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The Miley Cyrus Discography Rate Part 1: #41 (Tie Part 1) I'm A Slaaaaaavee 4 U

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Oct 21, 2019.


What's your favorite album featured here?

  1. Meet Miley Cyrus

    3 vote(s)
  2. Breakout

    7 vote(s)
  3. The Time Of Our Lives

    2 vote(s)
  4. Can't Be Tamed

    20 vote(s)
  5. A Hannah Soundtrack

    4 vote(s)
  1. Ddd it's not like we knew that.

    Anyways, phone's dying a bit so its going to be a tad longer on the next elimination, but not by much cause it charges fast.
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  2. Yes. And isn't it amazing that @iheartpoptarts managed to lose her 11 and 0 one after another?

    Oh, don't think that we're assming you picked your 11 at random.
    The song just doesn't sound like someone would give it an 11, if you know what I mean.

    All this talk about the 11's makes me afraid for my own... Wait. I didn't even give an 11 (nor a 10) to any Hannah Montana song. Maybe my one and only 9,75 is in danger.
  3. I had actually just thought about that myself ddd. Going from crying to celebrating in the space of 1 elimination must be fun.

    And that high score is safe...for now.
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  4. I wonder how y'all are gonna feel about this one...

    ...I bet most of you forgot it was even here...

    ...but I didn't.

    #64 – Simple Song: 6.74
    Simple Song.png
    (created by Suburbia)
    Highest: 1x9.5 (@savilizabeths) 2x9s (Me, @Mirwais Ahmazadi)
    Lowest: 1x3.5 (@phily693)
    My Score: 9
    Favorite Lyric:
    I need to push it away. (Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed by a whole bunch of shit coming at you all at once, this is what you want to do. And it’s fucking relatable.)
    5 Voters: #55
    10 Voters: #72
    15 Voters: #74
    19 Voters: #64
    Total Points: 128

    Simple Song was written by Jeffrey Steele and Jesse Littleton and produced by Rock Mafia for Miley’s second album Breakout. The two writers are apparently musicians of their own, with Jeffrey being pre-dominantly country and Jesse being pre-dominantly pop-rock, and Jeffrey also co-wrote I Thought I Lost You, which left way back at #90. Anyway, the song is a hard-hitting pop-rock song with some more rock undertones in the verses and a gorgeous piano melody-led chorus about having a really busy, stressful and possibly bad day and wanting to just relax and listen to a simple song. I totally understand why Miley wanted to record this. I mean, can you imagine how busy she was working on Hannah, her music, and trying to be a “normal” girl all at the same time? It probably fucking sucked sometimes. The song itself is pretty good, though one of my least favorites from Breakout. I really enjoy for what it is, and it’s a total jam with a laid-back chorus. That said, when the production starts to just go AWF in the bridge and Miley’s singing and it’s getting more and more intense and then she just starts chanting “Make it stop!” and it finally does…whew, she tugged on my wig a bit with that one. The song was performed as part of the set-list for her Wonder World tour (in my personal opinion, taking a spot The Driveway could have filled, but it’s understandable why she wanted to do this one) and was also part of her Clear Channel Stripped set, most of which was included in the Platinum Edition release of the album, as well as her Rock In Rio set in 2010. As far as I could tell the only critic who really commented on the song was The New York Times, who said “When the narratives grow too interior, as on…’Simple Song’ (which borrows some phrasing from the chorus of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’), it’s as if the production and songwriting battalion called it a day a little early.” Ouch.

    What did y’all have to say about this anthem about needing to relax? Apparently not much as only four of you said anything. However, it was all positive. @M24 (8) likes that it represents the title: A bit simple as the song title says. But I like it. I’d argue that it’s actually quite complex, at least in places of it’s production, but what do I know? Time helped this for @DJHazey (8): I've been on the fence before with this one, but I also haven't heard it in ages. Fresh ears perhaps, because the piano-driven ditty of chorus and raucous verses I've always loved, feel like they're enough to carry this now. Yeah, I actually used to think the juxtaposition between the two didn’t work, but as I’ve gotten older, it started working for me. This song would’ve gotten like a 6 or 7 from me four years ago. @pop3blow2 (8.5) brings up some true musical icons: This sounds like a lost 70’s singer songwriter kind of song… Elton John, Billy Joel, etc. So that’s a compliment from me. Let me take this compliment and RUN. (Honestly I feel like Miley has the potential to be looked at like that in the future if she stopped with some (or most) of the bullshit ddddd.) Anyways, @savilizabeths (9.5) gets personal again, and makes me want to hug her: I struggled between a 9 and a 10 for this one. It’s certainly an odd but special song. The verses feel so manic and the chorus really breaks it down beautifully. It’s crafted very well. It actually really feels like a musical representation of my anxiety and manic disorders. I really like thinking about it like that. The chorus feels like when my girlfriend is holding my hand and telling me to breathe through my attacks. I’m sure this is also relatable to anyone, not just people with mental health issues. It’s quite a great little song. Hugs! Always here for you if you need to talk!

    Here's the song again:

    Live at the O2:

    Clear Channel Stripped:

    Here it is at Rock In Rio Live:

    And let me post her other Elton John cover (I did post The Bitch Is Back earlier right?):

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  5. Wow, I got so personal while writing my sleep deprived commentary. Simple Song really is a perfect encapsulation of how mania can feel though, at least for me. And my girlfriend is the only person that can calm me down. I remember having an attack out of nowhere one night when she was half asleep and she woke up for me and held me and took care of me until I calmed down.

    This song really is that. It’s special but I’m not surprised y’all booted it out early.
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  6. Look on the bright side: you're gonna make everyone feel reallllyyyyy bad when they read you're commentary dddd.
  7. Hehe, aren't y'all glad I'm here to outflop you?
  8. Dddd I'm happy you're here in general but I am glad I didn't flop first.
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  9. "The math about what songs came before Let's Do This" -- hmm I wonder what song is going to cause a commotion when I mention hate towards it? ddd

    Also you mentioned "The Driveway" which is definitely a song that I never understood the love for and can kindly leave at any time.
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  10. Oh and 'I Don't Want to Be a Bride' is not a random 11 at all, I realistically thought it had a chance to win before I opened the rate.
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  11. Both songs are amazing and you need to get taste.
    Really? Well, I was new to her music, so it seemed like it'd be random to me.
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  12. Okay! Gonna get myself together and finish off 63/62/61 and post your top 60! Any predictions?
  13. How is it always so quiet in here? Maybe I should start tagging random people in here.

    #63 – Someday: 6.79
    (created by Suburbia)
    Highest: 2x9s (Me, @DJHazey)
    Lowest: 1x3 (@phily693)
    My Score: 9
    Favorite Lyric: No boy, don’t call me feisty.
    (But you are Miley. You are. Own it)
    5 Voters: #58
    10 Voters: #49
    15 Voters: #58
    19 Voters: #63
    Total Points: 129.05​

    Someday was written by Miley, Antonina Armato, Tim James & Devrim Karaoglu and produced by the latter 3 for the platinum edition of Breakout. Y’all know who Rock Mafia are, but Devril seems to have been a once-in-a-while collaborator of theirs, having done multiple songs with them, including two others with Miley, and one each for Selena and Demi. It’s a cute little sunny bop about how one day she’ll find her boy, but it won’t be in any of the places she looks. Honestly, it’s a bit non-sensical to me, but she makes it work with her strong, playful vocals and the boppy production. And this is a great closer after the lyrically tense songs on the main album. I didn’t know this existed until I got internet about 5 years ago, and started diving into music, so it’s not something I have a lot of attachment to, but I still enjoy it. It’s catchy, fun, boppy. Pretty much all I want from a song sometimes. I really don’t have much else to say about this, I’m sorry to say. And due to its bonus track status, critics didn’t comment on it either, so I’ll turn the mic to you guys.

    All of you seemed to like or really like this at least. @M24 (6.5) wasn’t too impressed though: A bit better than the previous bonus track, but still nothing special. Well, that does seem to be the consensus since Hovering left all the back at #95, over 30 places ago. @iheartpoptarts (7) was confused for a moment: For a second when I heard that random guy at the beginning I thought I was listening to some completely wrong song. Even though he was repeating “someday” over and over? @savilizabeths (7) was thrown off by him too: It’s pretty cute actually. She has some nice vocal moments here. The weird repeated male ‘someday, someday’ vocals are a bit odd and the chorus isn’t really for me. But I like the verses quite a bit. It bops a little. The chorus is so catchy though. You have such weird taste sometimes, honestly. The song gave @Entropy (8) hope at a time when he needed it: Again, I feel like I shouldn’t like this but I really do. It makes me want to groove, and in a time when I felt like I was ugly and would be alone forever, the chorus of this song gave me a glimmer of hope that that wasn’t the case. Awww honey, you’re wonderful, I’m sure you’ll find someone if you haven’t already. @Sprockrooster (8.5) is annoyed with streaming: A complete discovery! So damn hateful it is not Spotify. Get on with it Miley! It’s been requested! Finally, @DJHazey (9) is very here for it: This little underrated gem will get done so wrong but it's cute. Caribbean flavor for days and an ultra-catchy chorus that speaks to the "I need more speed-singing" side of me. You ain't gonna find me turning this off anytime soon. It’s so weird when we agree on a song. And I thought it would bomb out long ago, so I hope you’re happy with this placement.

    Go ahead and bop again:

    And the two songs Devrim did with Rock Mafia for the two girls:

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  14. Again I ask, why is Clear still here?

    So sad to see Someday and Simple song go! Actually very surprised that Simple Song didn’t last longer.
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  16. I’m here. Just patiently waiting on my two 11s being out soon but I’m hoping they’ll go quite far - I was dreading they’d be out before now so so far, so good!
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  17. Dddd good to know but sis, give me likes, I deserve them haha.

    I will say though, that we actually won't be losing any 11s until the 40s, and the next 11 lost will be the first Miley one. But you have at least like 15 eliminations before any of you need to worry about that.
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  18. It’s gonna be me. I just know it!
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  19. Girl you don't know that.
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  20. I'm alive and I liked someday awwww. Could have stayed just a bit longer.
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