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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Yeah, unfortunately, Marvel have yet to truly stray from their formula of "A villain who will DEFINITELY destroy the/our world!" in every single film. Enchantress would require a more subtle approach, and is, as you say, very much an in-between on the scale of Thor arch-foe personalities. She could have a bit part but I imagine they just decided to keep away from awkward femme fatale stereotypes.
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  2. Do you'll wanna finish me off!!1!!1one!!?

    I can't express how happy all of the above clips have made me.

    I've gotta go melt into a puddle now.
  3. [​IMG]

    Malificient could never.
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  4. Ok but this is legitimately amazing.
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  5. Fuck Yes!! Thor: Ragnorak is giving me movie of the year vibes. It looks fantastic!!
  6. It looks amazing. Hela looks hela fierce!
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  7. Thor: Ragnarok looks so good but I find Chris Hemsworth to be very uncharasmatic. I hope that the Guardians Of Ther Galaxy style humour doesn't feel forced.
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  8. Cloak & Dagger (2018 for FreeForm)
  9. Did we know

    Queen Michelle Yeoh

    was making an appearance in GotG 2?
    Because she is. (Post-credit spoilers)
  10. These Marvel shows are getting more and more obscure. Can't wait for the inevitable Aunt May ten part event series.
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  11. It's a low risk, high win situation for Marvel. I see why they do it.
  12. Nah Cloak and Dagger is a ripe property.

    If anything they're getting LESS obscure! They started with Agent Carter and Agents of bloody Shield!
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  13. I miss Agent Carter.
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  14. So I seen Guardians today and it's not that good. There's really no plot in the film and it tries too hard to be funny.

    So it looks like it's up to Thor to be the best film Marvel releases this year.
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  15. Yeah it feels like a very overcooked movie. The tone is all over the place and surprisingly there are long stretches that aren't much "fun" at all.

    I still enjoyed it, Drax and Gamora are brilliant. Nebula and Yondu too. I can't deal with Chris Pratt anymore, he's just not likeable. The final ten minutes made me cry like a baby, and Ayesha at her most dishevelled (in the pod scene) gave me life! Stallone was really good too. But it was definitely the difficult second mixtape.
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  16. I haven't seen GOG yet I had a feeling i'd be underwhelmed after watching the trailer. I have a feeling Thor: The DarkWorld will take its place in spirit and entertainment.

    Totally, look how good that show turned out. It did help that it had Captain America for some backstory.
  17. I enjoyed GOTG Vol. 2, but I never expected it to match the original so wasn't disappointed when it didn't. It was very good, nothing really wrong with it, it was just "more of the same". The soundtrack wasn't as strong, but there's a couple of interesting set-ups for crossovers and sequels...
  18. GOTG will never be my favourites, but I still enjoyed myself.

    Things I liked:

    - What kind of gold faux-Tilda Swinton goddess was Ayesha? More please.
    - Gamora had a better presence than in vol. 1.
    - It's great to see characters like Mantis reach the silver screen. Loved the use of her powers.
    - I want that Nebula spin-off (which will never happened, though James Gunn mentioned it).
    - Drax' laughter.
    - The many glimpses and teases of how big the Marvel Universe is.
    - Going over-the-top with 5 post-credits scene (only one was really meaty though, hinting at a certain character).

    Things I didn't like:
    - I felt like Nebula while watching bad/childish joke nr. 4589 or whenever cringe firewood Groot appeared.
    - The weakest part was those overlong scenes between Yondu, Taserface Rocket and Groot.
    - Roadkill Raccoon (but at least he was less annoying than in vol. 1).
    - The movie can stand on its own, but maybe 1 appearance of Thanos wouldn't have been that bad. These movies have the luxury to set things up in the long run.
    - The too many songs were used in a lazy and predictable way.

    While the story was practically non-existing, I think I liked this one slightly better than vol. 1. Mostly, because of the fantastic female cast.
  19. Controversial, but I never found the first GOTG to be *that* funny. I loved the film but I never found the humour mindblowingly hilarious. I actually found Vol. 2 much funnier, but I agree, the tone was a bit uneven. The plot was a bit disjointed too. Definitely not a let down though, a solid 8/10.

    Also, Chris Pratt's body was a thing of beauty. It's gratituous and cheap but I couldn't care less.
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  20. You are not the only one. I think the first GOTG is highly overrated.
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