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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. One of the best terrible movies ever.
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  2. I’d be here for Kate Bishop taking over from Hawkeye, I’d say Jane Foster as Thor but that wouldn’t be realistic now that Natalie Portman seems to have left the franchise...

    To be honest, I think with Captain Marvel and Spider-Man they’ve got two great popular characters there to prop up the next group of Avengers, they can use some lesser known, more interesting characters if needs be to populate the team.

  3. Dang.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Black excellence.
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  5. This looks so good. First the Thor: Ragnarok trailer and now this beautiful teaser? Count me in!
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  6. This is it. The movie that's gonna make me give a real fuck about the MCU. What kind of marvelous Afrofuturist masterpiece?! Using Run the Jewels for the music was perfect. My body is ready.
  7. Black Panther looks great.
  8. He


    It looks amazing.

    Hilarious how "teasers" nowadays show a lot. I will stay with the teaser until I go to the cinema.
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  9. So with another high profile flop attached to Scatlet Johanssen I'd say the chances of her getting a Black Widow solo film are slim to none. Shame.
  10. I want a Black Widow solo film with Yelena as the main antagonist played by Emily Blunt. That would be amazing.
  11. @Lander why did you put that phenomenal idea in my head, knowing full well it'll probably never happen?!?! I remember Emily's name kept surfacing when Black Widow was being cast way back when, and again when they were casting Catwoman for "The Dark Knight Rises." Ever since, I've been dying to see her in one of these movies. ScarJo and Emily smacking each other round in some striking Russian location like two WWE Divas would be fabulous.

    Something that's been brought up a few times re. "Black Panther" coming soon: people seem to forget 1998's "Blade" was (technically) a Marvel superhero movie with a black protagonist and a game changer for the genre as a whole. Such a bad ass flick. It's a near perfect blend of action and horror, two genres which are tricky to balance correctly, but "Blade" did it - bombastic, slick, stylish fight scenes and stunts mixed with a very bleak, unnerving tone that permeates the entire film.
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  12. Because I’m fucking awful like that.
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  14. Not surprising since Guardians 2 was pretty rubbish.
  15. I'm looking forward to Michael Keaton in this a lot, actually.
  16. One of my friends saw some of "Avengers: Infinity War" being filmed when they were shooting in Edinburgh a little while ago. He didn't meet anyone, but he caught a glimpse of Jeremy Renner. The kicker is that I live in Edinburgh and he moved away at the end of last year and was only back in the city for a work related thing. Chiquita was not amused.
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  17. They were all here babe. Chris H and E, Mark, Scarlett, Elizabeth etc. Did you not see what they did to Waverley Station? They built fake shops then absolutely trashed them! My friend works in the hotel (where a few of the stars were staying) and let slip a name also staying that would be surprising considering they...
    died in Dark World. Renne Russo was amongst the cast though he backtracked and said he wasn't sure she was filming with them...
  18. I saw snaps online and reports of the actors visiting restaurants etc. after the fact. It'll be cool seeing the film being able to recognise some of the locations, though. Is it actually supposed to be Edinburgh, though, or is it substituting for a different place?
  19. It's going to take a lot of effort for Infinity War to not be a hot mess, considering how many characters they have to fit in and the number of story arcs that have to converge.
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  20. I imagine it'll be Edinburgh. They filmed in Cockburn Street which is quite iconic. I expect a chorus of bagpipes and people eating fish and chips in the street, whisky and scotty dogs. It'll be lit.
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