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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Aug 7, 2019.


Baddest B!nch

  1. Black Widow

  2. Scarlet Witch

  3. Gamora

  4. Nebula

  5. Okoye

  6. Peggy Carter

  7. Valkyrie

  8. Wasp

  9. Captain Marvel

  10. Shuri

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  1. 15 out of 20 of us going for Wanda? We stan a gifted witch!

  2. "You... took... everything from me."
    "I don't even know who you are."
    "You will."

    Still gives me goosebumps and remains the best moment in Endgame.
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  3. I like the idea of Wanda but I don't think the MCU has done her justice.
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  4. Winter Soldier, Civil War, Doctor Strange etc sweeties I'm so sorry.
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  5. Of course I voted for Wanda, Nebula and Okoye.

    Yeah, while I love the power display we got, they've barely scratched the surface. Where are those hexes that make people trip, machines malfunction and things combust?
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  6. With WandaVision coming as well as Doctor Strange 2 set to be her biggest movie involvement so far, I think phase 4 is set to be the season of the Witch.
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  7. He


    I think they are going to build Wanda up better now, or at least things are in place for them to do so. Magic was not really a thing in the MCU before Strange, I think they were a bit afraid to go in that direction.

    While I don't think they'll retcon Wanda into a sorceress, there's plenty of vagueness in how her powers have been handled for her to grow into magic. Her being in the Multiverse of Madness gives me hope. Also them describing WandaVision as something they have not done before, and it being very weird, well... it's pretty exciting.
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  8. Looking at my initial scores, there are no 10s to be found in Phase One.

    I really need to watch Endgame again before I make a final decision on it though!
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  9. aux


    I've already done my scores, but I'll rewatch them and see how much my scores change and post the difference later x
  10. Let's hope so. I did like Wanda using mind tricks in 'Age of Ultron'. Poor Quicksilver was quite useless in that battle.

    About Quicksilver, it's too bad we didn't get more of him (and Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Hawkeye should've died instead. Maybe the timing was not right? Would they have killed him off or at least let him return in a flashback, if Evan Peters didn't happen?
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  11. Phase 1 - 7.6
    Phase 2 - 8
    Phase 3 - 8.6

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  12. Phase 1: 5.6
    Phase 2: 6.0
    Phase 3: 9.2

    That glow up though...
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  13. I loved Quicksilver and I would've loved to see more of him and Wanda together. As much as I like Evan Peters I didn't like his Quicksilver at all. (and I'm still sad there's no official Age of Ultron Quicksilver Funko Pop)
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  14. I would love if Wanda saved Pietro in WandaVision or Dr. Strange 2. I enjoyed his take on the character so much more than Fox's version.
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  15. Question I'm up to Avengers Assemble on my rewatch and how do they stand with the recasting of Hulk? Is it ment to be the same man? If so where is Liv? Did we get anything concrete either way?

    PS same applies for the Terrence Howard/Don Cheadle switch
  16. BTG


    I hated Marvel’s Quicksilver and I’m happy to see him remain dead. His death likely liberated Wanda in a way she wouldn’t have been had he lived.
  17. It's the same character but a different actor. I don't think they changed any backstory, although nothing was really referenced either way. The Hulk was voiced by the same person for the first few films until they changed him recently (I think)
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  18. They had problems with both Norton and Howard, so they recasted their parts, but they're meant to be the same characters. Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is the same that went through everything you've seen in The Incredible Hulk portrayed by Edward Norton.

    I don't know what happened to Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), especially since her father kept showing up and had a significant, if small, role during Civil War.
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  19. Scores and commentary all done- am knackered so will post my phase averages tomorrow.
  20. I am still trucking through my rewatch while I have company visiting. I apologize in advance that my scores are harsh. I'm not being kind to the films I struggle to rewatch.
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