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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I reckon Vision and Black Widow will die in Infinity War 1 with Iron Man or Cap dying in the 2nd part.
  2. It looks/feels very 'beginning of the end.' Wasn't blown away by the trailer itself but based on all we know and have seen, it'll no doubt be a pretty damn epic movie, in the literal sense. (I know there are months of post to go, but the Thanos/Spider-Man shots are looking a bit video game cinematic-ish...) However, I'm excited!

    I do hope they'll have the balls to actually kill off some of the major characters, though. I want real stakes, not Fury-in-"Winter Solider" situations or time/reality bending fuckery.
  3. I can’t see Widow dying, I feel like they know she’s very popular and they have a lot to give with her still. In fact, I can’t see them killing any female Avengers; not in Infintiy War 1 anyway.

    I’d say all of Hawkeye, Vision, Falcon, War Machine are in danger and if they go for bigger avangers, Iron Man and maybe Cap could be at risk.
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  4. I couldn't even finish watching the trailer because I was shaking and crying so much.
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  5. Oh my goddd, I want to watch this NOW.

    I still haven't even gotten around to Guardians 2 and Thor though! This looks so good. I find it insane that they're making a movie balancing so many characters like that, I wonder how they'll pull it off.

    I mean... I may be a bit over-dramatic but... this is going to be a historic movie.
  7. BTG


    Who exactly did Emily Van Camp piss off? Most of her scenes cut from the last Captain America and not in this at all?
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  8. Agreed, especially War Machine, since he should've died in Civil War. He has never offered much, character- or story-wise. Though I love Bucky, I fear for him. As for the big guns, I wouldn't mind Iron Man dying. He had a good time and much presence in the MCU.

    I think Black Widow will survive. If they'll ever do a female-only Avengers movie, she could be the perfect leader.

    There's still so much potential for Scarlet Witch, so I hope she'll survive. If they kill off Vision, it could be the start of her mental breakdown in another Avengers or Dr. Strange movie. Should Disney buy Fox, they could do a twist and have her say: 'More mutants!'

    In all seriousness, it appears Disney and Fox are negotiating again. I really hope they won't reach a deal. Regardless of quality, it just can't be a good idea to have so many major (comicbook) franchises produced by Disney. As if we only have the option to buy our furniture at Ikea's.
  9. I feel the same about Disney/Fox. Talk about putting all your eggs in one bastard.
  10. Ok I watched the trailer at work and I hated it but looking at it again I can see some merit.

    I think the film is going to be incredible and I'm glad the trailer didn't give too much away. I'm predicting big deaths, I can see Cap being offed in 3 and somebody else taking up the mantle in 4. . .
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Oh. My. God. Victoria Grayson.
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  13. I'm going to blame it on the environment, a busy staff room on my phone was not optimum settings for the scale of the trailer.
  14. A writer (Jac Shaeffer) has been hired to pen a script for a Black Widow solo flick. Not a project greenlight, but the closest (I believe) it's been to actually happening. I imagine her hypothetical stand alone outing will be lower budget and a bit easier to put together, all round, which should hopefully work in its favour. She doesn't need city wide destruction and aliens raining down from the skies.

    If it goes ahead, this must happen:
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  15. I'd love a Black Widow spy movie.
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  16. A story set in the present with flashbacks of her origins, then tying the two together would probably be the best thing. Atleast in my opinion anyway.
  17. I feel like Black Widow could really do something interesting within the MCU.
    Almost like the Zeppo episode of Buffy, have it set on a huge scale with a massive event happening around her, but she is the one having the most fascinating adventure and ends up saving the day.
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