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The Michael Jackson appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Loopy Linda, May 16, 2017.

  1. I haven't seen an appreciation thread for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, so I thought i'd start one to get an idea of what you thought about his music and creative output.
    As we all know, Michael was one of the worlds most talented entertainers. He is up there alongside The Beatles, Elvis, and Madonna as the biggest selling recording artists in the world, and he still continues to sell a staggering amount of records today.
    2017 marks the 8th anniversary of his death but his music lives on and is still celebrated by millions. We lost a legendary artist when we lost him.

    Let's just take a look at him in action here....

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  2. A great artist I like to collect among others. It's weird the Deluxe treatment never applied to his albums. I couldn't care less about a remix...
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  3. Such a huge impact on music basically from the 70s to today still, he oozed talent. Can't believe it was 8 years ago he died!
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  4. I'm not a big Michael Jackson fan, but man, what a total music legend and utter creative genius! Bad is certainly perhaps the greatest pop album of the 80s for me.
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  5. Totally, Bad is his very best for me, top notch album only track worth dropping is Just Good Friends, and even that's not really that bad (but bad for Bad)
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  6. Indeed, most arists would be lucky to even have a song half as good. Its just for someone as Michael Jackson it felt a bit sub par.
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  7. Love him

    Invincible is a masterpiece in my opinion he certainly went out on a high for me. So many hit singles could have emerged from that album.
  8. I love You Rock My World, and Unbreakable is a fantastic anthem too!
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  9. Unbreakable would have made a fantastic single.

    Cry should have been huge.
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  10. I might be showing my age here but I saw the Bad tour in Leeds when I was very young. It was an experience that I will never forget. Thousands of fans everwhere, fainting, getting crushed and falling over barriers. People try to claim the frenzy wasn't real, but I can assure you it was VERY real. The tour itself was marvellous though and definitely ranks at the best show i've ever been to. Nothing i've seen since has ever came close.
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  11. Unbreakable did nothing for me, loved You Rock My World, but the album itself was a big disappointment apart from 2000 Watts.
  12. Wow what a moment! Easily the most iconic tour of all time too I think.
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  13. I missed The Bad tour but caught The Dangerous Tour, they really were another level, and yes, the crowd was crazy!

    ...and he left the stadium on a jet pack, a fucking jet pack! (I know he really didn't but still!!)
  14. This is his best ever single (and video) for me. I used to obsess over it so bad as a kid. Infact the Dangerous era was his greatest for me personally and the one I remember most. Black & White, Remember the Time, Heal the World, Will You Be There... beautiful nuggets of gold.

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  15. Its a very underrated video, thought of because of the superstar cameos and the special effects, but down to the nitty gritty, its a brilliantly choregraphed video! That routine is brilliant, up there with some of his best.
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  16. It's mostly about Dangerous for me. An asbolutely fascinating, flawed but often brilliant album from a very troubled human being.

    Aside from that, most of the 80s singles are imperious. I even love Earth Song.
  17. I absolutely adore the man and his music. I became a fan around 2004 at the age of nine after buying his "Number Ones" video compilation DVD. I desperately wish I could have around to experience him in his prime.

    I think my favorite albums of his are "Bad" and "HIStory". Bad is a perfect pop album and HIStory contains some the best song of his career in my opinion (Stranger In Moscow, Earth Song). Smooth Criminal might be my favorite music video ever.

    Utterly flawless and downright magical.
  18. I have to agree with those about "Dangerous". I prefer it to "Bad" and (dare I say it) "Thriller". It's such a diverse body of work that there's something for everyone to enjoy. I love that album so much.
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  19. I love Remember The Time! His best 90's single bar one. The best personally being this:
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  20. I was just wondering what you guys thought about the posthumous releases?

    I didn't think much of "Michael" apart from 2-3 songs, but loved "Xscape".
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