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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by bonnieetclyde, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. She's doing a rewatch too! Let me stan Switch for a bit.


    Miss Switch was giving silent threat, serving face and attitüde every time she appeared on screen, all while daring to pull that all-white look off amidst her Berghain-bender color-coordinated friends who were too afraid to step outside the dress code. A boring crowd, if you ask me.


    Her orange glasses? A statement. A fashion mòment.


    Look at her!

    The way she arched her eyebrows to heavens every time she pointed her gun, such a power move - she couldn't be bothered with any Agent Smith nonsense, she didn't care about the minutiae.

    The fact that she was intended to be gender fluid, being a man in the real world while presenting as a woman when entering the Matrix... she's legendary.

    This is my tribute to another one of my Matrix icons, which also include White Rabbit and her statement necklace piece, Monica Bellucci in the white dress, Monica Bellucci in the red dress and of course, bantu knots extraordinaire NIOBE.

    #NotLikeThis... #NotLikeThis
  2. Went back and watched the trailer and it’s probably been noticed or mentioned already but there’s a scene where we see Neo with injured eyes like in Revolutions and it makes me think that this scene takes place after the machines take his dead body away at the end to possibly reserect the him.[​IMG]
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  3. I just did a rewatch myself and the second film really isn't all that bad. Takes a while to get going but when it does, its actually pretty satisfying. I could have done without the weird chat at the end revealing the truth about Zion as it was indulgent and more confusing than impacting in execution but its overall a solid sequel.

    The third is still as botched as I remember it. They just totally forgot what people loved about the series and rather than give us more in the Matrix (amped to 100 for the finale), we got loads of throwaway, generic battles with Zion with loads of characters we cared nothing for. It could have come from any sci fi movie and was so disposable.

    Imagine if they cut almost all that out and given us more battles and scenes inside the Matrix itself? I really hope the new movie gets what people loved about the original series, the most boring parts of the trilogy were always in the real world.
  4. That was a classic that was a classic
  5. We get our first look at Jada Pinkett Smith in this featurette
  6. I'm really excited for the film but I completely forgot Neil Patrick Harris was going to be in this... blegh.
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  7. The poster is kind of terrible.
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  8. I'm still not a fan of Neo with a longer hair.
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  9. Why does it feel like nobody is checking for this at all dd? Like after all this time a Matrix sequel should be a huge talking point...? Maybe I'm so used to rabid stanning of MCU, or having to scroll past discussions of shit I don't care about like Doctor Who, but this is feeling like a flop already. I'm getting Scream 4 teas almost. The diehard fans will stan but nobody else will care? Maybe I'm just doom mongering.
  10. The initial trailer got a fair amount of hype and the likes of Dune smashing out of nowhere vs MCU underperformers give me hope
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  11. They need to give it another promotional push for sure, but I bet they're hoping word of mouth and nostalgia does the rest.
  12. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    We’re still pre-Thanksgiving, and the movie comes out on Xmas, it’s not peak marketing yet. If we were three weeks out, it would be concerning, but marketing’s a lot more concentrated now with such a crowded, diversified, streaming-centric field. Also, with the pandemic still ongoing, studios are holding materials in case there’s a huge, unexpected spike in Covid numbers and they have to push the release.
  13. The poster looks like the cover of a video game.
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  14. That's surely not a coincidence, given the role of video games in the plot of this movie.

    I imagine we'll be getting the main trailer next week. It'll likely be a story trailer, revealing the major plot theme. That'll be 4 weeks from release date, so the same timeframe as the Spider-Man trailer to release.
  15. International poster
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  16. Not that far away from the movie now I’m surprised we haven’t had another trailer.

    Nice little interview here though.
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  17. I mean, I'm thrilled Models Inc. legend Queen Carrie-Anne is back but hard to muster a lot of enthusiasm to be honest...
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  18. Guess they saw my post ha!
  19. Ok that's an amazing teaser. It's got me more excited than the actual trailer.
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