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The Miley Cyrus Discography Rate Part 2 - #50 Love You But I Don't Know How

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Death, Feb 8, 2021.


What's your favorite album featured here?

  1. Bangerz

    10 vote(s)
  2. Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

    5 vote(s)
  3. Younger Now

    3 vote(s)

    2 vote(s)
  5. Plastic Hearts

    26 vote(s)
  1. Nooo, my first 10 to leave.

    "Inspired" is absolutely lovely and it's actually in my top 3 songs from that album. I remember "Younger Now" being my first Miley era I followed in real-time, and already being hooked by "Malibu", my anticipation for the next song was high. I first watched a live performance even before "Inspired" was released, loving it right from the start and eventually being blown away when the song was officially out. Maybe that's why it's a special song to me. But the entire melodic passage combined with violin is just right up my alley. It also has a slightly uncoventent structure, going from first chorus to middle-8 (which is fantastic and most likely my favourite part of the song). And even though the lyrics are a bit too pedestrian and overdone, Miley's delivery is so damn good I believe her as if she's delivering a lyrical masterpiece.
    [You know what goes here]

    @Sprockrooster and @pop3blow2 - taste for supporting this!

    And suddenly I'm very scared for my 11.
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  2. Wow drag me! But seriously, if the song was better maybe it would have inspired something better dddd.
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  3. Dddd sorry but I just can't excuse bad puns. Unless they make me laugh haha.

    Anyway, yesterday I got sick as a reaction to the vaccine so I just felt like shit all day, but I feel better now and am happy to say we will be back on track with eliminations this evening.
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  4. #66 - Ashtrays & Heartbreaks: 6.8
    MC-Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.png
    Highest: 1x9.5 (@Sprockrooster) 2x9s (@yeRleDanaL @An Insider) 2x8.5s (Me @M24)
    Lowest: 1x2 (@boombazookajoe) 1x4 (@Butterfly) 3x5s (@GimmeWork @spaceship @Guy)
    My Score: 8.5
    Favorite Lyric: I like the lyrics but there isn't anything I really love or stands out to me.

    5 Voters: #57
    10 Voters: #67
    15 Voters: #65
    20 Voters: #69
    24 Voters: #66
    Total Points: 163.25

    A collab with Snoop Dogg (at the time known as Snoop Lion), Ashtrays & Heartbreaks was written by Calvin Broadus, Thomas Pentz, Ariel Rechtshaid, Andrew Hershey and Angela Hunt and was produced by Major Lazer, Ariel Rechtshaid & Dre Skull. It was released on April 4, 2013 as the fourth single to lead into his twelfth album, Reincarnated.

    Before I talk about the song, can I just say that I had no idea Ariel was a co-writer/producer of this? I was not at all expecting his name to pop up in this rate to be honest. I would absolutely love for him to actually work with Miley though, so I need that to happen as soon as possible. I haven't been doing it through the rate, but last rate I would post songs that the writers and producers had worked on, and I'm gonna start doing it again, because I love a lot of his work and I would like the chance to spotlight it dddd.
    Anyway, the song. It's a nice, laid-back bop. I really like it. I don't have a lot of strong feelings towards any specific elements. I just think it's a well-produced, well-perfromed, well-written song. I like the snaps and beats in the production, and the way it makes me wanna sway. I like that it feels kinda breezy and thoughtful. They both sound pretty good in my opinion too. Just a really good song.

    I guess I'm not the only one who struggled with what to say about this, because again, not a lot of comments nn. @boombazookajoe (2) gets a little mixed up: I totally forgot Snoop goes by Snoop LION now. LOL. This song ain't it. Dddd as far as I can tell it was only the one album. @Maki (6.75) basically shrugs: I probably heard this two times before, but it's rather nice. A bit forgettable in the long run, though it's cute. Yeah, it is cute. @Sprockrooster is here to promote the album: Reincarnated was a suprising cohesive and bopworthy album. This is definitely among the best tracks. Do we have a Snoop stan in our midst? He seems like a chill dude, so I can't blame you. And @M24 references one of my least favorite Miley songs: I don't know why I love this one so much, given it's pro-smoking message ddd. I guess I'm a sucker for Miley doing reggae, our host will probably kill me for saying that kii. Curious to know if he considers this worse than "Clear". Btw, only watching the mv (missed opportunity tbh as the snoop/miley shots are awfully edited) do I realize... is this Snoop Dogg? When did he change his name!? Well, I only gave it 0.5 more then Clear, which is a fine song, I just don't think it fits the album ddd. This is just a cute collab, and I think Miley fits well enough so...yeah. I'm not gonna kill you. And as I said, it was a one album thing, and he uses different pseudonyms often anyway. Also, do you have a thing against smoking? As a fan of Miley's? Cause that's a big kii ddd.

    And a few songs either co-produced, co-written or both by Ariel Rechtshaid
    One of my favorite Charli songs

    A personal fave from HAIM

    Promoting my next rate, this gorgeous song from Carly
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  5. More From Ariel
    He co-produced the entirety of Sky's modern classic, Night Time, My Time, but a couple of my personal faves are these

    He co-wrote this modern Madonna classic as well, which has Miley in the music video!

    And he also had a hand in the title track from No Doubt's most recent album

    Whew, a discography! Can you say range?
  6. #65 - She's Not Him: 6.81
    Highest: 2x9s (@BubblegumBoy @aux) 1x8.9 (@pop3blow2) 1x8.5 (@Yeziirl) 1x8 (@Mirwais Ahmadzaï)
    Lowest: 1x2 (@Cutlery) 1x4 (@yeRleDanaL) 1x5 (@GimmeWork) 1x5.5 (@M24)
    My Score: 7.5
    Favorite Lyric: And you don't deserve all the bullshit I put you through.
    (Because yes. She does.)
    5 Voters: #44
    10 Voters: #58
    15 Voters: #61
    20 Voters: #62
    24 Voters: #65
    Total Points: 163.4

    She's Not Him was of course, written and produced by Miley and Oren Yoel. It was released as track 10 of Younger Now on September 29, 2017.

    This is an okay song. I feel like I may have overscored it a bit to be honest. I like the chorus the most - the melody and production is at it's best there. But the verses aren't as interesting as I think they could be - though I guess they are pleasant enough - and the song as a whole kinda bores me. And I have mixed feelings on the lyrics. I know what she's trying to say - or at least, I think I do - but the way she's saying it is a little bit too close to "was just experimenting, can't actually love you" territory for me. And I'm sure Miley is very much not straight or "just experimenting", but between the way this song is written, and the stuff she said in late 2019...I'm just a little tired of hearing stuff like this. I "know" that the song is just referencing the fact that she just couldn't get over Liam and that effected her relationship with this woman, and probably every relationship she had since her breakup with Liam, but she probably really wanted to write a song with female pronouns to remind people that bi/pan humans exist - and as a bi man I love her for that - but the fact that it had to be this's just a bit of a no for me. And she has better bi/pan-representing bops in her discography. I mean, Midnight Sky anyone? And I still maintain Who Owns My Heart is a gay banger.

    I am glad I am not alone in feeling this way, as a few of you had similar thoughts. But first we have @boombazookajoe (7.5) who's here for the intro and the intro only: Love the string intro, wish that kind of sound were in more of the song. Same to be honest, could always use more strings. @M24 (5.5) gives a shout out to the song's subject: I like the song in itself. The lyrics kind of make me a little iffy on it. On the one hand, I love the inclusion of a female pronoun for a love song (this is dedicated to Stella, isn't it?). On the other hand, I hate that it sort of implies that she can't fall in love with her because she's not a guy. I know she probably meant in the sense of "you're not Liam" anyway. I just wish she had a more positive song about a female relationship (although tbh, most of her songs in this part of her discography are negative songs on a single relationship with a man ddd). Yes, she is singing about Stella Maxwell, who I believe is also the subject of songs on Dead Petz, such as Bang Me Box and Milky Milky Milk (RIP). And finally @Butterfly (7.25) is here for the production: So, sonically I love this one, it’s the lyrics that let it down. I know Miley has talked about wanting to normalise bi/pansexuality with the lyrics, and the fact that she left a woman to get back with Liam was seemingly her truth. I just have a hard time unravelling that from the image change she was pushing at the time. I know it wasn’t her intention, but it’s giving me ‘Pansexuality was a phase, all I needed was the love of a good man :)’, as though her sexuality was just part of the ‘crazy years’ that preceeded her & Liam’s reconciliation. I feel like we could also have a conversation about the fact that she left Stella for Liam (as far as I know), then after she and Liam separated she was seen with a woman again. And yes, her image and interviews certianly didn't help the perception we have of the song.

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  7. Thanks for the insight on the lyrics and putting into more organized terms some thoughts I empathize with. I think what might be a possible trouble behind the bitter aftertaste they give is if Miley wrote them in a very specific heat-of-the-moment mindset between breakups and reconciliations, so now that she's been on and off in different relationships, with quite a different mindset than that at the time of Liam dating, these lyrics didn't age well at all and are perhaps a poor reflection of that time
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  8. I really don't get the hate for Ashtrays & Heartbreaks. It's hardly a discography highlight, but it's a nice breezy bop that really could have lasted a while longer.
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  9. Coming very soon...
    someone loses their 11.
  10. Wonder if we're seeing an album
  11. #64 - Tangerine: 6.82
    Highest: 1x11 (@AllGagaLike) 1x10 (@yeRleDanaL) 1x9 (@Milotic) 1x8.5 (@Maki) 1x8.4 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest: 1x1 (@Sprockrooster) 1x2 (@GimmeWork) 3x5s (@Yeziirl @Ana Raquel @swim)
    My Score: 7.5
    Favorite Lyric: How I'm supposed to rise though when shit just hold me down
    (I feel called out. This hits.)
    5 Voters: #88
    10 Voters: #71
    15 Voters: #75
    20 Voters: #67
    24 Voters: #64
    Total Points: 163.65

    Tangerine was written by Miley, Steven Drozd, Wayne Coyne, Dennis Coyne and Sean Anderson. It was produced by Miley, The Flaming Lips, Dennis Coyne and Dave Fridmann, and released as track 16 of Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz on August 30, 2015.

    I need to be honest, Tangerine has always been my least favorite song on Dead Petz, though I gave it a point higher then Fuckin' Fucked Up and the same sore as I'm So Drunk and Milky Milky Milk. And it's mostly cause of Big Sean's voice. I like the nice, mellow vibe of it all. It's a very chill, laid back, mood song and I love the production, especially the very subtle guitar that's only in certain moments and the outro. And I love the lyrics, especially in Sean's verse, but his voice jusy makes the song too monotone. While it actually kinda fits the vibe of it all, I feel like it also makes the song feels like it drags more then it should. If he had a bit more emotion to his vocals I think it would have been a lot better. Listening to it for this, I actually think I underrated it now - it's definitely at least an 8, because it's honestly a wonderful mood piece in the second half of the album - but overall, it's still not one of my favorites, or a song I would seek outside of listening to the album. Like all the Dead Petz tracks, I think it earned it's place on the album, but it just isn't one I particularly care for. I am glad it's growing on me though, and hope it continues to do so.

    I actually got more commentary for this then I expected, so that's cool. Even better, it's mostly positive. Except for @Sprockrooster (1) who seems to dislike Big Sean even more then I do: These pop princesses should stop forcing Big Sean verses down my throat. I mean, I feel like he doesn't work with as many as he used to - his most recent collab with a pop girl was Alone with Halsey back in 2018 - so maybe you got what you wanted dddd. @M24 (7) is here for it, and giving Miley more credit then she deserves ddd: It's got such a sinister vibe, I love it. If it were trimmed down a little bit (and I guess this is true for most of Dead Petz) I'd give it a higher score. The changeup at around the 2min mark is sublime. Big Sean's rap actually improves the song, I like his low tone and the lyrics he used (unlike his rap in Love Money Party). Is Miley making me like rap? Maybe all the cultural appropriation in Bangerz served the higher purpose of diversifying the taste of basic "pure pop" bitches like me!!! Like I siad, I do think it fits the vibe of the song, it's just not something I particualrly enjoy. And maybe. Honestly I wouldn't mind knowing how many people got into hip hop/rap by listening to a Miley Cyrus album ddd. I wish I could say that was her intention but I sincerely doubt it nn. Next, @boombazookajoe (8) proves we are very different people: Big Sean is one of those artists that I would never actively listen to, but I'm always here for him to be featured on a track. It always works, and this is no exception. Well, I'm glad you enjoy his features and this song nn. Interestingly, @Maki (8.5) and I sort of agree: The beginning of the deep/dreamy/moody section, which happens to my favourite section of the album. Obviously Miley delivers gloomy vocals which perfectly match with the song's soundscape and lyrics. The score would've been higher if it wasn't for Big Sean - he totally ruins the vibe of the song. Should've kept the instrumental instead, which is excellent. I don't like the monotone but I still feel like he fits the vibe of the song. It would have been interesting if she had just ;eft that as an instrumental though.

    And lastly, @AllGagaLike (11) loses their favorite song, and quotes another of my favorite lyrics: Possibly an odd choice for an 11 but this just really hits the spot for me. It's perfected the hazy, atmospheric vibe the album goes for, the lyrics are the right balance of introspective and psychedelic, and Big Sean's a welcome feature. I think about “Life should come with a sign saying 'results may vary'" more than I should dd. But yeah, a definite highlight of the album and her overall career. It's definitely not a song I was expecting would get one, but I am glad it did! And same to be honest, he kinda spilled there.

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  12. I mean, we can go on about Big Sean's negligible talent(s) but he is super hot and sounds super hot, and even here he doesn't take away much from the song, when he probably did his low-effort take in one go in like 5 minutes and it ended in Miley's hands by chance. I wonder what this means for the entire section around Tangerine? Is it going to start dropping like flies?
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  13. God yes, the things I would let him do to me if I was single...
    I feel like that was the general consensus ddddd.
    the next song leaving is from Dead Petz. And it may or may not be from that section of the album.
  14. #63 - Tiger Dreams: 6.84
    Highest: 3x10s (@yeRleDanaL @AllGagaLike @spaceship) 1x9.5 (@Sprockrooster) 1x8.75 (@Maki)
    Lowest: 2x2s (@Yeziirl) 1x3 (@GimmeWork) 3x6s (@Milotic @An Insider @Guy)
    My Score: 8.5
    Favorite Lyric:
    Those religious fucks will never understand. (I feel like my love for this lyric is self-explanatory dddd)
    5 Voters: #72
    10 Voters: #61
    15 Voters: #55
    20 Voters: #61
    24 Voters: #63
    Total Points: 164.25

    Tiger Dreams was written by Miley, Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd, and produced by the same team as Tangerine, Something About Space Dude and Milky Milky Milk. It was released on August 20, 2015 as track 17 of Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

    First thin's first: Ariel Pink is a gross Trump supporter and we hate to see it. He's said some pretty weird shit too, but I'm not going to get into all that. I have no idea who he is and have never heard of him outside of this collab, and I don't plan on changing that. I'm not going to support him. Moving on.
    Tiger Dreams is another vibey moodpiece of a song on the album, and I think my favorite thing about it is the drums. I really like those. Overall, I like this song but I son't really have a lot to say about it. I like how weird it is, but that's true of all of Dead Petz. I like the introspective, spaced out lyrics. I have weird fucking dreams all the time, and I do wonder what they mean in the context of my life, and the world in general. So yeah. I like it. It's never been a favorite of mine, but I think it's a good song and like it in the context of the album. Other then the presence of Ariel - who's backing voice grates on me - I don't really know what holds me back from loving. Maybe because it drags a little - I think it could be a little shorter. That pretty much sums up all my thoughts. I will add that I get a kick out of when back-to-back songs on albums get eliminated back-to-back as well.

    Commentary was short and sweet for this. @M24 (5) hears something familiar: That melody reminds me of another song, a hunch tells me from the 80s but I really have no clue. It's quite a mood piece. Honestly, I'm not sure but maybe someone else can help you out? @boombazookajoe (6.5) and I are not on opposite sides this time: On it's own the song is fine, but I think this track suffers a bit from it's placement on the album. Even as a Dead Petz apologist, it's overly long, so this one ends up feeling a bit like padding on an already overstuffed record. Pretty much yeah. @spaceship (10) stans: I love Ariel Pink and I love what they came up with. Well, uh, sorry dddd. And lastly, @Sprockrooster (9.5) proves he has taste issues: This was very close achieving my sole 10 on the album as I love the oldschool feel a lot. Also the bells in the long instrumental part are a stroke of genius for this trippy track. But it drags a bit much so I can't 10 it. No 10s on album with I Get So Scared, Lighter, Space Bootz, Bang Me Box, 1 Sun, etc.? What?

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  15. I forgot for a moment that "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks" was still in, since I thought it would be out sooner. A nice song, but nothing special and not really memorable, either. Didn't deserve to outlast some of the better songs.

    "She's Not Him" also got a 6.75 from me, and it's my joint lowest score from "Younger Now". While I really like some dreamy "Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz" vibes going and the instrumental is really good, the song is a bit boring and the melody in the verses doesn't really click with me at all. The chorus is very good, though. Definitely should've been out before "Inspired".

    Ouch at "Tangerine" and "Tiger Dreams" leaving one after another.
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  16. The live performance is really amazing.
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  17. Dd this exactly. Those la la la's are a nightmare to the ears. Perhaps that was the point?
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  18. dd not a good day for me, but I’m pretty sure my last 10 and 9.5 from Dead Petz can hold out a while longer.
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  19. Dddd sorry sis.
    But I can confirm that yes indeed you won't have to worry about them for a while.
  20. The lyrical poeticism of those two songs going COMPLETELY ignored? We hate to see it.
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