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The Michael Jackson appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Loopy Linda, May 16, 2017.

  1. I adore Who Is It, a very underrated single.

    I haven't listened to "Michael" bar Behind The Mask because of all the messiness surrounding it, but I actually really liked Xscape, it's better than Unbreakable for me!

    I hope they call it quits at Xscape though, I feel they may have mined the best quality stuff already unless there's some complete scrapped album sitting around somewhere.
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  2. My favourite male pop artist ever, basically. What a legend.
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  3. I still think Off the Wall is his best album. Focus on groove instead of breaking records. I just love the loose, laid-back vibe of the album. He was having fun. With each subsequent album, paranoia crept in and the goal of topping previous albums was a challenge but I think he still delivered post-Thriller.

    I think all of his albums are excellent. I think Stranger in Moscow is one of his best songs and it came in the later chapter of his recording career.

    I don't think I have ever seen a pop star experience such fame and hysteria on the level of Jackson. I think it was too much for him. I don't think he was ever the same after Thriller. Only a few pop stars ever reach that pinnacle of fame and it can be destructive.
  4. I remember loving this film and it being one of the first vhs tapes I got after betamax was phased out.

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  5. Grew on me big time this must say.
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  6. Best single off Dangerous. One of his best ever.
  7. I Just Can't Stop Loving You... the Whitney collab that never happened but amazing nonetheless.
  8. My friend's sister has his autograph - bet it's worth craploads now.

    Remember the Time was always a favourite, plus the classic mid-80s stuff that was at every school and caravan site disco of my pre-teens and never fails to transport me back there.
  9. Wait, it was intended as a duet with Whitney? The would have been amazing! I can now hear her do the Siedah lines, she would have gone offff! As much as I love the song with Siedah, her voice is too similar to Michaels, for years I thought her only input was adlibs (blame a poor record deck - I don't think it was until the cd that I realised her full input!).

    With the arrival of this thread I've been pursuing around my Michael collection, and had forgotten how amazing Is It Scary is, what a chorus! Such a shame we never got a proper video of just this, it was done wrong by the Ghosts film (2 Bad into Is It Scary should have just been Is It Scary with the final chorus being the skeleton dance).
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  10. Same here, it was years before I realised she was singing some of the leading lines.
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  11. Bad really had such an epic singles run!
  12. I've always found MJ very over-rated but there's no doubt he created more than enough quality pop in the 80s and early 90s at the very least.

    I'm extremely encouraged to see three of his best underrated offerings on the first page. Popjustice gets Michael Jackson right I feel.

  13. Another underrated MJ moment for me.
  14. Oh and Dangerous is my favourite era personally. All the singles were top notch (bar Jam and the dreadful Heal The World). Obviously if you can't appreciate Thriller and Bad then you can't appreciate the 80s and therefore have no pop soul.
  15. Yes, less said about Heal The World for better. Hated preachy MJ personally.
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  16. Very rarely heard any decent remixes for MJ.

    I think perhaps a couple of Dangerous singles had good remix packages?

    I only really remember these:

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  17. I so love that Guitar remix!
  18. ...and the 9th single from the album.... 9th!
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  19. I know, amazing! Different times I guess.
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