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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. The MCU is too well established to suddenly introduce the X Men and an abundance of iconic characters. It would get far too messy. I'm happy for them to stay separate.
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  2. Or they could introduce the X-Men instead of the Inhumans mess. I bet Hugh Jackman would come back if he got to be in the Avengers
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  3. If Scarlet Witch was as all-powerful as she is in the comics they could go down the "No more Mutants" route and reveal that she'd willed the mutant population out of existence several years prior, but then retcons like that don't work on screen like they do on a printed page...
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  4. God, I hope it won't happen. I can't with Wolverine or Cyclops potentially becoming another Iron Man/Spider-Man/Star Lord/Dr. Strange/Ant-Man/Ragnarok-Thor type of character. The MCU is pretty good, but it's annoying how they claim each movie is so different, while that really isn't the case, compared to true drastic changes like Deadpool, Legion, Logan and (probably) New Mutants.

    The X-franchise has its lows, but its highs are still easily the best for me: X2, First Class, Days Of Future Past and Logan. Better drama, better stories, better acting, better themes and better (more subtle) humour than anything from the MCU.
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  5. To all of this I say...
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  6. Magneto being Fox and Charles being Disney be like...

  7. Screenshots of the Infinity War trailer are leaking.
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  8. Someone who seems to have access to the trailer posted an Imagur album... Exciting! Proxima Midnight looks cool. As does Blonde Widow.

    One thing has me slightly concerned about "Infinity War" - although I have every faith the Russo's will be able to handle the large ensemble, I hope that they keep the focus on the Avengers as in the group we've been following from the first one. I don't want this to be Spider-Man & Doctor Strange & Guardians of the Galaxy feat. Captain America, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. No offence to those characters, of course, but they've got their own movies, and will undoubtedly have at least a few more in the coming years. The likes of Widow, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Hawkeye, etc. don't, and it seems likely to me that these are the ones who'll be bowing out after "A4" (if anyone) so they deserve a good send off. I'd hate to see them sidelined.
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  9. Just got out of Ragnarok, beat Guardians at it's own game I think. Humour was a bit too much, let some moments have dramatic landing but whooo wee I'm watching it again ASAP. Lot of fun.
  10. Has anybody watched Runaways yet? No spoilers but is it good?

    I'm in the UK and trying to find ways to watch it and my usual methods aren't bearing any fruit. . .
  11. I watched the first two episodes. I liked it and I'm open to seeing where it goes. There are some changes I'm not quite happy with but they could blossom into something interesting. I'm waiting till I get back to the States so I can watch the rest in HD/on Hulu.
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  12. They're really keeping us waiting with the Infinity War trailer... I'm even more buzzed for that film than Star Wars at this point.

    Do we think Bucky/Steve will appear in Black Panther? Also I assume we might get a couple of deaths in Infinity war? I wouldn't be shocked at War Machine and don't think Vision is safe either.
  13. Finally got my hands on the first three episodes of the Runaways and I just finished with Ep1.

    The female gaze of Gert walking behind Chase and the camera lingering on his ass was a great moment, the almost rape scene was a little out of place and who the fuck is Amy?

    I really like religious aspect they've added and I hope there are more deviations from the comic. As much as I love the original I don't want to see things play out beat for beat.
  14. Trailer tomorrow


  15. Fuck, it looks incredible.
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  16. Ragnarok was great, but it would be infinitely improved if it didn't start with two bad and tired jokes that added nothing to the narrative back to back.
  17. I wanted to cry with excitement watching that Avengers trailer. Fuck im such a nerd.
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  18. I wonder if Ant-Man and Wasp will be absent but have been given a mission that runs alongside Infinity War, and we'll see everything at the same time from their perspective in Ant Man and The Wasp? It's literally out 2 months later. So with Infinity War part 2 out a year later I can't see it being a normal standalone film.
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  19. LiK


    I guess I'll be the anomaly here but if found this to be rather underwhelming, still excited for it though.
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  20. I find the trailer underwhelming for some reason. I'm sure it will be great though.

    Thanos suddenly looks like Bruce Willis?
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