The Masked Singer UK

Judging Panel

  • Julie Goodyear

    Votes: 23 21.7%
  • Nadine Coyle

    Votes: 68 64.2%
  • Gemma Collins

    Votes: 26 24.5%
  • Nadia Sawalha

    Votes: 8 7.5%
  • Julian Clary

    Votes: 21 19.8%
  • Jamelia

    Votes: 22 20.8%
  • Kim Woodburn

    Votes: 46 43.4%
  • Coleen Nolan

    Votes: 2 1.9%

  • Total voters
Not Claire trying to misdirect.

I remember her tweeting about the show since the first series, so she must be thrilled that she's finally on and can mess with people. Antony Costa is another one who's been tweeting about the show since S1, so I found it slightly shady of Davina to bring him up as Rubbish.

Pigeon is Gemma Collins and you can’t convince me otherwise
But she's claustrophobic, Darren!!! I just can't imagine her being in that Pigeon outfit for more than 10 seconds without having a meltdown.

I don't think it's Emily Atack either, as she would've deflected completely like Claire.

Lulu in her mask when realising she was being eliminated first
Could Pigeon be Paloma Faith?

The last line of the VT mentioned Pecking Up The Pieces.

The Home is Where The Heart is mat a reference to her Paloma Home range.

Paloma - translates as Pigeon/ Dove in Spanish

Plus I could see her playing around with the word pronunciations like Pigeon did in the song and generally having a laugh with it all for a few weeks before taking it seriously.
I absolutely agree! But the clues and some points of the performance made me think Lisa initially! Also to be fair, the performance didn't really give Claire at full range, but i guess thats down to her simplifying her voice.
I’ve finally properly caught up on the last episode but agree with the guess that Fawn is Natalie Appleton. Clue about using her brains to win later in life = she won celeb Weakest Link. The sandy necklace was clearly a link to The Beach aka Pure Shores.

Rhino is 100% Charlie Simpson. 3 down arrows = Down Down Down his debut solo single. There was also a Theft 40 in the list of crimes written down and he has a song called 40 Thieves.

The rest (other than Lulu who was very obvious ddd) I don’t have a clue yet and will need to hear them sing more!
So, it’s been back-and-forth, but I’ve decided that Jellyfish is…

Jessie J

There are a few inflections in her first performance, and in her clue package it said she was an unexpected winner - she won a singing contest in Asia.

She also said something about being an ‘advocate for love’ and has the song ‘I Want Love’ and a few other clues which have escaped me.