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The Midnight - General Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. There's a lot of vaporwave/retrowave/synthwave out there but The Midnight might just do it best. It could be because it's a Scandi/American partnership. Anyways here's two of their best from their recent album 'Endless Summer'.

  2. Absolutely love both tracks, looks like the full album is up on Youtube to listen to as well.
  3. Jason is fantastic. I'm going through a bit of a synthwave phase these days - DUETT is my personal favorite.
  4. Still in love with this album. 'Vampires' is sublime.
  5. Perfection. Sorry for the double posting here and in Scavenger Hunt thread. I can't risk people missing out on this!
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  6. From their previous EP but 'Los Angeles' is so incredibly good. What got me into them.
  7. New video from previous EP cut 'Gloria'. Gosh I love this music.
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  11. Good, right?
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  12. Obsessed with 'Crystalline'. A gorgeous six minutes.
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  14. I'm in love with their music. Sunset and The Comeback Kid are priceless.

    A fan-made video for The Comeback Kid featuring old video clips of a young Patrick Dempsey made me love the song even more.
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  15. This is probably the best they've put out. It's amazing. They've truly pushed their 80's/Neon-Purple/Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors aesthetic to the hilt.
  16. This album is perfect for anything; whether you're chilling inside your room on a rainy day, walking home at night, or enjoying a sunny day at the beach.
    Thank you for recommending this. I'm looking for more '80s-inspired tunes lately. Aside from The Midnight, I've also found myself bopping to FM-84 and Joan.
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  17. Brett also has some nice 80's throwback tunes. Look up Electric, Dan Un Autre Reve, and some of their other early stuff.
  18. Drive ‘til the coast is clear, fight until it disappears.

    Thank you! I'll look these up right now.
    Wow. Why do they keep on blessing us?
    Oh my goodness, why did I only see this now? I blame that fan-vid for The Comeback Kid.
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  19. EP is out on Bandcamp and will follow on Spotify in a few days then iTunes in a fortnight apparently.
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  20. Will check the album out. I see there's a remix album on Spotify too.
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