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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. They did this well with Civil War, however you’re right as it’s an absolute ton of characters coming into the two-parter. I imagine some will be merely extensive cameos; Black Panther in particular won’t need a huge part in Infinity War with his solo movie coming a couple of months before.
  2. I have faith in the Russo Bros. @Lander is most likely right; a lot of the non-Avenger heroes will likely be cameo appearances to reinforce the feeling of a massive (MC)universal scope. The focus will probably remain mostly on the core group which is already a pretty sizeable ensemble.

    Actually, their involvement has me way more hyped for "Infinity Wars." I really like their style. They managed to create a good balance of action/thrills/seriousness/humour with their Cap movies, not being too comic-y yet never sacrificing the comic-y...ness, if that makes any sense. I felt Joss Whedon's two were a tad overly quippy and giddy in tone.
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  3. To be honest I’d argue that even Falcon who’s one of the Avengers will be relegated to a supporting character who has a couple of quips and just fights as part of the team. I can also see the Guardians of the Galaxy taking a bit of a backseat in the first film and having bigger parts in the next. Wong, Drax, Mantis, The Collector and Okoye (Danai Gurira’s Black Panther character) will have much smaller parts in comparison to those of the main characters in their respective franchises, most probably just a few lines or a cameo alongside Dr. Strange/the Guardians of the Galaxy/Black Panther. Like you said it’ll be to showcase the scale of the MCU and perhaps give some little bits of character development and progression to tide them over for a little while.

    Say what you will about the MCU; yes the tone is becoming a bit samey across them all recently, but they’ve not had a really bad film yet. All are fairly entertaining and the universe they’ve built is unlike anything else ever done across film before. I’d like for them to cool it on the family friendly jokes a little bit but I can’t really fault the franchise for offering so much entertainment.
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  4. I was in Edinburgh during some of the filming, I think some of the set pieces will be great. I'm not sure if it will be used 'as Edinburgh' but the city has quite a lot of identity that wouldn't translate very well to other locales the way a lot of other cities can be interchangeable.

    I have a lot of faith in the Russos to really get the tone of the film right, and to strike a balance between the key Avengers and the supporting cast.

    I imagine we'll see some of the core Avengers 'killed off' (Of simply wiped from existence by Thanos) in the first part and the new wave of heroes will play a larger role in the second film, cementing their spot as the Next Generation of Avengers.
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  5. Who do we think we be killed off? My guesses being

    Vision, obviously, as he has the Mind stone embedded in his forehead. I'm assuming Thanos will complete the infitnity gauntlet and will have to kill Vision to take it.

    Captain America, just a guess but it feels of all the characters his death would be most fitting and he'll bravely give his life for the others.
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  6. I think we’ll have a death or two in the first film, nothing too major, and then probably Captain America to be replaced by Bucky in the second film. Rather than killing characters off I think they’ll just retire them and have the Avengers picked up by a new roster as in Age of Ultron.
  7. I think Chris Evans is definitely a good guess. He's been pretty vocal in the past about wanting to step behind the camera more and these movies are a pretty big commitment.
  8. Spider-man Homecoming was very good. Very impressed. Maybe a tad too much Tony Stark / Happy but that would be only gripe.
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  9. If any Avenger is to be killed in Infinity War 1, it will be the Vision and thank fuck for that. He's crap.

    Second film, I reckon Captain America. Chris Evans has been pretty vocal about wanting to continue making more Cap movies which makes me think it's all a cover up so we don't expect his death.

    I'd be sad if Chris Evans was out though because he is the hottest of them all. I could also see Black Widow/Hawkeye getting killed too.

    Of the current Avengers, I can only see Thor continuing on beyond Infinity War.
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  10. Just back from the new Spider-man and I can't say there was a moment I was bored. Great humour and a safe amount of Tony Stark to tide us over.

    Now it's time to finally watch the Amazing Spiderman sequel I've been afraid of for so long.
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  11. Oh don't do it to yourself.
  12. Spiderman Homecoming is AMAZING and the best Spiderman movie ever. That is all.
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  13. I just got back from seeing Homecoming and I absolutely loved it! I was surprised that this was somehow the least cheesy Spider-Man movie compared to the previous films, despite also being genuinely funny. I have never been a fan of Vulture but his story was handled so well and he actually had valid reasons for being a villain, which has been a struggle for some of the other Spider-Man movies, and other Marvel entries in general. They really hit it out of the park.
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  14. Can’t wait to watch it this weekend!
  15. Wait... not Homecoming being a great film. So effortlessly charming.

    I can't say how glad I was that the film had a small scale and wasn't a load of "we have to save the world and/or galaxy and/or universe" nonsense.
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  16. The scene where Peter picks up Liz for the homecoming dance and his awkward meeting with her dad was fantastic.
    One of the best single scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so simple and so perfectly Spider-man.
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  17. Spiderman was sooooo good. Has so much heart.
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  18. I enjoyed it but I also think I'm feeling superhero fatigue?

    Because so many movies in the MCU have the same formula of comedy and action, it felt like more of the same even though this is the formula of Spider-Man.

    Marvel really need to start differentiating their movies because it can sometimes feel like you're watching the same thing over and over.
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  19. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I think the sequel to Infinity War (right? Isn't it just one Infinity War and then an untitled fourth Avengers film?) would bring Chris Evans to the end of his contract, but killing off Captain America would be such a screw you to Marvel fans, which isn't something Marvel really does.
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  20. I guess it depends how it's handled. A heroic sacrifice and passing of the torch(Shield in this case) to the next Captain could be a huge moment.

    Phase 4 is going to be very challenging for Marvel as we're going to lose a lot of the iconic MCU actors/characters in one way or another.
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