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The Midnight - General Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 19, 2016.

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  2. They're the real deal, really.
  3. I'm a little disappointed by this, but mostly because Nocturnal was such a strong album with songs that felt fully fleshed out. The first two tracks are a bit too light and feel only partially completed. Part of it is my fault because I totally bopped to Lost Boy and America 2 on repeat and got a little burnt out on both before the album was released in full. Explorers and Kids (reprise) are the stand-outs at the moment. America 2 remains their best track.
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  5. Any PJers at the London gig tonight?
  6. Thank you for the recommendation @backstreetjoe - as per usual, you have excellent taste. This is everything I need from a synthwave/dreampop band. I've booked tickets for their Sydney gig in a few months' time.

  7. New single 'America Online' is out tomorrow. It's an instrumental for the most part with some treated vocals coming in quite late. It's on their Bandcamp a day early if you want to listen.
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  8. Noooo I need another overly-earnest pop bop like America 2.
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  10. Never heard of them before, but bought all four albums after listening to America Online and America 2. This is exactly what I need.
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  12. Great remix. Shadows is one of their very best, for sure. That pre-chorus melody is gorgeous.
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  13. I missed this last Friday because it doesn't seem to be posted under The Midnight on Spotify - thank you for linking this. How is it, by the way?

    No remix for America 2 is criminal.
  14. I love this new remix of 'The Comeback Kid'. Give me that bossa bop we need.

    The proceeds from Bandcamp purchases go to supporting the duo's touring family who have lost work during this time.

  15. New single 'Deep Blue' is here and so is the pre-order for a FIFTEEN TRACK ALBUM! 'Monsters' arrives in July.
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