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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Holy shit!

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  2. A visual feast, I can’t get over how good that trailer is.

    This is going to be huge.
  3. Oh.

    That sounds very… bloated.

    Sam directing is the biggest selling point - this franchise desperately needs an injection of style and finesse, and the trailer does seem to hint that the higher ups agree.
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  4. I mean, it’d be a way to introduce characters that were missing from the main timeline… (Fantastic Four, X-Men, maybe others) though I’m really hoping we get a fresh, new cast for the X-Men.
    I’m not sure about one of those rumours. I’m honestly not sure what to spoiler tag and what we shouldn’t but I thought Hugh Jackman was not in London/LA as he was deep in rehearsals/previews for The Music Man on Broadway.
  5. This looks absolutely obscene. I can’t wait.
  6. What a trailer!

    Inject all the Wanda straight intro my veins. She really became their best character.
  7. Mmm yes it looks so good.
    Give me all the Wanda I can handle Marvel.
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  8. For a split second I thought Captain Marvel was The Human Torch and almost fell off my chair.

    This looks absolutely bonkers and I cannot wait!
  9. I love that Hayley Atwell keeps scamming her way back into the MCU.
  10. There's also the 30-second TV spot, which has a few additional shots not seen in the full trailer.

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  11. ADM


    Amongst the many things I'm confused by in all of this, the main one is how Strange seems to be getting the blame for breaking open the Multiverse.. but was it not Wanda in Westview or Loki in the series?
  12. He


    I guess Wanda did not rip it apart, she just used it, as she can navigate different universes. Strange did a number on Spiderman, so maybe that had the biggest effect?

    Loki could potentially have had a bigger impact, but not sure how they will tie it into this, if at all.
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  13. He


    So, are zombies in this? Is bloody Wanda a zombie too?

    I was hoping it was some Carrie moment instead.
  14. Does Wanda have to come down and give that double standard speech to us in this forum?! Hahaha

    I believe what happened in Loki was in a space in- between time so the event could have been 50 years in the future or even 50 years in the past. Plus it wasn't "Loki" but Sylvie that was the catalyst. Wanda just created a pocket universe in the current timeline. Strange however has manipulated and use the multiverse on several occasions with what he did in What-If and No Way these are only what we know of. We have no idea what he does behind closed doors.
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  15. I don't think Strange's actions in No Way Home are all that integral to what triggers the events in this movie, but they've made them fit. Wanda is the catalyst here.

    No Way Home was supposed to take place after Multiverse of Madness, and was meant to be a consequence of the multiverse opening. The main beats in this story would have taken place even without Stephen's botched spell in No Way Home.
  16. Maybe Wanda exacerbates the whole thing but the studio definitely changed things up with the movie being moved around. If No Way Home was to be after Madness why would Strange be so careless to create a spell like that after what happens in Madness? I think the whole point of Strange in No Way Home was to make him the catalyst.
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  17. I like the MCU's multiverse sort of laying out an explanation of why we've seen several Marvel film franchises use different actors. In reality, it's because of different studios, and reboots, but the MCU says "Oh all of that actually happened, it was just alternate universes"... It's honestly genius and I love that they are leaning into that with this + Spiderman and everything. It's really a love letter to fans of all these different Marvel films we've been getting even before the advent of the proper MCU.
    This is why Marvel and Marvel style storytelling is so superior, in my opinion.
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  18. The trailer was AMAZING.
    I guess I won't see any more trailers or read any spoilers about it, enough.
    And the movie coming out on my birthday is such a joy <3
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  19. The way this looks scary I’m literally scared.

    Wanda’s delivery of that doesn’t seem fair! is so good. Acting!
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    I hope Wanda gets her own movie after this.
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