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The Masked Singer UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NuhdeensPassport, May 31, 2019.


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  4. Nadia Sawalha

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  1. As someone who barely watched The Hangover movies and has never seen Community... I voiced this aloud in the office and was met with a DELUGE of "I can't believe you're actually saying that, he's way above this show etc etc"

    I found him super-entertaining while watching the USA version - he needs a few lessons from Ms Scherzinger on modulating your persona for UK vs USA productions (we all remember her first season on X-Factor UK aka "the night of a thousand personalities")
  2. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    They were also able to show agents the US version and say “Patti Labelle deigns to do it...but your client thinks it’s beneath them?” (Not in those words, but with that inference).

    Still, the UK agent fear would be that ITV would fuck it up and their client would be surrounded by Z Listers. But even those fears would be alleviated by being able to say to S2 potential bookings “CeeLo did it!”
  3. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    No obligation, I think they genuinely wanted him (and went to the US to woo him) because they liked his energy on the US version. But that energy only translates if he has a clue WHO he’s talking about. Otherwise it all seems fake.

    I think he was booked originally for the US version because he is American-Korean and the format is from S Korea. I think there was a bit of “this is a crazy Korean show and Ken is a crazy Korean!” orientalism going on BUT he’s been very up for it, so it’s not my place to say.
  4. The Hangover movies haven't aged well and he's probably the worst thing about Community, so...
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  5. I think you're absolutely right, and the US version has shown this. T-Pain won the first season and still ended up having to cancel a tour due to low ticket sales. Wayne Brady won the second season and released a single right after he was revealed, only to have the runner-up's single get 8x more views on YouTube (to be fair, Chris Daughtry's "Alive" is amazing). Celebrities have to join with the mindset of having fun first and foremost. I don't want people to join hoping to relaunch their careers only to end up disappointed.

    I did think it was telling that Katherine, Jason, Kelis, Terry, and Denise have all mentioned that part of the reason they did the show was for their kids. Lil' Wayne gave the same reason for doing US S3, and by all accounts he's still pretty relevant with a Grammy win as recently as 2017. I wouldn't necessarily count out bigger names, especially if they have children.
    Bless Gladys Knight for doing US S1. She didn't have the benefit of seeing how big the show could be, and ended up giving the show a sense of legitimacy that led to Patti and Chaka doing it. Also, she absolutely slayed with her cover of "Wrecking Ball."

    I would absolutely stan for a season of all Big Reunion people. I already imagine Masked Singer Ireland will have all 4 B*Witched members on the same season.
  6. Uno


    While being behind the mask and the Guess Who of it all is what the show owes to it being a massive success, I think it is also ironically what halts the celebrities from having a big bump in career projects as they normally would if they were on Strictly, Big Brother, I'm A Celeb, etc.

    The celebs only really get one episode catered to them, which is really actually just the few minutes that it takes to unmask them and have a short interview. The audience doesn't really get to root for them on a personal level or build a connection like they would otherwise.
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  7. I’d love for it to have people that were huge in the 80’s, 90s and 00s but have been a bit quiet of late, someone that’s just not quite in the public conscience right now who we’d go “oh my god, it’s xxx”!
    I just can’t think who that would be ...
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  8. If we're talking UK huge:

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  9. None of those are quite who I’m thinking of. I mean like megastar famous.
  10. I’d love someone like Kelly Llorenna.
  11. I know Ken's annoying on the UK version specifically but honestly it's really nice seeing an Asian man on a prime time Saturday night TV show.
  12. I can definitely see a variety of 90s/00s pop stars doing the next series- anyone from Blue, Steps, S Club 7, Boyzone, Westlife are the ones that come to mind.

    Add those to a variety of X Factor alumni- people like Alexandra Burke, Leona, JLS etc wouldn’t be a surprise.
  13. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Pop stars don’t get a bump from being contestants on Strictly anymore. I don’t think they ever did on I’m A Celeb or Big Brother.
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  14. Has a second series been confirmed yet? Here’s a few suggestions.

    Bonnie Tyler, Holly Johnson, Mica Paris, Eather Bernett, Louise Redknapp, Marcella Detroit, Jarvis Cocker, Jamelia, Duffy, Nelly Furtado, Claire Richards
  15. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Absolutely. I worded it clunky earlier but I liked that ITV took a chance on someone new to the channel that wasn’t their revolving door of diverse faces and they tried to connect their talent to the country of origin of the format. I have no ill will to him, he seems like a lovely guy. It’s not his fault he doesn’t know who the former Home Secretary is (why should he?). It just wasn’t the right match. I’d just hate for him to be replaced by another white, male, straight and cis face. I worry they’ll go for Donny permanently.
  16. Cliff. Richard.
  17. I totally see Emma Bunton doing this show.
  18. I’m also surprised the contestants didn’t know who the other contestants were. I’d have thought a good way to get people on would have been ‘Kelis is doing it! Cee Lo is doing it!’ I guess they all just had faith in ITV. I really was expecting it to be a CBB / I’m A Celeb type of lineup so I was really surprised when it actually turned out to be genuinely quite star-studded.
  19. Peter Andre literally got a #1 single off the back of I'm A Celeb
  20. 16 years ago,
    Times change.
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