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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. That's too bad. Not. Is anyone excited about it? Between Leto and the fact that Morbius is not an exciting character...
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  2. Literally was only going to watch it to see how it ties in annnnd that's about it.
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  3. He


    For some reason I thought Morbius had nothing to do with the MCU. It looks very meh.
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  4. I’ll watch Morbius but I’ve very little interest; it looks like a Venom rehash.
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  5. But literally nothing appealing about it. At least Venom has Tom Hardy.
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  6. It's in Sony's little side universe with Venom.
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  7. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I don’t think it does. Sony is just riding the “every movie leads into the next one!” Marvel train. See also:

    Venom’s cameo in Now Way Home
  8. It's definitely connected to the MCU though, as Keaton's Adrian Toomes is in the movie, not just in a post-credit scene.
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  9. The only connection we know of is that Michael Keaton will cameo as Vulture, right?
  10. He


    It is listed as Marvel helping produce. So I guess somewhat.

    Maybe something about Blade will also make it in there?
  11. That's the only connection that has been revealed. There are others in the plot leak from a while back (speculation, but the person who posted it has been confirmed as legit before). However, some of the leaked plot cannot be true now after No Way Home, unless this is set before that and Venom 2. Or they remove certain scenes.

    Apparently, Keaton does talk about the blip in a conversation in prison, referring to him technically getting a shorter sentence seeing as how he missed 5 years of it.

    The poster that we saw briefly in the trailer that has the Maguire Spider-Man on it has seemingly been replaced by the Holland suit, and we see a Peter Parker "Wanted" poster.
  12. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    A very tenuous connection to an overall minor character that barely made a dent in the one franchise they were featured in is exactly what I mean by riding the train, nn. I’m fairly confident in saying nothing in this movie is going to affect the MCU.
  13. Unless they've really changed up Keaton's involvement, something very specific he says to Leto references his MCU future plans.

    But with Keaton on board in the DCEU in a prominent way, there's a good chance we'll see very little of him in Morbius or in the MCU in the future. It really depends where this movie fits in now, as the original plot leak only works if it's in a certain spot in the timeline.

    But I also can't see this movie doing well at all, and this delay isn't good news. Unless they're adding something new to the mix (Blade perhaps?). It's the first Marvel project in a very long time I'm not really interested in. It looks watchable but unremarkable.
  14. I hate feeling like I'm the only one excited this ddd. I love Morbius as a character and I've been dying for vampires of any kind to come into Marvel movies since Blade was announced to be in developing at Marvel Studios. I'm really curious as to see how this is going to fit into everything with both the Venom references and Keaton as Vulture in it. And I think the main story will be pretty good. If the delay is hecause they are adding something (maybe Blade in a post-credits scene?) then that'll be great because I'm not sure the delay is just because of the pandemic, though that's probably a factor.
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  15. I don't think so close to release they'd delay it again just to tack on a scene, especially a post credits scene. They filmed Morbius in 2019. Set for release in July 2020. Then they delayed it 3 weeks. Then because of COVID they moved it to March 2021, then October 2021, then January 2022, now April 2022. They already did reshoots for the film back in 2020, which is probably when they would've thrown in any MCU vague tie in stuff. They stated it was delayed because of the pandemic, and because of Spiderman No Way Home's popularity. They don't want to step on the toes of an MCU film since this little Sony universe is it's little sister universe.
  16. Morbius… never made sense to make. Sony’s movies (bar Spidey) are starting to give Universal Dark Universe teas. Venom is at least fun on the surface (I haven’t seen the sequel yet).

    This will surely flop. Not willing it to but like… who cares?
  17. I don't think anyone is hyped for it. Venom is at least a recognizable character to people who know Spiderman, or the old cartoons, or Spider-Man 3. Morbius would probably only be known if you've read the comics he's a part of.
    I don't mind that they want to go out on a limb with doing a movie about a character less people know about. But to delay it so many times now... They know this isn't going to do well. So they want to release it at the best possible time they can to mitigate the loss the best they can.
  18. Morbius is a great character and a lot of fun but not as a solo movie. He needs to be a villain/anti hero. Then you add in Jared as the main actor and you get something dead on arrival.

    just skip ahead to Aaron Taylor Johnson in a loin cloth as Kraven.
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  19. The problem is the marketing too. Is it horror? superhero? action/adventure? drama?
    I guess nobody thought how to sell this movie before they started production...and Jared Leto agreeing to do this after all the Joker fiasco...downgrade.
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  20. Rob


    The film is done, it's only been delayed as Spider-Man is still doing so incredibly well and Sony don't want to cut the tail off it.
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