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The Miley Cyrus Discography Rate Part 2 - #50 Love You But I Don't Know How

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Death, Feb 8, 2021.


What's your favorite album featured here?

  1. Bangerz

    10 vote(s)
  2. Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

    5 vote(s)
  3. Younger Now

    3 vote(s)

    2 vote(s)
  5. Plastic Hearts

    26 vote(s)
  1. Girl that's The 1975

    I'll stream later
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  3. #68 – Love Money Party: 6.74
    Bangerz-07. Love Money Party.png
    Highest: 1x9.25 (Me) 1x8.5 (@Guy) 4x8s (@Butterfly @Yeziirl @aux @Milotic)
    Lowest: 1x4 (@M24) 6x5s (@Sprockrooster @yeRleDanaL @GimmeWork @spaceship @swim @An Insider)
    My Score: 9.25
    Favorite Lyric: Money get low and the DJ stop and the music slow down and the shit gets blurry
    (Actually going with a favorite moment here rather then favorite lyric as I just really love the way it builds and how the production hits and slows down on "blurry". Fucking amazing in my opinion. Honestly the entire pre-chorus should just go here.)
    5 Voters: #53
    10 Voters: #63
    15 Voters: #70
    20 Voters: #63
    24 Voters: #68
    Total Points: 161.7

    Love Money Party was written by Miley, Sean Anderson, Michael Williams II, Marquel Middlebrooks and Sean Garrett, and produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and Marz. It was released on September 30, 2013 as track 7 on Bangerz.

    This is definitely one of the most consistently scored songs in the rate, with no one loving it, but no one hating it either, which helped it place in the top 70, despite it always being - at least from what I've seen - one of the more disliked songs from Bangerz. Personally, it is one of my least faves on the album and always has been. It's grown on me a lot over the years though, and now I basically think it's a HUGE song that slaps way more then it should? Like, I always forget how much it bangs and how hard it hoes until I listen to it. I feel like I can't praise Mike WiLL enough dddd. I've yet to hear a song produced by him that I didn't at least like the production. There's a lot going on here, that makes it feel overproduced in a very 2013 way, but it all works for me. Lyrically, the song is fine, though Miley's attempted message of money and parties not really being worth it if you don't have someone to love doesn't really come through. And overall, I think the production here outshines Miley. She just can't really keep up with the song, as hard as she's trying. And you can tell she really is trying, and almost but not quite makes it. There are points in the verses where she just sounds really slurred and mumbles when I'm pretty sure there are supposed to be actual words there. It would be great to hear someone who can actually rap do this song as I think it would be amazing, because listening to it I'm pretty sure most of my 9.25 went to the production, and the rest went to how hard Miley is trying rather then her actual performance. Of course, Big Sean is featured, and while I like his rap and his flow is seriously. on. point. I just can't stand his voice. This is something I brought up in the Ari rate and still holds true here. On the bright side, he's not as annoying here for me as he is on other songs I've heard - probably because he's outshining the main artist dddd - so props to him for that! So basically every element of this song comes together for me except Miley herself, so I guess it's a good thing it didn't last much longer in this rate.

    No one had nearly as much to say about this as I did ddd. @M24 (4) contradicts my "no one hates this" statement: I hate this one, and I can't believe it's the only song apart from We Can't Stop that she chose to perform on the Milky Milky Milk Tour. Her voice on the verses is a bit annoying, and the chorus is basic af. My lowest score on Bangerz. Fair. BUT. It's a slapper. Slapping is it's field. Maybe if you tune Miley out you'll have more fun dddd. In his first appearance in the commentary, @pop3blow2 (7.2) naturally speaks facts: An interesting track in search of a better lyric. Yeah, the lyrics are definitely a weak point of the song. And @Maki (7) is (sort of?) here for the production: The production is quite a journey here, from the constant switches to the overall Halloween-y vibe. Not a huge fan of the song, though. I always enjoy listening to it and trying to pick up different elements for sure. And @boombazookajoe (7.5) mentions an element I actually did forget to point: This song is a noisy mess that is elevated by really fun vocal production. Miley was really in her bag here, belting it out with the best of them pre-all the screaming notes from her later albums, and the vocal layering was *chefs kiss* I do think the vocal production is really great, and when Miley's singing in the backing vocals, behind the rapping, she's much more in her element. She sounds great. Too bad it's not at the forefront of the song.

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  4. Hey y'all! So this weekend my "off day" is gonna be today cause I have a get together with my friends and I decided not to schedule any cause of that, but that means tomorrow eliminations will resume.
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  5. I'm hoping that team Dead Petz will pull a Denise Stapley and end up winning, but it's probably gonna be an Ulong situation.

    Fweaky, meh, one of my least faves on the album so I'm not too heartbroken. And Lana's part on DCMA is the best part, no tea no shade.
  6. Didn't expect Love Money Party to be out so early. I wouldn't call it one of the best on Bangerz, but it's not one of the worst either. I thought Don't Call Me Angel would last a big longer too.
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  7. Love Money Party is fun but on the lower end of Bangerz … so it’s elimination is fine.
  8. "Don't Call Me Angel" may be the most surprising/random elimination so far. I know the reception was lukewarm, but in no way I thought it would leave at this point - out before "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks"? Definitely not what I expected. I gave the song an 8, because I think it's really good and catchy, despite sounding more like a great album track than a big pop girls collab single. The chorus and Lana's middle-8 are my favourite parts, despite the latter not completely working within the song.
    Still, I really thought more songs would depart before it.

    One of them being "Fweaky", which thankfully left right after and is my lowest remaining score. I agree with pretty much everything in the commentary section (sorry, @Music Is Death) and it surely deserves to be the second non-interlude cut from "Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz".

    I enjoy "Love Money Party", though it's never been among my faves from "Bangerz" (mostly because of the rap), so I'm completely fine with it leaving now. The production still remains a highlight.
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  9. Hey y'all! Sorry about the radio silence the last couple days. I've just been taking the time to work on rates and song contests, and also working on the book I'm writing. I am planning on at least one more tonight and will be getting back into the full swing of things tomorrow. My plan is to have us into the top 60, and hopefully into the 50s before I leave Friday.
  10. Don't Call Me Angel and Hands in the Air this low? Both easy 10s, yikes.
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  11. Maybe if you had voted you could have helped them xx.
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  12. One 10 really wouldn't have done much.
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  13. Maybe, but it also depends on what you would give other songs that ranked higher as well, especially with a relatively small voting pool.
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  14. I'm just gonna warn y'all that I am personally bored by the next three songs I'm eliminating dddd so don't expect overly positive write-ups.
  15. More Extras it is!
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  16. Hmmmm...


    #67 - Inspired: 6.79
    Highest: 3x10s (@Sprockrooster @pop3blow2 @Maki) 2x8s (@yeRleDanaL @AllGagaLike) 3x7.5s (@BubblegumBoy @Yeziirl @Phonetics Girl)
    Lowest: 2x4s (@spaceship @Cutlery) 3x5s (@Ana Raquel @swim @Guy)
    My Score: 7
    Favorite Lyric: Because you always felt so small, but know you aren't at all.
    (I mean...mood. It kinda reminds me of lyrics from Make Some Noise)
    5 Voters: #44
    10 Voters: #45
    15 Voters: #64
    20 Voters: #66
    24 Voters: #67
    Total Points: 163

    Inspired was written and produced by Miley and Oren Yoel. It was released as a promo single from Younger Now on June 9, 2017, making it the second song we heard from the album overall. It was later revealed to be the closing track on the album. In an interview with the Zach Sang show Miley described the song as a "new, older version" of The Climb.

    Look, this is a perfectly fine song. It's cute. It's nice. I love the chorus melody and her voice. She sounds amazing, though at this point I feel like Ihave said that in every elimination dddd. And the lyrics are actually really sweet, if also very cheesy and heavy handed at times. I like the production, especially the way the strings builds. Those violins are beautiful. But I just...never seek this song out and get kinda bored when I listen to it. And I think part of it is perceptive disappointment. I was ecstatic when she described the song as a "new, older version" of The Climb, because I love that song, and I love the idea of like "sister" or "sequel" songs. And while I can hear shades of the it in the lyrics and production, I just feel like that comparison doesn't fit, and it's simply an inferior song to that one. Which led to a lot of disappoint,ent, because I was really looking forward to hearing this. And I just know there are gonna be people who say this is better than The Climb, and I need y'all to take several seats because no. It isn't. But yes, this is a fine song, and this is a fine placement for it.
    Shout out to @swim for the adorable artwork. Obviously that's Miley, and I'm pretty sure that's her brtoher Trace next to her. Where did you find this?

    As usual, got a handful of comments for this one with a variety of opinions. @boombazookajoe (6) tries to be funny and fails: The song is called Inspired but this song left me uninspired. Are you as unispired as that pun? @Butterfly (7.25) hits the nail on the head for me: I like Inspired, but the lyrics are a bit nothing-y. I think I’d appreciate it more as a throwaway single, not the final track on an album that feels like it should be making some sort of statement. Same. @M24 (6) likes it more now than he used to: It took a while to grow on me, but it's beautiful! Like Younger Now (the song) and Malibu, it has a nostalgic feel that transports me somewhere else. And that's enough to make me enjoy the song, even if it's less pop than those two. Glad you like it, and this rate gave it the opportunity to grow on you. (I assume?) Finally, @Sprockrooster (10) stans: Yes give us that country protest anthem for the state of the world! It really was an inspired move to donate her song's profits to the Happy Hippie Foundation. For that alone the song deserved to smash. I remember hearing it first at One Love Manchester and remembering to be taken by it. Yes, Miley. Do that Liberty Walk! I will follow as it is an 11-contender for me. The donation is more impactful and important then any of these lyrics dddd. Keep living your best life with your weird taste though!

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  17. The violins are the song's only saving grace, sadly
  18. Inspired is ... really not that inspiring.
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  19. So I'm preparing the next write-up, but in the meantime really enjoy these videos! There's a lot of DIsney in this one, and I'm wondering if y'all can spot the Miley in it:
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  20. Hey y'all! So no eliminations today because I got my second shot for the vaccine today and my arm is killing me and I just feel like laying in bed and chilling.
    But in the brightside (for the rate anyway) I had to postpone my trip so I'll be able to post eliminations regularly next week!
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