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The Miley Cyrus Discography Rate Part 2 - #11 I Need Something New + THE TOP 10!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Death, Feb 8, 2021.


What's your favorite album featured here?

  1. Bangerz

    10 vote(s)
  2. Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

    7 vote(s)
  3. Younger Now

    3 vote(s)

    3 vote(s)
  5. Plastic Hearts

    29 vote(s)
  1. This next one is not a song I expected would - or really wanted to - make the top 20.

    #14 – On A Roll: 8.51
    Highest: 8x10s (Me @Yeziirl @yeRleDanaL @GimmeWork @soratami @spaceship @Ana Raquel @An Insider) 4x9s (@swim @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Milotic @Cutlery)
    Lowest: 2x6s (@Sprockrooster @Phonetics Girl) 2x6.5s (@boombazookajoe @M24) 1x6.75 (@Maki)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: 'Cause I'm going down in history.
    (I know she didn't write it, but YES QUEEN, HYPE YOURSELF UP.)
    5 Voters: #20
    10 Voters: #18
    15 Voters: #10
    20 Voters: #15
    24 Voters: #14
    Total Points: 204.25

    On A Roll was written by Trent Reznor and produced by The Invisible Men. It is an "adaptation" of the 1989 Nine Inch Nails song "Head Like A Hole" from their debut studio album Pretty Hate Machine. It was recorded by Miley for the Black Mirror episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too", where she plays the character of Ashley O and was released as a single on June 14, 2019. It did not fare well on the charts, only reaching #16 on the Billboard Bubbling Under in the U.S., as well as peaking at #77 on the Canadian Hot 100, #65 on the U.K. Singles Chart, and #86 in Australia, while gnerally charting in the 20s-40s range in smaller markets. It did manage a peak of #18 on the New Zealand Hot Singles Chart though, and was ranked #28 on the 100 Best Songs of 2019 list by Billboard. Also, I know I said I would go over the episode like I did with the Hannah songs in part 1, but I forgot to watch it so that will have to be in a separate post dddd.

    What a fun song, am I right? It's such a bop. i honestly don't really have a lot to say about this though. It's just a really well-produced big bop of a pop song, of the sort Miley has never really done before. The closest she came to this kind of sound was on Can't Be Tamed, specifically Who Owns My Heart feeling like her big "dance pop" moment, but this is a little more industrial in a couple of the synths and electronics. I have to say, I love how the lyrics are partly about sex and partly about achieveing what you want and fulfilling your goals. It doesn't make a lot of sense on papaer, but the songs melodies and production, along with Miley's top-notch, flirty as hell, celebratory vocals, sell the whole thing. Seriously, it always hyped me up when I listen to it and makes me feel like I can do anything I want, whether that's get some good sex or fulfill my dreams nn. And yes, technically the lyric is "Hey yeah, woah-oh!" but it very much sounds like "Hey I'm a hoe/hole!" so that is what I sing dddd. Honestly, such a great song, but I'm really surprised it made it this far over so many other songs, as much as I love it dddd.

    Y'all didn't have much to say about a song that made it this far ddd. I feel like that's some sort of sign. Anyway, sounds like @boombazookajoe (6.5) might be a fan of the show: This is lowkey giving me Ally from A Star Is Born Album track. Miley was great in this episode even though it's not my favorite Black Mirror ever. It's cute that this was a little hit though. I understand the comparison, and I really need to watch the rest of the show. @Yeziirl (10) needs to as well: Hoe anthem! She snapped! I need to watch that black mirror episode asap. It really is an anthem honestly, both hoe and in general. And the episode's great, and Miley was really really good in it. And @M24 (6.5) is going to be relieved to see this go: I hope this one doesn't go that far.. It's a good song, just not worth all the attention it got. The instrumental in the chorus is what lets down the song for me. The verses and post-chorus are at least worth an 8 though. Also, it felt weird watching Miley do a "pure pop" MV with choreo and stuff... I know it was probably part of the episode (haven't watched it) but I hate that I'm living for it even though I know Miley would never do something of the sort again. Again, it's a great episode, you should definitely watch it, and I love the production in the chorus! It pops off. Also, I wouldn't be so sure about that, I wouldn't be surprised if she decided she wanted to do a poppier type project thing again.

  2. I have yet to see this episode of Black Mirror but the song is a hit
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  3. "On a Roll" is so overrated, I never got the hype around it. It's a cute basic little pop song and... that's about it. I do appreciate how imaginative the cover aspect of it is, though.
    Still, it should've left around when "Right Where I Belong" did.
  4. Scream!
  5. Honestly I was laughing at myself when I was typing that dddd.
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  6. Another section is about to be down to one song. What do you think it is? The sections with only two left are:
    - We Can't Stop
    - Wrecking Ball
    - Mother's Daughter
    - Unholy
    - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
    - Slide Away
  7. I think it's pretty obvious which section/song it is, but I'm very pleased it went as far as it did.
  8. Glad Unholy made it this far, the short song that could
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  9. I actually think because of the hint it is not the obvious one and a surprise. So Slide Away could be sliding out?
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  10. I sincerely hope so *hides*
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  11. M24


    I very much hope it's Unholy next. It's probably my lowest score left, kind of random it got so far.
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  12. Are y'all ready for it?

    Y'all know that's a contender to win right? Of course it's the obvious one.

    #13 – Unholy: 8.627
    Highest: 5x10s (Me @yeRleDanaL @soratami @Milotic @Maki) 1x9.5 (@aux) 1x9.25 (@Butterfly) 7x9s (@GimmeWork @boombazookajoe @AllGagaLike @spaceship @Remorque @An Insider @Guy)
    Lowest: 1x6 (@Sprockrooster) 1x6.5 (@M24)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: I'm a little bit unholy. So what? So is everyone else.
    (I just love this idea and the fact that it's what the entire song is based around.)
    5 Voters: #32
    10 Voters: #14
    15 Voters: #13
    20 Voters: #14
    24 Voters: #13
    Total Points: 207.05

    Unholy was written by Miley, Andrew Wyatt, Ilsey Juber, Jasper Sheff & John Cunningham, and produced by the latter two. It wwas released on May 31, 2019 as track 2 of SHE IS COMING.

    Y'all really surprised me with sending this two minute song so far. I honestly wasn't expecting it. But I think it's deserved! This has been a highlight for me since it's release and that hasn't changed. It has almost an alt pop feel to the production that I really enjoy, and the dark vibe of it all really makes it shine in my opinion. That intense, pulsing, repetitive piano mixed with the electric guitar and hard beats makes for a great foundation and the melodies and her voice add to the alt vibe of it all. And I really like the lyrics too. It manages to balance her personal life with an overall message of "nobody's perfect" (dddd) and it works. It's well-written and manages to not be too heavy handed. And best of all, she's right. Everypne's at least a little unholy, and it almost feels like she's telling us to embrace that instead of consistently deny it. It's grreat. The only thing I don't like about the song is that it's so damn short and only has the one verse and pre-chorus, and the rest is all chorus. I would have loved another minute at least with a second verse and a bridge, and it's so annoying that it doesn;t have that. It didn't stop me from giving it a 10, partly thanks to the extended version I use, but it is a gripe I have with the version released.

    And I wasn't alone in that annoyance. @boombazookajoe (9) made some points: Points deducted for it being so short. 2:10 is not a song, it's an interlude hun. <3 Other than that, I adore this song. You're definitely not wrong. And neither is @spaceship (9): Should have been a full song. Yes.gif It really should have. @M24 (6.5) got a similar vibe to another album from this: I love/hate this depending on the day. I settled for a mid-tier score. It's got a bit of a doomy atmosphere, doesn't it? It wouldn't sound out of place on Dead Petz. It wouldn't actually, it does feel born from that album, similar to D.R.E.A.M. @Maki (10) heard something else though: By far my favourite song from this EP. It was 9.75, but I bumped it to a 10 last-minute. Love the production and the melody of the chorus is fantastic. It literally sounds like she dug up an old "Bangerz" demo and transformed it into this amazing tune. The only objection I have is that it's too short. Then again, it's hell of an effective song as it is. It feels like a great mix between the two, and I love it. The melodies really do shine here, especially the chorus, and I'm with you on the effectiveness of it.

  13. Pleased that Unholy made it this far!
  14. "Unholy" nearly reaching top 10 is the most pleasantly surprising thing that happened in this rate for sure. I was certain it was going to be one of my first 10's to leave and settle at around #50 or something, as well as that "The Most" among many other songs would certainly outlast it, so this is a brilliant result. Still immensely surprised by this - I ended up checking if I somehow missed its elimination earlier on. Seems like it was very consistently scored, too, which evidently helped.
    Truly a 2-minute song that could.
  15. Guess I'm back to inconsistently posting these ddd. I'll try to fix that by the top 10. Anyway, I love that this got so far.

    #12 – Night Crawling: 8.698
    Highest: 1x11 (@Milotic) 6x10s (Me @Yeziirl @soratami @spaceship @Ana Raquel @Maki) 3x9.5s (@pop3blow2 @Cutlery @M24) 4x9s (@BubblegumBoy @swim @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Guy)
    Lowest: 1x5 (@Phonetics Girl) 1x6 (@boombazookajoe)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: Sometimes my thoughts are violent. Sometimes they bring me to the light.
    (I love the duality presented here, and can heccing relate to them as well ddd.)
    5 Voters: #14
    10 Voters: #29
    15 Voters: #16
    20 Voters: #12
    24 Voters: #12
    Total Points: 208.75

    Night Crawling was written by Miley, Billy Idol, Ryan Tedder, Michael Pollock, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Watt, Nathan Perez and Taylor Hawkins. It was produced by Watt and Happy Perez. It was one of the many album tracks to leak before the album's announcement, sometime in May 2020 if I recall correctly. It was eventually revealed to be track 6 of Plastic Hearts and was released on November 27, 2020 with the rest of the album.

    This is a certifiable banger. An 80s synth-rock banger. I've loved it since the leak and that hasn't changed in the past year and a half or so. It's an absolute adrenaline of a song, with the opening wavy synth and build-up inducing excitement for what's to come. I love how the song pulses in it's own darkness during the verses, while the chorus burts with a lighter energy that's still really intense. I absolutely love the guitars here, they're definitely my favorite production element of the song. They really add to the disco rock vibe that I think Miley really excels at. And I just love how smooth the song feels. The melodies glide over the sultry production and it all comes together so fucking well. I can never get enough of it. Speaking of the melodies, this is maybe one of Miley's catchiest songs? Random bits of it pop into my head all the time, but they're always welcome. And as unneccesary as he is - I don't think he adds anything - Billy is great here and his and Miley's voices go extremely well together. Still, I can't help but wonder what a solo version would be like. Oh and I absolutely love the haunting vibe the whole song has, mostly evident in the backing vocals, some production choices and the post-chorus, which I also love. The "Oo-oo oo-oo, come on, come on, night crawling!" is just extraordinarily catchy. Oh and I love that this got an 11, because it means I can keep the text black, matching the artwork @swim made. Very aesthetically pleasing.

    Anyway, that's enough of my late night rambling. @boombazookajoe (6) is the only commenter who's wrong: Miley stop doing songs with your idols they never turn out good challenge. This sounds like the Dante's Cove theme song and not in a good way. This is way better than good though? @Yeziirl (10) poses a question: Another trend is that 80s sound which is almost always not my favorite, but this one is so good. Why does Miley turn everything I don’t like about music into something pleasant, ddd Because she's just that talented. @spaceship (10) is riding the rush: The chorus slaps and the song really gives me a rush of energy The chorus indeed slaps. And @M24 (9.5) reminds us how poorly handled the era was: For me this is the single that got away from her (personally I find it better than Angels Like You and Prisoner). That chorus never fails to make my head bob like a maniac. And the "ooh ooh"s at the end of the chorus just seals the package for me. Definitely huge single material here. It's not better than Angels Like You though, and I'm glad the rate reflects that.

  16. [​IMG]

    Also @Music Is Death I’m glad I was able to provide you with the aesthetic you were wanting for the post dd. It does fit with the artwork nicely!
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  17. Thanks haha. It was great because after I uploaded the artwork I was like, "What color am I gonna pick to fit this?" and was very happy to be reminded that you got an 11 when looking over the scores.
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  18. Night Crawling is such a rush, definitely top 3 Plastic Hearts for me along with Midnight Sky and WTF Do I Know. Deserved top 10.
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  19. The last couple of songs are pure Excellence™️.
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  20. This was the other contender for my 11 and it was ROBBED. Top 5 at least
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