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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Well if you compare that to Fox's X-Men which turned Psylocke and Angel as villains after a retcon, Jubilee as an extra after a retcon and Banshee, Emma (retcon version), Blink and Bishop as one and done - It doesn't seem problematic.

    The Ant-Man & Wasp trailer is okay. But as of now, it just cannot top Infinity War and I feel the trailer needed more. I personally didn't get excited seeing the trailer.
  2. Have to say, I've never been all that interested in Ant-Man, but that looks cute. I believe they're going for a sort of romcom-superhero mash-up vibe?
  3. Ant-Man and the Wasp has me excited, as does Black Panther.

    As for Infinity War...
  4. The Punisher is really good!
  5. It was quite a chore to watch just like the Runaways.
  6. I went to a screening of Thor today. It was awful, I don't get why people hype it so much. It was way too jokey.

  7. Not Cap suddenly serving more Edward Elric than Bucky.
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  8. Because it was good.
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  9. Re. "Infinity War" I'm honestly most excited to see the sequence they shot in Edinburgh, being an Edinburger (yum yum!) myself. It'll be weird seeing some big battle scene between the Avengers and evil alien baddies in Scotland, of all places. I think it'll be the fight with Proxima Midnight..?
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  10. I love when they film big movies in the UK.
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  11. Thor 2 had all that British food and drink product placement which I loved.
  12. Black Panther reviews are in and they're...very positive. It's currently 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 64 reviews in.

    Bring on next week!

    Watch Infinity War get nowhere near as good a reaction
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  13. kii Me too. I remember everyone scrambling around trying to bump into the stars...Chris Evan going to bloody Opal Lounge (!) and Scarlett being spotted eating in the Rose Leaf (iconic!) way down by The Shore. I peeped the train station set a bit (left in a state for weeks after they left if I remember correctly). Looks like something...explosive happens there. And Cockburn St was a set of a battle/explosion too I think.
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  14. I saw Black Panther this morning and it was fucking incredible. I'm thinking of going to see it again. The soundtrack is amazing too.
  15. I'm seeing it tomorrow (Happy Valentine's!)
  16. Ugh now I have to avoid this thread. Not to sound petty (ok I am), how come Europe get to see a lot of Hollywood movies before America does?
  17. The UK always used to get films several months after their USA debut so these changes in recent years have been well received over here.
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  18. It's to do with the half term holidays in the UK (Thor: Ragnarok was released in a similar way). The studio realised they could take advantage of it by releasing it then, hence why it gets a Monday/Tuesday release. It's been like that for a while now.

    As for Black Panther, I saw it today and I loved it! I really feel it's the best Marvel 'origin' film so far (although to my shame, I've still not seen Ant-Man). Those visuals were stunning, the acting great and I loved the soundtrack. My only actual gripe with the film was Andy Serkis. His acting has always irked me quite a bit, but he's really reached peak annoyance for me here.
  19. I enjoyed Black Panther. It took a little longer than expected to get going but origin films usually do.
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