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The Matrix Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by bonnieetclyde, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. I think we’re *so* used to trailers that reveal everything, that it can make the new one feel… disappointing? That trailer essentially gives away zero plot, but it does demonstrate all the style and cinematography the originals were so loved for. So I’m ready.
  2. Looks bonkers!
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  3. I'm in. That looks absolutely fucking beautiful. Wow, I'm so excited for this.
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  4. Yes yes yes!!!
  5. It looks stunning
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  6. It's absolutely perfect. Lana really took everything about the original and updated it for this day and age, even keeping the green hue from the originals gone as Sati made it disappear at the end of Revelations.
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  7. It all felt very un-Matrixy to me. But I think that was down to the Jefferson Airplane song.

    Is it confirmed that Yahya is

    If so, Jonathan Groff just feels like
    a younger Architect. And is the young girl smiling in the coffee shop a younger Oracle?

    I really liked, but didn't love, the original trilogy. But I'm all kinds of intrigued now.
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  8. I fully think they might go there with the ‘Matrix within the Matrix’ idea. Or that the OG movies actually exist within this new reality
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  9. This looks absolutely stunning! Despite what you think of the sequels (I really enjoyed them), one thing the trilogy never failed to provide was visuals
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  10. You could be right!
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  11. As a casual fan of the first movies, I thought that was an incredible trailer.
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  12. This looks like a CGI bloated mess, i'll of course be first in line.
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  13. Waiiiiit, David Mitchell was on writing duties for this? Colour me perched.

    The visuals and CG look stunning.
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  14. Can't wait for this. I like how it doesn't look like a copy-paste from the original trilogy. It actually gives me more vibes that were also present in 'Cloud Atlas', 'Sense8' and 'Jupiter Ascending' (which I all love very much).
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  15. This would be kind of iconic.

    The trailer is pretty fabulous. I don't rate the Wackowskis that much but I'm definitely here for this (I know it's Lana flying solo).

    Simultaneous HBO Max release is stupid though. This is a big screen event people will pay to go see.
  16. Where’s the fashion.
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  17. Looks great.

    But I did wonder if scruffy Keanu will get a The Matrix makeover before the credits roll?
    Sleek and slicked back is what The Matrix is all about.

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  18. CARRIE



    I must say I'm missing the green tint, though.

    Could Yahya be an alternate Morpheus in this Matrix inside the Matrix theory? Christina Ricci an alternate Trinity? Or, like, new iterations of themselves in a new Matrix?

    I just saw this and it would be amazing if she were a grown Sati.

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  19. I love that the trailer gives us… zero info about what’s going on ñññ it’s almost as if it could be a whole reboot? I know Revolutions ended with some sort of truce between mankind and the machines, but why are Neo and Trinity back in there… I need to do a full rewatch of the OG trilogy before going into this.
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