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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Are we really surprised about Wanda going evil in this? They explained in WandaVision that the Scarlet Witch is destined to end the world, have great massive powers. You can just display her immense powers and her be in full control, atleast not right away. She mistakenly let the dark hold corrupt her. It adds layers to her character. We've gotten so many MCU heroes that are so clear cut and dry. Wanda is the first one to actually be developed in many detailed ways. It makes for an interesting path for the future. Will she become good and redeem herself? Will she tip toe the line? Who knows. But it goes hand in hand with WandaVision. She sacrificed her kids and still wants to find them, since the dark hold teased that they were out there calling to her.
  2. If they had just shown Wanda losing control at the end of Loki and maybe featured her doing something evil then regretting it in an end-credit scene of a previous film they could have gotten away with her being so fully evil here. As it was, it was just a bit too much of a departure from the Wanda we got to know in Westview.
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  4. Watched last night and absolutely loved the vast majority of it.

    Wanda was incredible and obviously the best part of the whole film. Olsen’s performance all the way throughout was amazing and I even liked the Illuminati deaths and the end (she’ll be back).

    The only real problem I had was with the finale, I absolutely hated zombie Strange and the floating demons were random and poorly explained. The whole idea of zombie Strange was a complete flop.
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  5. I thought they got away with it by making it incredibly clear throughout that
    The Darkhold was corrupting her as it did Strange towards the end.
  6. They look soo good!
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  7. It’s been 24 hours and I can’t stop thinking about Elizabeth Olsen’s performance. I might need to head to the cinema again today to watch the movie again.
  8. BTG


    They need to get someone new on the costumes for the next Doctor Strange because

    Clea appearing in some cheap Inhumans TV costume was so upsetting to me on a deep level.
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  9. Technically, isn’t that a spoiler? My issue with the whole MCU is that so many heroes look like they have been all wearing the same designer, even when some have lived on earth and others on planets/galaxies far far away from earth. They need the designers to make some alternate design choices.
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  10. Girls we have a spoiler thread so we don't have to keep half this thread under tags
  11. Really? I didn't know! Thanks, friend

  12. God, this film.

    The first two Raimi Spiderman films really are amongst the absolute very best of the genre. My warmth for them has only increased in recent years. There’s an absolutely outrageous shot in that clip like every ten seconds. I remember seeing it in the cinema as a kid and being absolutely horrified.

    It’s a shame he didn’t quite stick the landing with the third one. I liked the Mary Jane stuff and I liked the Sandman stuff, but the Venom storyline should’ve been cut really. The best bits are the scenes between Kirsten and Tobey where the film just becomes a full-on relationship drama.

    This scene is also fucking great:

  13. Looks like a -34% drop on Saturday for Doctor Strange, so a $200m opening is likely out of reach now. Should be $190m-$193m I’d guess.

    Still an excellent opening.
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  14. Some sad news. One of the driving forces behind Wonder Woman and Avengers has passed away. An amazing artist, no one else like him.

  15. Dr Strange fighting the forces of evil in Alexander McQueen.

    Guardians in Nova & Gabbana
  16. Great news. These major MCU movies are pretty much Teflon at the box office.

    $185 million in the US alone.
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  17. These Marvel heroes have been beloved for decades... And now with the MCU they've built such a well put together anthology of films. It's really ambitious and has really drawn literally everyone into it.

    And on the other hand, you have actors like Jamie Lee Curtis shitting on Dr Strange saying that Everything Everywhere All At Once delivered a universe traveling story better, or whatever. As if it's a competition. As if you need to knock one movie down to raise yours up. It's just infuriating to see anyone in Hollywood who hates on the Marvel films. Spiderman was introduced SIXTY years ago and still holds cultural relevance and interest. Of course these films are going to be popular... It isn't just cheap spectacle, it's a legacy of stories.

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  18. What's particularly sad is that two of her film's producers - the Russo brothers - directed four Marvel films, monies from which no doubt helped them to get Everything Everywhere All at Once off the ground.

    Clearly she missed the reviews for Halloween Kills, dd
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  19. Yes Marvel and Disney's cultural chokehold and constant box office records mean that they should be immune from criticism!!!
  20. It's true and she should say it.
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