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The Mis-Teeq Discography Rate - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by HollyDunnSomething, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Nitro deserved better. It is kind of a mess, but it's a lot of fun.

    Also, it always reminds me of Crash Bandicoot

  2. Why on earth did anyone think Nitro would be a good single? That would have died on its arse.
  3. It's not like they were overrun with single choices on Eye Candy ddd.

    Anyway, Nitro is a hot mess of a song but I used to bop so hard to it. Even thought I hadn't listened in ages, I still knew all the words.
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  4. I'm the same with any Mis-Teeq song (except for Eye Candy nn).
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  5. I don’t understand how it was such a bad album? Aside from the 5 good tracks, I can’t fathom how the quality dropped so significantly. “Scandalous” deserved to be on a better album.
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  6. We're finally back at the remixes section...

    This remix appeared in the video for the single...

    "Don't you know I've got to have it all..."

    27th Place
    All I Want; Ignorants Remix
    Average - 7.333333333


    Taken from 'Remixes'

    High scorer - 10 x 1 (@soratami)
    Low scorer - 2 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    My score - 6.9
    This isn't my favourite remix of this song* and I almost didn't go with it for this section but seeing as it is the one that appears in the video during the breakdown section I thought it best to choose this one. It's clearly not a patch on the original but I love that it's essentially a different song altogether. It is bizarre that of all the remixes they released on the CD single and the special edition of Lickin' On Both Sides, this is the one that went unreleased.

    * Probably not officially classed as a remix but the extended Sunship version is my favourite version of this song. Alesha's extended rap section is everything.

    @tylerc904 (7) "Another "never heard before" moment! Love these remixes."

    @JMRGBY88 (8) "Loved the video mix and I wish we could get a HQ version like we did with One Night Stand." They released a bunch of mixes officially but not this one for some reason.

    @londonrain (6) "This is fine, but the rap replacing Alesha seems particularly unnecessary. “I gave you support like a Wonder brassiere”... sis."

    @berserkboi (7.3) "This is on the okay side of things…"

    @Sprockrooster (2) "This sucked all the life out of it"

    @Iggypig (8) "I loved the mash up of this and the Sunship mix for the video and wished it would've been released. This is a great mix and is almost like a completely different song." Same.

  7. And so from the remixes...

    Back to the debut...

    "If you feel you can resist my ways, say what you gotta say..."

    26th Place
    You're Gonna Stay
    Average - 7.366666667


    Taken from 'Lickin' On Both Sides'

    High scorers - 9 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @JMRGBY88)
    Low scorer - 5 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    My score - 9
    One of my favourites from this album. Wouldn't have made a great single but a really strong song, and perfect album closer. Also, Miss Su-Elise snuck a little adlib in when Sabrina wasn't looking so extra point for that.

    @berserkboi (8.9) "Good album closer"

    @Iggypig (7) "It's kinda a shame that the last 3 tracks of the album weren't placed sooner, as they're some of the strongest. Really great song." This is one of the best for sure.

    @JMRGBY88 (9) "This is a bop but I hold a minor resentment to it as the opening riff went round my head for two solid hours in one of my GCSEs and I spent more time wondering what the hell it was than concentrating on whatever subject I was doing." I fucking hate when that happens. The same thing happened to me with Disco Blisters and a Comedown by Nicola Roberts.

  8. I think Nitro is in the top half of Eye Candy. It definitely stands out amongst some of the slower r&b numbers.

    I love how Ignorants often took a song, like All I Want and made it into a completely different version. They did some great remixes for Honeyz and Fierce too which always reinterpreted the songs.

    You’re Gonna Stay is a great track too. We are heading into the top 25 now so I guess the standard is now high all the way more or less. I need to remember which tracks are still left.
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  9. Wait...

    Do you mean the video version or the mix in general? Isn’t this mix track 2 on here?
  10. Is that the tracklist of the UK CD single? I must have been mistaken then!
  11. Eye Candy wasn't screaming hits but I think this run:
    Can't Get It Back (Single Mix)
    Dance Your Cares Away
    *if they insisted on a rerelease, do it here*
    Best Friends (would be a nice final single, though it would appear y'all do not agree)

    would have been excellent. Home Tonight is the other one that I think is single worthy.
  12. I believe so, it’s definitely not the easiest mix to find as it’s only on the single (I guess the original version of “Why?” is similar). I’m on the hunt for that mix and found it was on there.

    Great lineup, though I probably would’ve sacked “Can’t Get It Back” and made “Dance Your Cares Away” single 2, then remixed “Home Tonight” as third single. Also, as much as I love “Style”, I’d have requested that it hit as hard as “Eye Candy” does (which was probably not in the running due to it being mostly all rap), then end the era with a double A of a new mix of “Beginning to Feel Like Love” and then a new mix of “Best Friends”.

    It’s a real shame their US label opted to make a new video for “One Night Stand” and not do a new track or at least a song from Eye Candy.
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  13. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm having a really busy weekend. I'll chuck out a bunch tomorrow.

  14. So clearly this didn't happen. I'll make it up to you all I swear. If anyone gives a shit I have had an amazing Sunday though, kii.
  15. Opening the top 25...

    We're back with Eye Candy...

    "So dance all night to the morning light..."

    25th Place
    My Song

    Average - 7.386666667


    Taken from 'Eye Candy'

    High scorers - 10 x 2 (@tylerc904, @soratami)
    Low scorer - 1 x 1 (@Robert)
    My score - 7.3
    I prefer this to the version that started the original Eye Candy album with the extended intro. It's another song that isn't bad but isn't anywhere near as uniquely them as everything on the debut.

    @berserkboi (9.3) "Very cool vibe"

    @Iggypig (6) "OK, but kinda weak for an album opener, I preferred the special edition that opened with Sumthin' Scandalous." Yeah, Sumthin' Scandalous is more of a moment to open with.

    @Filippa (7) "Somehow unobtrusive but so melodious!"

    @londonrain (4) "What kind of shameless rip-off of Brandy’s What About Us?!? The melody line is way too weak to work with this riff." It is very much trying to replicate that Darkchild sound of the time.

    @untouchableace (8.2) "Not what I would.have chosen as opening track."

    @tylerc904 (10) "Another iconic opener. Janet stole their idea with Kiyoko!!!!!!" I don't know what that is but if it's the computerised intro thing, TLC did it with Fanmail and Brandy did it with Full Moon.

  16. Time to lose our actual first single (as in the version that was released as a single officially)...

    It's not from Eye Candy...

    "The party's here on the west side..."

    24th Place
    This Is How We Do It; Rishi Rich Mayfair Edit
    (Ali G Indahouse Soundtrack)
    Average - 7.426666667


    Taken from 'Unreleased/Bonus/Extras'

    High scorers - 10 x 2 (@Robsolete, @Remorque)
    Low scorers - 4 x 2 (@Robert, @Filippa)
    My score - 7.4
    So we lose our first proper single of the rate. This song, a cover of the Montell Jordan classic was released as the final single of the debut era. Released as a double A side single with Roll On; Rishi Rich Bhangrahop Edit in June 2002, the song reached no.7 in the UK charts. It was also included on the soundtrack to the hit film 'Ali G Indahouse'.

    @JMRGBY88 (9) "I hate that we didn’t get a full video for both this and Roll On. Either a very crafty way to promote two songs at once or the budget just wasn’t there." I think it was a crafty way to promote the 2 songs, and it worked.

    @Sprockrooster (9) "Honestly, that soundtrack is lit." @Sprockrooster (9) "Honestly, that soundtrack is lit." What else is on it? I've never heard any of it aside from 'Me Julie'.

    @berserkboi (8.8) "Good spin!"

    @Iggypig (6) "Always found this a dull song at the best of times, so really wasn't excited when it was released as a single. I did love the video though with the mash up with Roll On. Shame they didn't release it really."

    @untouchableace (6.2) "Odd for a cover." I wonder if the filmmakers requested this song specifically, I can't see why else the girls/the label would have chosen it.

  17. One more for the day...

    And it's from Lickin' On Both Sides...

    "Back in the day back when, I had nothing you were my best friend..."

    23rd Place
    Average - 7.453333333


    Taken from 'Lickin' On Both Sides'

    High scorers - 10 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @Sprockrooster)
    Low scorer - 1 x 1 (@Robert)
    My score - 6.5
    I really thought this was going to bomb. Firstly because it's not that good and also because it's basically the same song as Destiny's Child's 'Nasty Girl' from the Survivor album and people on here seemed to hate that song in the DC rate. I don't take the lyrics too seriously (just like I don't with Nasty Girl) but I guess the slut shaming message isn't cool.

    @londonrain (6) "Mis-teeq being Stooshe before Stooshe was Stooshe. “She’s a nasty girl” is always a weird sentiment for a song, though." It really is. What happened to girl power?

    @berserkboi (8.2) "A bit bully-ish though they luckily don’t seem to take it seriously, good instrumental"

    @Iggypig (8) "I was so sure this was going to be a cover of Destiny's Child's Nasty Girl when the album came out....but this was much better."

    @Filippa (8) "That’s what I call a catchy refrain." It is kinda catchy I guess...

    @Sprockrooster (10) "You can't go wrong with such a lush beat and those sassy lyrics. Also those vocals are selling the song and making the song not dated or tiresome."

  18. My Song Deserved better. And This Is How We Do It deserved worse. Not really a fan of the original and the Mis-Teeq version isn't particularly better.
  19. I'll try and get us to the top 20 today so I can post a recap of what's left.
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  20. I’m not too fussed about these ones leaving. I think Nitro should have been higher than them though.

    This is How We Do It and Roll On being released together when there were so many other good songs on the album...
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