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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Heartthrob, Dec 1, 2017.

  2. I binged the first six episodes of this on a plane yesterday... and my god, it’s stunning isn’t it.
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  3. It really is! Can't wait to see the second season!
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  4. Up to episode 6 of the second season and I think it might be the best season of an Amy Sherman-Palladino show ever. It feels like even with all the theatricals and huge sets the show feels ironically much more natural and less rehearsed, and it's interesting how every episode blends into one another, but without resulting in a messy narrative like the Gilmore revival.

    Not that it doesn't have its imperfections and eventual rough edges, but every other single moment is so damn brilliant they don't really affect the overall impression. If someone needed ASP to revalidate her writing and directing Emmys they will find her best material here.
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  5. I'm so glad this is back.
  6. This fucking MULTI EPISODE holiday bullshit is driving me insane. The worst parts of when Gilmore Girls would get self indulgent and overly twee.
  7. My theory is they planned for 8 episodes like last year but Amazon asked for 10 and had to pad the season out. Possibly incorrect but I'm running with it.
  8. I finally watched the second season and loved it of course but MY GOD. Amy Sherman-Palladino really doesn't know how to do a season finale. She just creates BIG conflict BECAUSE IT'S THE END OF THE SEASON even though it's clear that all the drama created now will be resolved in the first 15 minutes of the new season.

    You don't do network television anymore, sweetie, take your foot off the gas. You'll get another season.
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  9. Yeah I watched both seasons back to back so seeing there being a twist in the first season's finale and then them acting like nothing happened in the next episode I watched was kinda cheesy.
  10. I have read a lot of critiques saying this season is too overindulgent and explores too many side characters that take away from Midge's progression. I see what they mean, but I do not agree.

    Amy has worked really, really hard and this is the first time she is getting major recognition which basically gives her show a safe future for now. I am overjoyed that she has the money and backing to give this show a magical, whimsical, musical, theatrical, old fashioned big screen look that matches her scripts. She writes fantastic side characters that fill up any world she creates, but she (now) has the ability to flesh them out completely. And the slow story progression for Midge's career this season was no problem for me. They have the time and space now. It actually paid off too, especially considering what it built up to eventually.

    I find myself rewatching this just because it is so frigging gorgeous. The technicolour glory of the Catskills episodes, the choreography at B Altman, the camera movements throughout the entire season... I cannot remember a tv series that did this so well. Wes Anderson comparisons have been made many times, but I could definitely see Amy making a timeless musical comedy film. And she would be the first film maker to properly get me liking a musical.
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  11. I suffered through the Paris episodes and now the CATSKILLS.

    The visuals are lovely but the storyline is poorly affected.
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  12. Rachel Brosnahan is hosting SNL this weekend! Is this real life?

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  13. My mom's friends are apparently in the Catskills episodes nn.
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  14. I kinda stanned Paris because the mum was fabulous and finally had a personality but I will fucking never watch the Catskills episodes ever again.
  15. I keep having... urges whenever Zachary Levi's offbeat doctor character is onscreen.
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  16. I honestly thought Zachary Levi wouldn't work on the show because he is such a recognizable face, but by the end I was able to see him as the character and not the actor.
  17. Still catching up on season 1, but I love this. Admittedly no more than I loved Bunheads or Gilmore Girls, but it's good the Sherman-Pallidino creative powerhouse is getting another outing.
  18. As someone who grew up Jewish, I've sped through the first season... WIG.
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