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The Mis-Teeq Discography Rate - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Holly Something, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. We inch closer to that coveted top 20...

    A remix leaves us now...

    "It's all about the two of us..."

    22nd Place
    Scandalous; Jazzwad Remix
    Average - 7.466666667


    Taken from 'Remixes'

    High scorer - 9 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @Filippa)
    Low scorer - 0 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    My score - 8.5
    Given the choice I would probably play this more than the original. This is a combination of the fact that the original was so overplayed when it was released but also that I really just like this sound. To point out the obvious I chose this one because it's featured in the video. With the small amount of videos that they had, I think that Mis-Teeq were really smart to include alternative versions of the songs (see also Why?, All I Want, One Night Stand) to encourage people to go out and buy the singles.

    @JMRGBY88 (8) "I’ve wondered which mix it was in the video for years but never been bothered to look it up lol" I recognised it from the CD single immediately!

    @untouchableace (8.4) "No ruining this song."

    @berserkboi (8.1) "Stays close enough to the original not to suffer a horrible score" Accurate.

    @Iggypig (8) "The remix heard at the breakdown in the video. I always fancied the bloke they have the dance off with in the vid. Great remix." A screengrab of aforementioned hottie wouldn't have gone amiss!

    @Sprockrooster (0) "Honestly what the fuck. How can you ruin those pristine vocals and killer beat that extremely. Even the slowed down chorus is a choice. And there is something off too with the middle-8, where the original has you flying to heaven and this one keep you grounded baffled. It has been a while since I handed out a zero, but here we are." You just hate remixes!

  2. If you knew my grasp on technology, you'd know me doing a screengrab is like asking me to convert water to wine.
  3. not one of my favorite remixes!!!! i think there was only one i scored higher than this one
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  4. The last song to miss the top 20 is from the remixes section...

    But it's actually the original version of the song...

    "Why did friends turned lovers take so long?"

    21st Place
    Why?; Original R&B Mix
    Average - 7.5


    Taken from 'Remixes'

    High scorer - 10 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)
    Low scorer - 3 x 1 (@Iggypig)
    My score - 8.9
    So Mis-Teeq's official debut single is the last song to miss out on a place in the top 20. This was the original version of the song which was thankfully later revamped into a UK Garage banger, blowing up on the underground scene before it's official release as a single which saw it crack the UK top 10. This remix really changed the trajectory of the group, leading them down the UK Garage path and losing them a member in the process. This version of the song opens the official video, starting their trend of including multiple versions of a song in the video. I do like this mix but the remixed version is SO MUCH BETTER!

    @tylerc904 (8.5) "Why (hehe) have I NEVER heard this?! Absolutely amazing. Controversially (perhaps) giving it a higher score than the hit version!"

    @Sprockrooster (6.5) "Slightly better than the original" Fake news.

    @berserkboi (8.6) "A little limp compared with the BOP version but the tune is still strong!" Yeah the bones of it are all there, it's just not as good.

    @Iggypig (3) "Thank fuck the remix replaced this boring old dirge. The only thing that interests me about this is what their output would have been like had this been a success. The Latino R&B mix is better than this." Wait, what Latino R&B Mix???

    @Filippa (9) "Still lovely."

    @londonrain (8) "Is it as good as the remix? No. But it’s kind of gorgeous all the same. The strings and the harmonies really make this. Also, WAIT at Zena seemingly getting more ad libs than Alesha and Su-Elise." Miss Zena gets half a verse as well as ad-libs!

    @untouchableace (10) "Why did the lineup change happen? Then they felt that they had to abandon this superior version of the song." From what I know Zena wasn't interested in pursuing the Garage sound.

  5. THE TOP 20!

    Lickin' On Both Sides 9/13

    One Night Stand; Stargate Radio Edit
    That Type Of Girl
    B With Me; Mushtaq Radio Edit
    Why?; Matt Jam Lamont & DJ Face Radio Edit
    Stamp Reject
    All I Want; Sunship Radio Edit
    These Days
    Better Better
    Secrets Of The Night

    Eye Candy 5/17

    Can't Get It Back
    Dance Your Cares Away
    Just For You

    Unreleased/Bonus/Extras 1/6

    Holla Back (Unreleased)

    Remixes 5/9

    One Night Stand; Sunship Radio Edit
    B With Me; Bump & Flex Radio Edit
    Roll On; Rishi Rich Bhangrahop Edit
    Can't Get It Back; Ignorants Radio Edit
    Style; Linus of Hollywood's Rock Mix​
  6. Oh so Mis-Teeq weren't even going to have a Garage sound originally? I had no idea about that.
  7. Wow at These Days and Secrets of the Night still being here. Should have been eliminated ages ago.
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Imagine giving any version of Scandalous a zero.

    Between that and the score for Why?, I think I’m going to end up fighting @Sprockrooster by the end of this rate...
  9. Better than the hit version and still only giving it a 6.5...

    I dread what your score for the remix is going to be.
  10. Ddd.

    First I get called out for hating remixes and when I give a higher score to a remix than the original it isn't right either for that particular song [Why?], can't catch a break here. Also, no worries @Robsolete: I gave it a 6.
  11. A really solid top 20! Roll On to go next please.
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  12. Holla Back scamming its way into the Top 20 is a bit of a scream.
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Both versions of Style outlasting actual singles is... interesting.
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  14. It’s a really good song though! I just wish I had a cd rip of it.
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  15. Here's the Latino R&B mix of Why for those who haven't heard it....

  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’m impressed that you can upload songs to YouTube given that you said you can’t even take a screenshot dddd.

    jk xx
    Thanks for the upload!
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  17. I'm an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in mystery.
  18. It's cute, thanks for posting. x
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  19. I don’t think I’d heard the original Why? before this rate, or if I had it was many years ago and I’d forgotten about it. It’s not bad, but I’m so glad they went with the garage version.

    I don’t remember hearing the Scandalous remix either. Nothing can beat the original.
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