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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I'd be more inclined to watch Movies if Leto wasn't in the starring role.
    Isn't there a massive span of bad things associated with that guy?
    Like I recall reading that he's done some shady shit.
    And we all remember his Joker portrayal. So I don't understand why the studio jumped to hire him for this role?

    (He is talented, I've seen him in a few things and he's carried his roles well)
    But I just can't shake the questionable things he does.
  2. What questionable things?

    There have been wild stories about some of the things he's done while getting fully into character. There was a story about him sending used condoms to fans, but he outright addressed that, saying it was total bullshit, as were most of the other things he'd supposedly given people.

    He seems to be a bit odd sometimes, granted, but I can't recall him doing anything that would be considered shady, and he certainly doesn't appear to have a bad reputation among his peers.

    I didn't mind his actual performance as Joker. It was more the creative choices made with the character design in the original Suicide Squad that were the issue. I quite liked his little cameo in Justice League. He is a very talented performer.
  3. Very interested in Marvel’s Halloween special, looks like a promising cast and if it keeps the production values of the other Disney+ shows, it could be interesting. I wonder what a ‘special’ will look like, are we talking about a smaller budget movie maybe like a Black Mirror episode?

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  4. Could be a good format for niche properties like Werewolf By Night for sure. Marvel dipping into their classic horror characters (big in the 70s but largely forgotten bar a brief resurgence in early 90s and Blade staying mainstream-ish) would be cute, and some (interconnected) one-offs for Disney+ would be a nice acknowledgement of oft-ignored properties.

    Blade must be part of this…
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  5. I watched Eternals now that it's on Disney+.
    I thought it was just OK.

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think Gemma Chan is a very good actress.
    Or at least not strong enough to lead a film like this.
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  6. Yeah I thought she was pretty dreadful in this. Don’t think I’ve ever seen any of her other work though.
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  7. I’m so glad someone else is mentioning this. I just rewatched and absolutely loved it, as I did the first time. It’s genuinely one of my favourite MCU films. It’s visually beautiful and I really like the whole concept.

    However, it took all my energy to ignore Gemma and Richard’s acting. Also, take out Sprite and Kingo and I think it would’ve streamlined the film much more.
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  8. I would have loved to see Sersi written more like the comics and be a bit of a party girl and not just a person who loves humans but is very unsure about everything else. I feel like Gemma could play that role better... she really didn't have a whole lot going on outside of some shallow moments of sadness.

    I live for the set/fx design and scenes with Arishem and Olympia. I needed more of that and less of the flat ship they traveled in that lacked any of that.
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  9. Richard definitely seemed to be working at 68.5% power in this. He’s normally more charismatic and engaging in his roles.
    He still looked like the most delicious slab of pure Scottish beef though.
  10. I agree. His acting was pretty poor throughout but I know he’s a better actor than he showed purely because of his scenes at the end and GOT. Gemma, I feel, has been incredibly wooden in everything.
  11. I enjoyed Gemma in this role. She has a certain charisma that is just so intriguing to watch whenever she's on screen.

    And Richard is cute.
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  12. I don’t think Gemma’s acting was the issue, Sersi was just a bit of a bland character.
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  13. As much as this movie was lauded here the characters were just not written well. Sprite and Sersi are glaring because the actors are just not strong enough to elevate the material. This is where Jolie and Hayek (even Najiani and Madden) shinned. I really wanted to LOVE this movie but it just didn’t go anywhere.

    At the end of the day the actors and the direction was fine. However the movie just didn’t have a good script.
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  14. Finally saw Eternals last night. I enjoyed it.

    Visually, it's stunning. I absolutely adored the visualisation of their powers.

    The cast was ok, but I feel like it would have been a total wash out without Angelina. She really brings the experience, particularly in fight acting. Every scene with her was perfection. The acting was a mixed bag overall. Chan was totally forgettable, because Sersi is such a boring character. All of the others were fine, just a bit unremarkable. We won't talk about Sprite.

    The set pieces were good but I could have done with a couple more big ones. But I absolutely LOVED the Celestials. The scenes were you could see the sheer size of them, like where Arishem's face appeared through the clouds. Wooooooo, loved that. Gave me goosebumps.

    The fact the Eternals and the Avengers are now existing and actively fighting in the same time period is a struggle for me. There's an end of world event taking place, the ground is shaking and a fucking Celestial is literally tearing through Earth, and only the Eternals swung by to say hello? That didn't warrant a visit from Earth's mightiest defenders? Not even one? That makes no sense whatsoever.
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  15. Eternals > No Way Home
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  16. Subwaykid

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  17. I’m firmly in the camp that Eternals is incredible. I loved every second of it, including Sprite, and can’t wait to rewatch it on Disney+. There are many MCU movies that are far worse.
  18. I think Eternals may have benefitted from being a short series on Disney+. Squeezing 10 characters and their seven-thousand year long backstories into a 2 hour+ movie was always going to be difficult. Plus, I want to see more of them.
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  19. I enjoyed Eternals but there were flaws.

    Parts of it are quite slow. Richard Madden was dreadful was Ikaris. He's just so wooden and lacking any charisma in his scenes. I liked Gemma in her role, I just wish there'd been more focus on the other Eternals such as Druig and Makari.
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  20. Oh yeah, I meant to say, Makari was a surprise highlight for me.

    When she was handing out the damage in the 3rd act, that was AMAZING. I hope we see much, much more of her.
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