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The Matrix Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by bonnieetclyde, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. I remember really enjoying the films (and the soundtracks) when I first watched them, but can't remember too much about them, so it'll be fun to revisit in the lead up to the new film.

    The website looks fantastic. Love that each pill takes you in a different direction and the time reveal part is really cool.
  2. I’m rather excited for the new film. THe stills and brief bits of footage that they’ve shown looks beautiful. Now if only they could bring back the queen, Monica Bellucci as Persephone… then it’d be perfect.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    All of a sudden I've become really obsessed with The Matrix trilogy (I think all 3 films are great ok) and now I found out a 4th is coming?? I'm psyched.
  5. This is going to be stunning I can feel it. I had no clue the trailer was coming this week and saw the teaser flash up on a Billboard in Leeds and GAGGED
  6. Yeah, I never got the disdain for the sequels. The first is obviously the best but the second comes very close. That fucking massive 45 minute car chase in the middle is one of the best sequences put to film. And I feel like the visuals are even more stylised and striking than the first. I’ll let ya have that the last one is probs only a 3/5.
  7. The teaser looks fantastic. Very much in line of the first one in the styling but with updated visuals. I'm hoping this is more a case of world-building rather than a straight sequel that will leave the lore as closed as Revolutions, but I'll get anything.
  8. The action sequences in the second film are genuinely unbeatable, I watched all three movies back to back the other weekend and I still think the second film is up there as one of the best action films ever. The third one is easily the weakest because there’s… not much of the actual matrix/simulation sequences but more of the Zion stuff which I never cared for as much.
  9. Yes!! The freeway scene is astonishingly good and quite possibly the best car chase sequence ever.
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  10. This is coming this year????????????????
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  12. Yeah it’s out at Christmas
  13. It just feels…the right time
  14. Thursday is gonna be the best day of my life. I love the entire Matrix universe. Watched The Animatrix and played that goddamn MMO. I cannot wait.
  15. Girls, I'm so excited for this. I have so much faith in this movie, I know it'll be good.

    By the way, talking about legendary queens of the franchise let's not forget about the icon that is White Rabbit.


    She was on-screen for like, a couple of minutes, but she decided to serve pussy with that statement piece and those bangs. The original Natalia Kills.
  16. Seeing all the tiny glimpses together in this has me even more excited to see the full thing tomorrow!
  17. Yeah, I also thought the second one was fine (even though if that was the film where all those characters were introduced and practically remained unused, like Persephone, it clearly had its issues as well). The third one was very "woah, magical powers", a lot of stuff that DID NOT MATTER AT ALL in the context of what the previous two films presented/promised/set up, it was dreadful in terms of pacing (incredibly slow, an uncomfortable "this is very important" tone on things that really weren't, a lot of jazzy start/stop transitions as they were hopping back and forth between 12 parallel events etc) and the final battle had no value as plot, it was basically a game boss fight (not just the action, but the entire build-up and set-up). When it ended all I was left with was "all those philosophical questions for this?" It was dreadful in very similar manner to the third Lord of the Rings, both sucked your life along with any expectations you had for a similarly focused and flavored film as the previous two in the trilogy with the same straw.
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  18. Katerina from Heartbreak High. I screamed.
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  19. Oh no, I don’t love the trailer. Please don’t disappoint.
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