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Baddest B!nch

  1. Black Widow

  2. Scarlet Witch

  3. Gamora

  4. Nebula

  5. Okoye

  6. Peggy Carter

  7. Valkyrie

  8. Wasp

  9. Captain Marvel

  10. Shuri

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  1. Phase averages-
    Phase 1: 8.08

    Phase 2: 7.92

    Phase 3: 9.5

    I changed my 11 three times but pretty certain I made the right choice in the end.
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  2. Y'all are brave with some of these scores
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  3. Why did i decide to score Hulk and Iron Man 2 first

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  4. Too cleanse your soul with EVERY film that comes after boo
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  5. The first two Thor films though
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  6. You when you see my rating and commentary for Thor 2011

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  7. Y’all screwing over Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
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  8. I voted Wanda, Gamora and Okoye in the poll. It was a pretty tough choice, to be honest. I could've easily included Natasha, Carol or Nebula.

    Won't be taking part in the rate, sorry. I'm not a huge Marvel fanboy and I've barely seen any of the Iron Man, Thor or Captain America movies. The only Captain America film I've seen is Civil War, which was an Avengers film in all but name anyway.
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  9. I might let you off for not taking part, but skipping Winter Soldier will not be forgiven. Arrange a viewing at once and gain clear skin for the rest of the year from watching the highway and lift scenes.
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  10. I'll get on it. I wasn't too fussed with Phase 1 except Avengers Assemble, so it soured me on individual Iron Man, Thor and Cap movies.

    Phase 2 interested me more (I enjoyed Guardians, Ant-Man and Avengers), and I've seen all of the Phase 3 films. They've definitely hit their stride now and found a formula that works.
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  11. The Dark World is a guilty pleasure
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  12. I finished scoring and writing down my messy, incohesive comments. Some of my commentary is pretty harsh, but it comes from a passion for the genre. For all the reservations I have about Disney and the MCU, they're still enjoyable blockbusters.

    Phase 1: 6
    Phase 2: 7
    Phase 3: 6,5
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  13. I'm currently watching The Incredible Hulk for the first time and I don't think I'm able to finish this dull ass movie.
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  14. I've not seen it since it was first in the cinema back in 2008...I'd better have a refresh.
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  15. He


    Hulk, and Iron Man 2 and 3 are the only ones I've never watched. But I'll power through.

    I love my baby HYO getting some much gif time here.
  16. Anyone who didn't vote for Nebula in the Baddest B!nch poll is tragic. The pulled-apart-heart of the Infinity Saga.

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  17. I can't fault the winner but this rate's results better not be as fucked up as these:
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  18. Ragnarok and Guardians 1 are way too high, and Captain Marvel is too low, but this actually looks pretty close to how I would rank them.

    I wish I could vote as I used to be absolutely obsessed with these movies a couple of years ago. I will quietly watch on and judge everyone's opinions.
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  19. BTG


    Guardians at number second in the voting? I could not believe it.
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  20. I guess it's not too bad - my main issue was Guardians 2 being above Captain Marvel. Everything else was an angry blur.
    Why can't you vote sis? If you've seen most of the movies it only takes a few minutes to send some scores in. The more the merrier.
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