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The Michael Jackson appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Loopy Linda, May 16, 2017.

  1. Some of my favourite Michael Jackson remixes:

  2. All class.
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  3. So I'm still new to Michael's back catalogue (only started delving beyond singles in the last year or two), but I think HIStory/Blood on the Dancefloor is my favorite "era" musically. So many cracking tunes, and not really dated like some of the other stuff. Dangerous is a bit of a slog, I must say.
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  4. I never think about the Blood on the Dancefloor era that much, which is strange. No idea why. I suppose there wasn't a defining song on there for me with the wow factor, like an Earth Song or Black Or White. I should dig it out again!
  5. I thought Liberian Girl was called Librarian Girl for pretty much all of the 80s and most of the 90s.
  6. I always call it that.
  7. I really, really like Superfly Sista and Ghosts. I think it's his least melodic offering, but the production is killer on all 6 songs.
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  8. Altgou it's a bit corny, Liberian Girl is so stunning too.
  9. I'm having an MJ morning working at home today - it's amazing how ageless much of his material is.

    We weren't allowed to listen to him (or Madonna) as kids as they were deemed 'controversial' by my parents' church, but it always transports me to a happy childhood place regardless, probably because I'm as big a manchild as Jackson was. His video for Childhood makes me really sad for some reason.
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  10. I need to listen to Blood on the Dancefloor again. Stranger in Moscow is one of my favourite songs by him, and the Todd Terry mix is amazing. He (Terry) was on a roll in the mid-90s with those house mixes.
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  11. Childhood is... not a favorite of mine. Not as bad as the Smile cover (why?!) though.
  12. Invincible is so underrated. Sure, it's a little bloated, but there are some cracking tunes on there. You Rock My World, Break Of Dawn, Whatever Happens, Unbreakable, Heartbreaker, etc. deserve more attention.

    Even the outtakes from the album are amazing. Blue Gangsta, Xscape, A Place With No Name, Chicago, (I Can't Make It) Another Day.
  13. For me, with the exception of "Remember the time", nothing from Dangerous has aged particularly well. The sonic stamp of Quincy Jones was conspicuous by its absence on Dangerous. In terms of of uptempo jams, I would recommend the following: Rock with you, Don't stop till you get enough, The way you make me feel, Billie Jean, PYT, Remember the time, Smooth Criminal, Song Groove, and Love never felt so good. For downtempo jams, there are so many. My personal favorites are The way you love me, I just can't stop loving you, Lady in my life, Baby be mine, Human Nature, Loving you, One more chance, I can't help it, and Liberian girl.
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  14. I find those ballads so schmaltzy and treacly. Otherwise, HIStory is a strong album.
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  15. I got quite depressed that the world has continued to turn without him this weekend. He left a massive hole.
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  16. I've also only gone through his discography after he passed away. I was always aware of the singles and enjoyed them, and his iconography and music videos obviously had huge cultural impact but the albums passed me by. Although I did but They Don't Care About Us on CD single as a kid.

    I like the Bad and HIStory/Blood On The Dancerfloor albums best I think. Dangerous has some nice songs though.

    I also think Thriller is overrated and nowhere near his best work. Although in retrospect I can appreciate the significance of releasing that album and the videos that went with it.
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  17. Totally!
  18. Will the Dangerous reissue ever happen ?

  19. Just such a cool track!
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