony/Puppet animation where it moves and looks very different from the original series.
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  19. They should just do an original cartoon. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a 'revival' of the 90s one, but it would surely have to be a totally different tone and visual style to feel 'current'? Maybe like Teen Titans becoming Teen Titans Go. Disney+ using new original graphics for the 90's-era team as User Profile logos... we knew something was up.

    The fact there hasn't been an X-Men cartoon since the underrated Wolverine & The X-Men.. that's over a decade ago. I hate it here.
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