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The Mis-Teeq Discography Rate - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Holly Something, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Our last one before Eye Candy gets a (very temporary) break...

    We do break a 7.0 average though...

    "Take it slow boy we can chill..."

    32nd Place
    Home Tonight
    (feat. Joe)
    Average - 7.113333333


    Taken from 'Eye Candy'

    High scorer - 10 x 1 (@Island)
    Low scorer - 2 x 1 (@Robert)
    My score - 9
    I was hoping this would do a bit better but I'm not that surprised it hasn't here. It doesn't scream Mis-Teeq but I love it regardless, Alesha in particular sounds lovely on it. I wish they'd given Joe more to do, a think a proper "duet" would have been more effective.

    @berserkboi (6.1) "Alright but boring"

    @Iggypig (7) "I'm not here for the slow jams, but I really don't mind this one. I love that the male vocalist is just called Joe." Is it @Joe. I wonder...? Kii, the "male vocalist" is quite a big deal himself in American R&B.

    @Filippa (9) "What a beautiful song" Tea!

    @londonrain (5) "It was so obvious they were chasing an American R&B sound here, and yet the combination of them and Joe is weirdly faceless. It’s not bad, but it should have been way better than it is." I have to agree although I do like it a lot.

  2. For those of you who don’t know who Joe is:

  3. SCREAM at @HollyDunnSomething ’s reply to this comment. And completely correct too.
  4. I absolutely adore Alexa's voice. But I won't be the high-scorer forever - you've already thrown out nearly all my tens and I bet my 11 will follow soon. I didn't go for the obvious songs.

    And I liked Eye Candy more in the end. Lickin' On Both Sides might have the better singles, 'though. I think I just don't expect a certain sound from them ...
  5. Who?
  6. : “Alexa play the original version of Eye Candy”

    Alexa: “You are now entering the Mis-Teeq zone. Please refrain from any negative energy...”
  7. Time to lose our first single...

    Well, kinda...

    "It's Friday and you just got paid. And Monday is a holiday..."

    31st Place
    Roll On; Blacksmith Rub
    (Original Album Version)

    Average - 7.146666667


    Taken from 'Lickin' On Both Sides'

    High scorer - 10 x 1 (@Robsolete)
    Low scorer - 2 x 1 (@Robert)
    My score - 7.5
    So not only is the last song to miss the top 30 but it is only the second from the debut album to leave us. I remember not being thrilled when this was announced as a single but thankfully Rishi Rich came through with a banger of a remix for the single edit. My favourite thing about this version of the song is that moment in the Lickin' On Both Sides Medley (from the One Night Stand CD single) when it goes from this to They'll Never Know. It's a very brief snippet of what this song could've sounded like as a garage bop.

    @tylerc904 (7) "Probably my least favorite of their singles, but still quite great." Erm, I think This Is How We Do It is my least favourite single of theirs, but I much prefer the single version of Roll On to the album version.

    @JMRGBY88 (5) "Thank god for the remix."

    @berserkboi (9.8) "@Baby Clyde was right, this album is amazing!!"

    @Iggypig (5) "Never liked this one, I want the bubblegum garage Mis-teeq were known for, this is just a bit dull, even it's single remix couldn't save it. Also, interesting fact, I fucking hate the word boo." Calm down boo, the single mix is much better!

    @Filippa (7) "Most notable for the catchy refrain."

    @Remorque (8.5) "I've always really enjoyed this one, but the single edit gets a point more from me for being a fucking moment. This flows along quite nicely, so we're thinking it's a cute girl, yes?" She's cute enough I guess.

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  8. Opening the top 30...

    Sticking with Lickin' On Both Sides... (in a way).

    "You're gonna be the last one on my list..."

    30th Place
    Girl You'll Miss (Japan Bonus Track)

    Average - 7.153333333


    Taken from 'Unreleased/Bonus/Extras'

    High scorer - 9.2 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)
    Low scorers - 4 x 1 (@Iggypig)
    My score - 5.8
    I can totally see why this was left off of the main album. It's not bad but it doesn't add anything to the album which is much stronger and more concise without it. Also pales in comparison to the UK bonus track which was the Sunship Edit of One Night Stand.

    @tylerc904 (8) "Deserved proper album track status." It really didn't.

    @berserkboi (8.3) "Not 100% Get but better than most of the second album so far" I wouldn't say better than most of the second album, maybe better than one or two songs.

    @Iggypig (4) "Kinda get why this was relegated to bonus track's a bit blah, there isn't anything on the main album that it should take the place of." Tea.

    @Untouchable Ace (9.2) "Another supreme song that the masses didn't hear."

  9. I don’t care for either version of Roll On. The remix is marginally less bad though.

    Girl You’ll Miss is much much better. It would’ve been a nice addition to the album.
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  10. I thought Roll On would do a bit better. I like both versions about the same, gave both 8s.
  11. Hi, hi. I apologise. I don't know which inspiration whispered that name to me.

    @Robert queen of humour! Love it!

    I meant certainly SABRINA, not even Alesha, it's SABRINA!
  12. Wait, so you’ve been thinking Sabrina was called Alexa this whole time?

    But then...
  13. Oh my god thanks for helping me understand myself better!

    Before I started listening I googled them. But a few days later, after listening to their songs, I couldn't recall anything correctly anymore, was too lazy to google again and just wrote the name I had in mind.

    After @HollyDunnSomething 's nice hint I googled them again and realised none of them is called Alexa and asked myself why I had Alexa in mind?

    I had misread her name from the beginning ... I'm glad I'm not completely demented.

    So now let's put Mis-Teeq into the spotlight again and let me slowly but very strategically withdraw and draw a veil over the name disaster.
  14. Imagine if icon Tina Barrett had never left Mis-Teeq.
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  15. Who would have been the seventh S Club member then though? Javine?
  16. There would have been no S Club without their pivotal member.
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  17. Eye Candy's temporary reprieve is over...

    It received 2 10's!

    "I'll give you what you need, only if you want it..."

    29th Place
    Eye Candy

    Average - 7.246666667


    Taken from 'Eye Candy'

    High scorers - 10 x 2 (@berserkboi, @Iggypig)
    Low scorer - 5 x 1 (@londonrain)
    My score - 5.2
    Honestly, and this is going to sound super shady, but this is the one Mis-Teeq song that I have no clue how it goes unless I'm actually listening to it. It's not memorable to me in the slightest so I have no clue why they named the album after it. Again, it's not bad, just nowhere near the better stuff on the album (and certainly nowhere near the heights of the debut).

    @berserkboi (10) "Finally another track that shows what the girls can do! Awesome!" Hmmmst...

    @Iggypig (10) "Bops-a-fucking-clock. That's all that needs to be said really." Really, for a 10 you could sat a lot more, kii.

  18. Guess which section takes the next hit...

    Yep, it's Eye Candy again!

    "Newsflash, we're back, Mis-Teeq with another hot track..."

    28th Place

    Average - 7.266666667


    Taken from 'Eye Candy'

    High scorers - 10 x 2 (@Island, @Robsolete)
    Low scorer - 3 x 1 (@londonrain)
    My score - 6.6
    I'm pretty sure this was in contention for the second single at one point, I remember them performing it live more than once (I think on the National Lottery) and I think it was on the album sticker but thank God they went with the remixed Can't Get It Back instead. I think my problem with this is that there's just a lot going on and the song just doesn't justify all the noise.

    @Sprockrooster (5) "This tries to pop off, but falls flat instead."

    @JMRGBY88 (8) "This is one I’ll take away from this album."

    @berserkboi (4.3) "Just noise?" Correct.

    @Iggypig (9) "This is just fantastic. Once again, a should've been single." Nah, there were much better options than this.

    @londonrain (3) "They were not “coming back strong” with this one." Dddd!

  19. That is so true, I have no idea how this one goes despite having played the album dozens of times.
  20. I remember upgrading the song Eye Candy to a 10 during my listen through as I found it much stronger than 90% (or so) of the album, and needed a wider scale there... in a different context, I don't think I'd have it that high. In saying that though - why eliminate it when they is so much bad stuff left?? At least my lowest score left right after...
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